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Dec 8, 2018
heads up to anyone on Microsoft store's mailing list. you might have received an email with a hidden $5 credit code
the code expires in 3 months but if you're an MS rewards member and would prefer to have 2500 MS rewards points instead of the expiring $5 credit there's a way to convert it but i think you need an Xbox one to do it
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Mar 7, 2018


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Oct 25, 2017
Just beat Bloodstained: RotN. I drew the line at getting 100% shards, but I did all the optional bosses and 100% the map.

Pretty pretty pretty good. I like how the castle itself was quite treacherous, I died more than a couple of times just from mobs. Some of the bosses were quite tough as well. So much stuff hits hard.

Quite a lot of the best gear is only available in the endgame though, I finally got my char all decked out, but everything is dead, so it's like... okay.

There are a lot of items/shards I didn't even really get around to using I feel.

Anyhow, took about 25 hours (save file, 33hrs on Steam), which is a good length. I loved Hollow Knight, but that game felt long. Glad RotN wasn't a sub-15 hour game though, the genre seems replete with shorter offerings.

One of the harder metroidvanias and it actually focusses on exploration.

There is a bit in the middle where it felt like I fought five bosses in the span of two hours, so the pacing wasn't the greatest.