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Oct 25, 2017

Age of Wonders: Planetfall
- eonden

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the new game from Triumph Studios. As in their previous game, AoW3, the game is a mixture of classic 4x gameplay (such as Civ) with battles more reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic or Xcom, where you command your armies in a turn based system. This new game is situated in the distant sci fi future, after the empire has broken down and different races hurry up to recover and win back control. An important part of the new game of 4x games is being more asymmetric, with each different faction / race playing differently (unlike Civ), in this case that is represented with different units focused on different combat skills, tons of different techs per faction, and by you selecting some unique late game tech. So lets present the challengers to the throne:
-Amazons: your more bio friendly group. They ride dinosaurs with lasers attached to them, Jawmuncher favourite
-Syndicate: the ones that are always cloaked. They might have ton of stuff... but you aren't sure whether to trust them
-Vanguard: you see that mountain? That's their mech son. Your typical description of sci fi armies.
-Kir'ko: They are insects, they fight better in a swarm. They used to have a hivemind, but the Empire fucked it up, they want it back
-Assembly: kinda like organic borgs. They were clones used by the Empire that after the fallout had to resort to turning more cyborg and reusing "spare parts" of other bodies to survive.
-Dvar: space dwarves, this time with Russian accent and a Russian sense of diplomacy.
Each faction also have their own campaigns that puts more light into them

Uzzy There's also a commander customisation feature, so you could have a certain red head in charge of the Amazon faction. If that was something of interest to certain people.

Remnant: From the Ashes
- Queen Of Hunting

At a glance, Remnant is best described as destiny division dark souls all semi mixed together with a few unique twist, firstly the loot, the aim is for all loot drops to be important so most items will feel/seem like a legendary you'd find in other similar games, they will also contain things like weapons firing different or other such effects. The game world has 3 unique areas you can go to at any time and in the words of the dev "one time through the game you may face off against a dragon as the final boss in our Ruined City world, the second time through you may face off against a giant tree. Bosses, events, dungeons, layouts—all of these things are randomized each time you play, allowing you to replay the game without having to replay the exact same game." There is over 100 different monsters and 20 different bosses. The game also has an interesting mechanic where once you die you respawn at the last checkpoint but monster placement and what mobs they were will be entirely different to previous time. There is also up to 3 player co op

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
- Uzzy
Metal Wolf Chaos XD, developed by From Software, remastered by General Arcade, and published by Devolver Digital, is the rerelease of the cult classic that only six people got to play, given that it was originally only released on Xbox. In Japan. Clearly, the execs were smoking what the dev team had, as Metal Wolf Chaos sees you playing as PRESIDENT MICHAEL WILSON, defending AMERICA from the Vice President, RICHARD HAWK and his mechanised legions in their coup attempt. It's your sworn duty to uphold the constitution at all costs, and if that means getting in a mech and fighting the coup yourself, then that's what any true PATRIOT would do.

Sooooo, contrary to expectations, the memelords over at Devolver Digital failed to get this released for July 4th. I mean really. Guess they were too busy celebrating freedom and all that to get this game out on the time I predicted on the basis of zero evidence. But fortuitously they did stumble into another fine American tradition along the way - showing up late to the fight.
Did you know that Miyazaki worked on this? It could actually be good!

Life is Strange 2: Episode 4
- Uzzy
Life is Strange 2: Episode 4 , developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, continues the story of Sean and Daniel Diaz, who, after a tragic and confusing event in their hometown of Seattle, embark on a trek to their fathers hometown of Puerto Lobos in Mexico for safety. Along the way, the two brothers must learn how to survive, take care of each other, while evading the police and trying to uncover the mysteries of what happened, and how to use this new found power.

An indie brother buddy road trip movie with political overtones, tied up in family drama and a coming of age story? There’s a lot going on in Life is Strange 2! Too much more would veer sharply into massive spoiler territory, which is something to avoid for a story driven game like this. Don't sleep on this, and if you do decide to play it this month, you'll only have to wait till December 3rd for the final part.

Batman: Arkham Oranges
- Tizoc
The 3rd game in the Batman Arkham series was developed by WB Games Montréal, with its events taking place during Batman's early years of crime fighting. Black Mask hires a variety of assassins to take down the masked vigilante who has been a thorn in the side of the major crime syndicates in Gotham.

Main objective: Clear the main campaign on Normal or higher, at least once.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
- Tizoc
Restore freedom and liberty to America from the clutches of Richard 'RICHARD' Hawk, who has launched a coup d'état turning the nation against its former real president Michael Wilson.
Fueled by true patriotic american fervor and armed with his mighty mechanical justice machine, Metal Wolf, Michael sets off to save America by blowing it up one major city at a time.

Main objective: Clear the main campaign.

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Oct 27, 2017
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Suburban Thug

Nov 13, 2017
Finished Mass Effect Andromeda and now I have nothing to play. Can't force myself to start Nier Automata or even finish Dragon Quest XI...maybe I should try Bayonetta? I don't know. Kind of what to play something that is action/adventure with RPG elements.


Oct 27, 2017
You guy are making it harder to simply lurk around here...

Let's see what this is all about.

EDIT: Nice OP. Arkham Origins is underrated... well aside from some nasty bugs at release.