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Persona Community Thread |OT| Welcome To The Velvet Room


Oct 25, 2017
I'mma let you finish but Secret Laboratory from P4 is the worst dungeon of the modern trilogy. Unless you just really love to backtrack through narrow corridors and puke green environments.


Sep 11, 2019
Cross post from the RPG community thread:
I finally completed Persona 5. I enjoyed the overall theme of the game and what they were going for with the story. When it comes to characters, I liked a few of them, but some of them felt really cringe, like Futaba, Anne and Ryuji. I don't hate the character stereotypes they went for in general, but they dialed it up too much. Some were good, like Haru and Makoto. I liked the non-playable confidants more. They had more compelling stories. The requests you got from Mementos were decent, but the actual dungeon was so-so. Still better than Persona 3/4 dungeons.

I liked the concept of different palaces. I actually enjoyed exploring them. They looked good and if there was a gimmick, it didn't bother me. In short, I enjoyed the dungeon part of the game more than P3/P4. Presentation can get you a long way

And presentation is probably one of the game's strongest point, while also being a weak point at times. Environments, characters and monsters all look great. Menus are gorgeous and easy to navigate. Lots of plus points for presentation in general but, for what I suppse is their flagship rpg series, they could have gone with full scenes instead of character portraits. It's something that I rarely complain about, and deep down, I have no personal problem with it, but it would probably help make the game feel "less cheap". (I'm struggling for the right words here.)
With that said, it wouldn't make me enjoy the sequel less if they kept it the same.

The VA was decent in general. Some misses and hits. The translation works but felt a bit stiff. The phone chats felt like they could have been more authentic. No one writes that way with friends.

What I enjoyed the most was combat. It felt stylish, fast and provided a decent challenge. I sure hope anyone who thinks Persona 6 will be an action rpg is wrong. The PTS is just as fun as ever. Negotiating to get or fuse new Personas is fun and last but not least, I enjoyed every boss fight in the game.

I'm not sure where I rank this if we look at 3/4/5.

I like the characters less for each game. But 5 had the best exploration. I like the combat in 4 the most, but but 5 has the best presentation. It's a tough call, but P4G has a soft spot in my heart and is the game I like the most as an overall package.

I don't see myself replaying the game, not even the Royal version. The time investment required makes me very hesitant. From P2-P5, I have only replayed P3P because I wanted to play as the FMC once.


Hot and Cold Peaches
Oct 28, 2017
I need to take at least a week off to even try to beat this in time for FFVII. Normally I'd be fine juggling multiple games but... but not these two. I can't do that. THey each deserve their own time and I sure as heck ain't putting off FFVII. Oh boy.

EDIT: Just realized a week is about all the time left between this and FFVII. Welp. Probably won't make it then. *sighs* What is with February/March 2020?