PC Gaming ERA | May 2019 - Romance of the Three Storefronts

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Oct 27, 2017
PC gaming show has never been interesting (the whole thing started with a freaking wine glass of Mountain Dew). Let Epic fart away their money if they want.

What's the point of ignoring stuff if Steam will show it to me anyway D:
You can only ignore 100 publishers/curators anyway. Once you hit that limit it just starts bugging out.

So it's even more useless (not that ignoring them ever did anything to stop all the hentai spam anyway).

Doubt it'll make much difference; wasn't the rumour that the game was pre-selling on PC really poorly and so that's why they went back to Steam?
Yeah, Bethesda store is a failure.

The game just looks boring to everyone. Nobody cared.


Oct 28, 2017
So happy that we're getting more VTM games. Always bummed me out that such a rich universe was left unexplored in videogames.

Also mad respect to Durante. Dude's playing with fire but I'm glad someone said it.
Yeah I am super down for a VTM narrative game. Especially if it is rich in choices.

I can't wait to see that Werewolf game being developed too. Now all we need is a big budget World of Darkness tv show.


Oct 27, 2017
Was this posted yet?

New Spectre-Like attack for Intel CPUs. FFS.
I am still rocking an i5-2500k (yes nearly 8 bloody years old). I desperately want to upgrade and was thinking of seeing how cyberpunk runs before pulling the trigger. Been an Intel fanboy ever since My Athlon XP erm well melted really (literally I saw it through the perspex, was quite impressive for a second or two till the panic set in). I swore to never touch AMD hardware ever again, but seriously all this shit with Intel is making me look at Ryzen processors. I am not paying an Intel premium price for shoddy shit like this.


UI/UX Game Industry Veteran
Oct 26, 2017
Alright. The culprit was not the Windows Store, but the Xbox App (and its error 0x406).

When a game is launched for the first time, there is a pop-up window and the user is asked to let the game access his Xbox account details. If this window does not appear, then the game either crashes or is stuck on the main screen.

The fix involved:
  1. starting the Powershell as Administrator,
  2. fixing the Xbox App using the command line.
I have executed the following line (found on a blog), which took a long time to complete:

However, I guess this line (found on Reddit) would have done the trick faster:

Every time I subscribe to Game Pass, there is an issue like this. I don't know if others managed to play in the end, I guess not.
Windows Store Team redeemed lol.
Xbox app is a completely different org and team. I don’t get the point of the app at all, in fact I don’t think I even installed it on my new laptop. Maybe it installed itself but I don’t interface with it all. I feel like far more resources are on game bar or whatever it’s called.

Don’t know if this will help or not but here is what I do. Since MS is so big what should be a clean user experience often isn’t because of so many huge teams owning pieces but not really aligning.

I redeem gamepass codes thru the main redeem code webpage then I see gamepass games available on my Xbox and PC. But I can’t even really test much on PC since I actually own all the first party stuff so guessing that’s a different license check they do.

I only interface with the store once, to download the game then I setup the hooks to launch from steam. Launch from steam from that point.

My windows login is an offline account (don’t like the forced merge to “live” accounts) , my winstore login is one of my Xbox accounts.

I don’t see the store as anything other than the interface to the download since you can then launch the game from wherever you want.

My buddy did use gamepass with Crackdown 3 I believe and had no issues, don’t think he interfaces with the Xbox app either.

That 30 FPS lock on co op was tragic however, so painful on PC we moved back to Xbox where it wasn’t great but not nearly as bad feeling.


Oct 26, 2017
It is funny watching console people wondering why nobody reviews Dreams while it is in Early Access. Maybe if Early Access trend bigger on consoles they will understand why user reviews are important.


Oct 25, 2017
I predict that the number of games I buy during the Steam Summer Sale will be higher than the total number of games for sale on the EGS.


Oct 25, 2017
Was this posted yet?

New Spectre-Like attack for Intel CPUs. FFS.
This is actually somewhat amazing.
  • There were multiple researcher groups and individuals who extended the Meltdown/Spectre/Foreshadow stuff to this, but Intel didn't tell them about each other until a week or so before the end of embargo.
  • The embargo took a whole year.
  • Two groups of researchers have decided to write up info on this, and there's two variants, so we have at least five names. Microarchitectural Data Sampling is the whole family according to RIDL website. It looks like RIDL is the equivalent of ZombieLoad while Fallout is equivalent to Store-to-Leak Forwarding, though I could have gotten it wrong. No, there's no catchy name vendor, each group got one.
  • The RIDL team first made a Meltdown-esque program with fudged targeting, and then they noticed it was recovering data from other contexts somehow. Understanding why took them more time.
  • Fallout is more reliably recovering data on processors with hardware Meltdown mitigations, probably because they get more aggressive in speculating in stuff attacked in Fallout as opposed to stuff attacked in Meltdown.


Oct 26, 2017
I love what Steam did with your profile privacy settings a while back, but I wish there was just a bit more granularity so that I could keep it so my friends see when I'm in game on the friends list (and what game) but still have my library/cheevos/wishlist private.
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