PewDiePie attempts to distance himself from Christchurch Mosque shooter who pledged support (READ THREADMARKS)

Oct 29, 2017
Seems like PDP has one more thing he can continue to cowardly tip toe around; his fans making Ransomware (Link to EtcetEra topic):
YouTuber PewDiePie has more subscribers than anyone else on the network, and some of his rabid fans have released at least two ransomware strains that encrypt hard drives and display a notice that informs victims that a decryption key will be made available only when PewDiePie's account gets 100 million subscribers. One of the ransomware strains also warned victims that if, at any time, the Indian Bollywood channel T-Series gets more subscribers than PewDiePie, the decryption key will not be released.
Its author eventually realized the world of trouble he'd get into if any of those victims filed complaints with authorities, and released the ransomware's source code on GitHub, along with a command-line-based decryption tool.

Oct 25, 2017
I missed this, what was said?
Ben Walker of Dualshockers: "What a ridiculous thread of people. Ashamed to be verified on their platform."

They were banned for this.
This is PewDiePie's fault how? You can keep blaming attacks on anything other what actually starts them but this is a whole other level of what?
Also seems they got extended to a permaban. I'm gonna take a wild guess it had to do with that tweet of his.
Oct 26, 2017
Why hasn't anyone in the media done a comprehensive exposé on PewDiePie? I can't wait for the day he's off youtube for good, sucks that he brings in so much money they're willing to ignore it.
Oct 27, 2017
Just saw this on reddit. Wonder if the kid is one of Pewdiepie's fans who think that sharing the footage with Muslims will help "lighten up their mood a bit".

Uh, I think we have enough confirmed issues with PewDiePie and his fans that we don't need to be taking random images related to the shooting or trauma it's causing people and claiming it's all PewDiePie, tbh.