[PCGamer] Sega: More Atlus PC ports could be coming, too, but the ball is currently in Atlus's court


Aug 8, 2018
2021 is definitely not the end of Switch's life though. I think we'll see other games for sure (at least one Etrian Odyssey and of course P5S although Omega Force is making it).

I'm not sure how much is love for being late, to me it just seems poor planning. They started full scale development for SMTV only 8-10 months after the initial reveal. This is even worse than Square Enix.
Yeah I agree that switch won’t be near the end of its cycle in 2021. That’s why I said we might hear about the game in 2021. For some reason I don’t see their 3DS output translating to Switch. Something like Etrian Odyssey is built around the second screen, and not sure how that will translate to Switch. And yeah it seems to me they’re a company full of immensely talented game designers but they’re being held back by whoever makes the business decisions