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PC Gaming ERA | May 2019 - Romance of the Three Storefronts

Nov 1, 2017
It's amazing how in those Epic threads all of a sudden there are all of these PC gamers that I've never seen or heard of. I know not all will subscribe to this thread or post in it, but damn they sure do come out and talk about how much other launchers don't bother them.
I won't be skipping the Epic Show, only because I want to see if they go full propaganda mode lol.

You need to calm down with putting blame on people btw. Rhis isnt Ruanda politics politics, its videogames. How about ill spend my hard earned money after fucking 12 hour days 6 fays a week on whatever I want? That work for you chief? Neat.
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Oct 27, 2017
LOL PC Gaming show. Just rename it the Epic Store show then.
Nah they should call it "Tim Sweeneys Epic Games Store PC Gaming show". I am seriously getitng sick and tired of Epic and their shit. The over saturation of Epic everywhere is killing the hobby I have loved for nearly 37 years. But hey what does that cunt Tim Sweeney care, he has another billion to make even if it destroys the PC platform in the process.
Oct 25, 2017
With Sony not having a conference, Epic Gamer Show and most big publishers being in new gen transition mode E3 is going to suck this year.
I've been drifting away from the AAA scene for years now so E3 has lost most of its meaning to me anyway.

The fact that I've also completely abandoned console gaming makes it doubly so.

I'm just there with a big bag of popcorn spectating the cheers, jeers, tears and meltdowns.

So I guess it does have entertainment value of sorts. Just nothing to do with the products showcased.
Nov 1, 2017
For real guys, Think whatever you want about EGS, you have my support. I don't like EGS, Tim Sweeney et al. but let's not start telling people where to spend their money or attacking people for where they decided to spend their money, whether or not you agree with their decisions.
I've been treating the whole EGS situation like I do with Wal-Mart. I don't support Wal-Mart, and actively avoid ever shopping there, but I'm not gonna judge people who shop there. I have my own reasons for not supporting EGS, but if people want to buy games there, I'm not gonna stop them.
Oct 26, 2017
Oct 25, 2017
I fully expect more "exclusives" to the Epic Store this E3. I wonder if Valve is going to respond or if they even care.
Quote from the PC gaming show press release:

“This year’s live stream will present more announcements and new trailers than any previous PC Gaming Show,” said PC Gamer global editor-in-chief Evan Lahti in a press release. “From brilliant indies to studios that have shaped PC gaming for decades, we’re excited to showcase what’s next for the world’s most vibrant gaming platform.”

The Epic Games Store headlines this year’s lineup as a sponsor, and will reveal “brand new material for several games, including some exclusives, coming to the Epic Games store.”

I honestly doubt it'll be all that EGS exclusive heavy, and they're all timed anyway so I can just wait a year or half a year and then pick them up.

With Sony not having a conference, Epic Gamer Show and most big publishers being in new gen transition mode E3 is going to suck this year.
Nah, late gen is actually usually the best time for releases. There might be a few less new AAAA announcements, but there's tons of stuff they could feature instead. Also, it's not even possible for one person to play every good game released on Steam alone nowadays.