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Pearl Abyss Announces 3 MMOs: Plan 8 (MMOShlooter), Crimson Desert (BDO2), and DokeV (Pokemon-like MMO)


Oct 25, 2017


PLAN 8 is an exosuit massively multiplayer online shooter, a title spearheaded by Minh Le as technical adviser, also known as the co-creator of the Counter-Strike franchise. A trailer for PLAN 8, the first shooting game from Pearl Abyss, will be released at Pearl Abyss Connect. The game’s production is led by Seung-ki Lee, former environment art director of Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile.

Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert is an open-world massively multiplayer online RPG set in an epic-fantasy world. In a war for survival, three tribes will fight for control of the Pywell continent. Crimson Desert has been produced since 2018 by Jason Jung, former game design director of RYL Online. Working alongside Jason Jung on RYL Online, one of Korea’s most famous first-generation action MMORPGs, was Dae-il Kim, the founder of Pearl Abyss. Eter Lee, former Lead Combat Designer of RYL Online and C9, is in charge of the action combat system for the title.


DokeV is a collectible massively multiplayer online RPGfor all ages. DokeV is led by Sang-young Kim, former animation director of Black Desert Online, and Suh Won Choi, former game design director of Black Desert Online.
MMO shooter, Black Desert Online 2, and “Pokemon” MMO.

BDO did a ton right, but got a ton wrong. Let's see if they can fix the issues for these three games.

We'll see gameplay and get more details of all three on November 13th at 8PM Pacific.
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Oct 25, 2017
Pearl Abyss... Oh, the Black Desert devs.

Dokev sounds really interesting, kinda in the same space as Temtem will be. I'll keep an eye on these.


Nov 1, 2017
Only reason they named their pokemon rip off doke, is so they can make the title look like POKE in capital letters and using a misleading font


Feb 19, 2018
It doesn't make sense... why make so many MMOs?? It feels like they treat their MMOs to be short lived?


Oct 28, 2017
BDO sounded absolutely amazing pre-launch when they were aiming more for a Sandbox MMO. It's turned into this convoluted messy MTX heavy grind treadmill, so I'm highly skeptical of anything they announce. Hope they do something cool all the same, there's little to no interesting MMOs in development anymore.

Also funny how they went with Crimson Desert, which aligns with the name of one of the most popular private servers for BDO. Wonder if that's to smother visibility on it and give them more legal recourse to shut it down. I'm doubtful it's just coincidence or an homage to fans.


Oct 27, 2017
Hope These stuff have better development pipeline for the WW release somehow, waiting for all of those cool looking Asian online games is so annoying and a hype killer.