People who do not look their age?

Oct 29, 2017
Yeah at this point is it really fair to say Asians and Blacks look younger than their age? It might as well be just White people who look older than their age.
My perception is that black people look older than Asians/Hispanics/Whites until 20s/30s and then they stop aging for a while.

Asians...well everyone’s seen that chart. If It weren’t for my receding hairline I could probably pull off early 20s, even though I’m 36. Most non-Asians still think I’m in my late 20s.
Oct 25, 2017
I used to get carded when buying beer (min age 18 here) until my early 30s when I started getting a bit of gray in my beard.
My cousin had a friend who at age 16 could buy vodka (min age 20, usually carded if you look under 25) with no questions asked.
Oct 26, 2017
Clemson, SC
If I'd lose some darn weight, I'd probably pass as 25 (I'll be 37 at the end of the year).

I've got baby face syndrome, and both my fiancee and I have been told we look younger than our ages.
Oct 26, 2017
if we can go in the opposite "he looks much older than he is" I give you Benfica striker Jonas, 34

He looks easily 40+. I'm fucking 39 and I dont look that old.
Aren't soccer player known to fake their age frequently?, I think I remember reading something about that...
Oct 25, 2017
Girl what? 35 and 22 are not remotely the same lmao. For like, anyone. I fail to see what MPB has to do with it either, that’s not a sign of aging lmao
Yeah they are, boo. There's a reason why there's lots of folks here in their thirties irritated about getting carded. You can EASILY pull off looking like you're in your early twenties if you keep yourself fit in your mid thirties. You look like your adult self by the time you're 20. After that, it's all the little things that show you're older. You don't have a problem with saggy skin until your fifties. You won't see crows feet around the eyes until your fifties, unless you're in the sun all day. Can't do anything about genetic MPB or graying, but that can be managed as well.

Ask any millenial to guess the age of someone at the bar, and there will be many thirty-somethings who will be mistaken for their mid twenties. 30s and 40s are NOT old.

Halle Berry and Kylie Minogue aren't mystical beasts. There's men and women who are smokeshows in their fifties.