PC Gaming ERA | September 2019 - The Girls Are Back In Town


Oct 25, 2017

AI: The Somnium Files
- Hektor

Nein, nein, nein! This is not a new Zero Escape game, this is this newest masterpiece written by the renowned and admired writer Kotaro Uchikochi!
You control detective Kaname Date, a dream-detective and detective-dream investigating murders by the evil NAIXATLOZ (Naixatloz is the nobody of Ian Zolta).
  • Follow the funny hijinks of virtual yootooba A-set, you bet!
  • Feel like a real detective!
  • Solve Puzzles!
  • Investigate!
  • Make decisions!
  • Manage your time!
  • Enter a hell like dreamscape and investigate INSIDE. YOUR. MIND!
Who will be their next victim?
What are their complex motives?
Why are they wearing hilarious polar bear costumes?

Answer these questions and more, this September!

- Uzzy

Fifa 20, developed by EA Canada, is the latest in the long running sports game/recreation of the beautiful game. This years version adds in small side games of street football, with a focus on skill, reminiscent of the FIFA Street series. Also with more mtx, except in Belgium.

NBA 2k20
- eonden

Welcome to your yearly dose of "same game different roster", this time featuring more mtx except in Belgium. In this year "I can't believe it's not gambling" we are featuring pachinko machines and roulettes, have fun! Also new this year, the Women's National Basketball Association.

Gears 5
- Uzzy

Gears 5, developed by The Coalition, sees the Swarm on the offensive and descending upon humanity after corrupting their robot armies. You play as Kait Diaz, who, lancer in hand, goes on a journey to uncover her connection to the enemy and discover the true danger to Sera – herself. Makes a change from saving the world from Shadaloo, Hydra, Brainiac, Fal’cie, Izanami, Vecna, The Drake Brothers, Yoma, Nazi Vampires, The Horde, Vincent Brooks and most devastatingly of all, Travis Willingham.

- Queen Of Hunting

From the fall of bioware rises a new a rpg, greedfall is developed by a small team from devs of technomancer and received a bump in budget to flex the studios clear dedication. The game is best described as a mix of dragon age and dragon dogma love child. The game rewards you for exploring with plenty of secrets and hidden places that don't show on map. There's different ways to complete your main and side missions and different companions will effect how the quests also play out on your journey. Official Queen seal of approval.

Borderlands 3
- Uzzy

Borderlands 3, developed by Gearbox Software, is the return of the 'original shooter-looter', or as it's also known, a shlooter. Featuring loot, shooting, RPG trees, bandits, memes, co-op play and the return of two of the threads most beloved personalities. That's right, Tiny Tina and Claptrap return to Pandora.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy
- AJ_Wings

Among the recent nostalgic revivals, Toys For Bob have completely knocked it out of the park when it comes to bringing back the purple boy and his three excellent 3D platformers. Taking the original Insomniac classics and remaking them from the ground up in UE4 all in one package is a very impressive feat. Spyro is a more casual, relaxing and exploration-based 3D platformer that does not require fast reflexes such as say Mario or Crash. Also do expect flying levels, collectibles and frustrating vehicle sections, all hallmarks of 90s gaming!

River City Girls
- Uzzy

River City Girls, a 2d side-scrolling beat-em up, developed by WayForward, is a spin off/side story/revival of the River City series. Starring Kyoko and Misako, two street-tough high-schoolers who must fight their way through River City to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends, Kunio and Riki. They’ll have to unleash an arsenal of combos, special attacks and weapons to battle an assortment of enemies on their quest, levelling up to unlock new moves and new gear.

This looks to be a glorious riot of 16 bit love letter to the Sukeban (schoolgirl delinquent) subgenre of anime and fashion, complete with yo-yo attacks, manga and anime cutscenes and a synthpop soundtrack. There’s even a dab attack.

Trine Enchanted Edition
- Tizoc

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TC McQueen

Oct 27, 2017
Well, I guess you could do that challenge if you play Far Cry 4 and go for a "don't leave the table" playthrough.
May 25, 2019
Does Amazon not sell Steam Wallet cards (digital or otherwise) anymore? Have some Amazon credit I would like to shift into Steam balance for upcoming games.


Nice thread btw :)
Oct 25, 2017
Wooh nice thread!

Managed toget the X-T30 for less than £900 with the 18-55 :D the kit lens is good but not amazing, If I had to pay fiull price for it I would have been annoyed.

I then picked up the Samyang 12mm for £209 which is WIDE, holy crap it's gonna be nice using this lens but very tricky to utilise it. I have started to learn all manual options the Fuji camera offers and I must say it's refreshing, really pleased on how easy it is punch in focus. It's not bad at video as well with no IS.



Mar 14, 2019
I have 3 more days off this weekend.

I think I'll start "Bound by Flame" in my attempt to catch up on Spiders' games before GreedFall comes out.


Oct 25, 2017
I thought the gaming challenge was a joke about my backlog.

Finished Control. Playing Astral Chain and hoping that tides me over until Borderlands 3. And hopefully Borderlands 3 lasts me a decent amount of time.
Oct 25, 2017
Just realized that I want Gear 5, Spryo, Greedfall, and WRC 8. There's no way I'll have enough time for all that, especially with October looking the way it does.

Sorry, Spyro.


Oct 27, 2017
Nice thread.

Very interested in Greedfall. The old "bioware style" of game isn't very GaaS friendly so I hope it's decent and does well, because I really miss those kind of games.

And playing Oxygen not Included is going to make the monthly challenge very hard....

Chance Hale

Oct 26, 2017
Definitely needed an excuse to go back and replay Dishonored 2 as corvo so woot

Edit: Blair Witch let's you play snake on your phone which is cool since it's been ages. Unfortunately is a version without walls tho
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Oct 26, 2017
Teeth Dunno why I'm obsessing over this but I am so /shrug

So that eshop top 10, now shows Minecraft in first place, Astral Chain in second so it has to be top sellers, since AC is the hot new release with good reviews so it has to be selling, and Minecraft is Minecraft. Also Urban Trial is going down spots now that it's not 90% off anymore.

This to say that Cuphead is still 4th as usual. Like I dunno if this is global or just EU or whatever.

Why am I the one wondering about this damn it, do your own research on your damn game >_<


Oct 25, 2017
Playing through Dusk and Amid Evil, bought them both on summer sale. Good stuff.

Also got DMCV through CDKEYS and doing pretty good on it.


Oct 25, 2017
Will work on ff14 and collapse for the next few days then start trine 1
Will get to greedfall next week and play deadcore alongside it
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Oct 26, 2017
Watched a bit more gameplay of GreedFall and I am impressed what they have done with that small budget. Yeah cities look bit static and things like that but overall it looks like that game will be decent RPG.


Oct 27, 2017
Got my eyes on Ricer City Girls. On a side note are Monthly Retro challenges applied retroactively, might as well get in one list 😏

Brian Damage

Nov 1, 2017
The Surge 2 is pretty much the only thing on my radar this month, not that I don't have plenty to play in the meantime.


Jan 25, 2019
Monthly Challenge

If you have Warframe you can go to Cetus and go here to get credit sequence.

Or if you have FFXIV just use The Unending Journey :p