PewDiePie attempts to distance himself from Christchurch Mosque shooter who pledged support (READ THREADMARKS)

Oct 25, 2017
What involvement? Tell me how he planned this.
Are you being deliberately dense?
Involed as in directly cited by the killer and by feeding far right rhetoric and their agendas on multiple occasions.

His actions, like many far right provocateurs have contributed to the radicalisation of people, to the point of killing like we've seen today.

That's irresponsible at best and downright complicit at worst.
Oct 25, 2017
I agree with this.

Hatred feeds hatred.
You are so woke.

Seems all hate is focused on pdp and not the actual killer.
You realize you can do both correct? You can wonder why a shooter would invoke the name of Pewdiepie before a mass killing and condemn the shooter for the killings as well. I mean I realize its a hard concept to grasp for someone such as yourself but you can do it if you try really hard.
Oct 29, 2017
I see pewdiepie and I have no urge to be killing people, I'm not anti-semitic and not racist.

Now, I will not say he haven't done some disgusted shit, he did. But the people that does things like this are already mentally sick, they would probably do it with pewdiepie videos or not.

At best he could use his influence to instruct young generations that this type of behavior is... inhuman... disgusting... i don't know...
A public person cannot be responsible for the actions of each of their fans. However they can be responsible for the culture and messaging they perpetuate among their fanbase. And in that regard, at the very least, PewDiePie has seriously fucked up. And he's been warned repeatedly that he was fucking up. He doesn't have the right to be shocked that a horrible real life consequence came of it.
When a group of people (wtf) have just murdered around 50 innocent people, have livestreamed the whole thing and have said on camera "subscribe to this guy", it's time that you (him) take a good hard look on how your actions might have affected people.
Oct 25, 2017
So sad to see his name trending on twitter and all it is is his rabid fanbase screaming he did nothing wrong. One of the most famous “gamers” on the planet has a history of bigoted rhetoric and now got a shout out from a mass murder. The industry is such a fucked up place atm.
Oct 26, 2017
His platform inspires this shit and he should have been banned from all of his platforms years ago.

Freedom to inspire hate and violence like this is bullshit. Fuck him.
Oct 25, 2017
Cardiff, Wales
We're long overdue holding the media responsible for its perpetuation of white supremacism, both directly and by dog whistles. I hope it doesn't take another right wing terrorist attack for those with power to do something about it.

PewDiePie is part of that media, and his crocodile tears do nothing to change my view on that. He is complicit in spreading this hatred to the young, and at a minimum he needs to be completely banned from all mainstream platforms instantly. Even if this was never his intent, he has fed a monster for his own personal enrichment, and now 49 innocent people are dead.


Oct 26, 2017
Fuck PewDiePie, I hope he never lives this down and it haunts him for the rest of his life.

I blame every single breeding ground for these terrorists, youtube and others should be held responsible for this.
Oct 25, 2017
PDP follows people like Ben Shaphiro, who has videos explaining 'the myth of the Islamic radicalized minority'. He gleefully basks in the adoration these people have for him, he's been an attacker of the 'traditional media' aligning himself with any kind of crazies that believe in outlandish conspiracy theories.

He tiptoes or downright normalizes hateful behavior, he dances around political issues because 'it just a prank, bro'.

If serial killers admires what you stand for,your actions and how you look at life and world issues... You have a problem. You have a problem in what kind of message your content sends and what kind of people it emphatizes with.

You can't not claim when shit hits the fan that you abhorres what happened without making a huge introspection of why that person called you off, why before murdering 40 people he mentioned your name cheerfully. You just can't.
Oct 25, 2017
I don't listen to the guy, don't think it's his fault. But dude sure as shit should ask himself why people like and alt right peeps seem to like him so much.
Oct 27, 2017
Boogie the fatso treating Pewdiepie like a victim haha.

I still can’t believe people liked Boogie 5 years ago or whenever he was. He’s deplorable.
Oct 30, 2017
When a group of people (wtf) have just murdered around 50 innocent people, have livestreamed the whole thing and have said on camera "subscribe to this guy", it's time that you (him) take a good hard look on how your actions might have affected people.
Well yeah, I know the stupid subscribe 2 PDP is a meme. But having it one your head while killing multiple people is not normal.
Don't think I will add much to this thread but there are several ways he can/should do to make his "followers" understand that his is not right (not right is a understatement), he has to draw a fucking line and change.

I just don't think he is doing this things deliberately (or maybe he is? by the videos he posts it doesn't seem so), he's just a fucking ass with too much power.
Oct 28, 2017
Look at this fucking shit.

PDP will be forever loved, no matter what he's linked to.
It seems so weird & abstract to read the words "I cant imagine the pain you are feeling" regarding a devastating mass shooting with no acknowledgement or reference whatsoever towards the actual victims of the shooting or even their families or loved ones.
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Oct 25, 2017
Look at this fucking shit.

PDP will be forever loved, no matter what he's linked to.
Of course there is a fucking tweet like this...

Fuck Boogie, to think i used to actually respect and admire him at one point. Im just glad i got out once he defended Jontron which was probably the first big thing that made people start turning on him.

Also fuck Colin too, just a bunch of arseholes who go around defending other arseholes because they need as many allies as possible.
Apr 5, 2018
Lets be real... He has more than 80 million subs, he is bound to have some crazy af subscrbers.
Right, and if he didn't have a history of saying and supporting really shitty things this would be a reasonable response. No one blames Jodie Foster for John Hinkley, but if she had been associating herself with radicals and "making oopsies" (I think this is the phrase his supporters use for "hilarious mistakes" like using the N word and linking to white supremacist channels) like PDP has, if she had actively engaged with anti-government extremists, maybe we would at leas t question what she's doing.

edit: I fixed the wording on the last sentence to make it clearer what I meant
Dec 4, 2018
No shit he's into these things. You can always tell someone's either an alt righter or a white supporter when they can't even flat out say that nazi are wrong and will always be wrong, they'll always go into "both sides" mode. It's not hard to be against nazis.
Oct 27, 2017
This "subscribe to PewDiePie is just a meme everyone" stuff is infuriating. Because what it's saying is that no matter how many times stuff like this happens, no matter how many incidents there are of PewDiePie spreading hate and people picking up on that, it will always "just be a meme" and because it's "just a meme" we can't talk about that and it all must just be a conicidence time after time after time after time. Even if this happens dozens of more times, people will still be saying that.

The are literally hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of memes out there. Why this one? Why "subsribe to PewDiePie"? It's not a coincidence it's that instead of something like say "Shaggy is more powerful than Goku and is basically a god" or any of the other nonsensical memes out there. There's a reason they pick this, just as there is when say people who were victims of Nazis in WWII have their graves desecrated by the same nonsense. There's a reason this stuff pops up when it does, and it's no coincidence. It's because PewDiePie himself has spread this same kind of hate when he does stuff like pay people to hold up signs saying kill all Jews or links to Neo-Nazi channels or use racial slurs like the n-word on multiple occasions. There's a reason these particular people go for the particular meme of "subscribe to PewDiePie" versus say Steamed Hams edits or anything like that, and it's no coincidence that these particular people go for that "meme" of all memes" because the purpose of shouting "Subscribe to PewDiePie" prior to doing an attack such as this is to spread hate themselves, to try to get them into PewDiePie's circle and spread even more hate and get them in those same circles, the same way PewDiePie himself does.

It's no coincidence that the shooter said "subscribe to PewDiePie" and not something like talking about ShockedPikachuFace.jpg or even something like "I don't feel so good Mr. Stark". There's a reason these particular people propagate the particular memes they do when these particular types of incidents happen, and it's not a coincidence they do something like "Subscribe to PewDiePie," asking them to subscribe to a known peddler of hate in many ways versus something like Gohan Blanco or whatever that has nothing to do with hate. There are hundreds upon hundreds of memes on the Internet, and yet these particular people go out of their way to pick and perpetuate the particular ones that are linked to hate versus the ones that have nothing to do with anything at all when these incidents happen. I wonder what that reason could be... Hmm... Could it be that maybe *gasp* they know exactly what they're doing and are deliberately picking the ones they're picking to try and get people in the same circle of hate and trying to spread hate the same way people like PewDiePie themselves do it and influence them in those same kinds of ways, and their actions aren't really random at all, and there are particular reasons they pick the things they pick and it's not all just random happenstance?

Like, c'mon people. C'mon.
okay - sure: PewDiePie is an idiot. oblivious at best - full alt-right racist at worst. but linking him to that shooting because of a meme (which it is at this point)? I dunno - thats one step more as I am willing to take. If he would be mentioned in the manifesto or something - another story. I don't have all the details but this seems like "the killer played games like WoW and Counter-Strike" all over again.

In another thread I unequivocally stated that Pewdiepie's tweet where he said he's sickened by the news is good enough to condemn the violence.

After reading through ShironRedshift's post above I understand more where the thread is coming from. But I'm somewhere between ShironRedshift and Voxl. Leaning much closer to Voxl's viewpoint, admittedly. But I'm glad I read through the threadmarks, and I'm especially glad I read ShironRedshift's post.
Oct 25, 2017
The hold these influencers have over some people is incredibly frightening. Today we have a situation with dozens of dead, children losing their parents and communities across the world fearing for their lives and of all possible causes to summon the motivation and energy for they would use it to protect the integrity of a youtuber as if he is the greatest victim in all this. Unbelievable.
The reality is he was celebrated by a mass murder and one of the most evil people we'll witness in our lifetimes. Felix gave a home and comfort within an online community to people like that and if there's any shred of humanity within him that'll haunt his conscience for the rest of his life.
Oct 27, 2017
Look at this fucking shit.

PDP will be forever loved, no matter what he's linked to.
Let's not forget the *real* victims here, namely the dude who makes antisemitic "jokes" and calls people the n-word, and the dude who thinks that Nazis and Non Nazis should "meet somewhere in the middle", ie thinks that everyone should be at least half Nazi.
Oct 27, 2017
No shit he's into these things. You can always tell someone's either an alt righter or a white supporter when they can't even flat out say that nazi are wrong and will always be wrong, they'll always go into "both sides" mode. It's not hard to be against nazis.
Yeah - they're never subtle, because they don't need to be. We've spent the last decade dismissing it as irony or "just trolling" when people come right out and tell you that they're white supremacists or full-blown Nazis, so what's to hide? It's the internet, right? Nothing's ever serious on the internet, right? It's all a big joke, right?
Oct 25, 2017
Way too late Pewd, you made the bed, now lay in it.
Until Google and YouTube do something about him and deplatform him, they'll be no consequences to making his bed. Google is complicit in not stepping in and doing something about him. Like how many more angry racist white boy terrorist attacks where they mention PewDiePie or racist hate filled sites that worship him will there have to be before Google just gets rid of him? Currently, my pessimistic ass thinks none because Google is happy to pass responsibility to others and only cares that he has subs rather than human lives
Oct 25, 2017

Can we stop being charitable to PDP already?

Never forget the Ben Shapiro superfan that carried out the Quebec mosque shooting.