Pics that make you laugh |OT 2019| Best Friends Forever


Oct 25, 2017
My biggest problem is that once it sucks you in, you're now wedged in with a mattress separating you from your life-giving supply stash. So you'll die of thirst/lack of first aid knowing that salvation is inches away.

Which is why I sleep with a knife.

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Dec 8, 2017
Well, at least you'll have the comfort of knowing you'll probably make it if the building collapses.

Unless of course you have to actually stay in your nightmare coffin for as long as supplies last, floating in your own urine and feces.

Or you fracture all your delicious calcium and get severely concussed from falling several stories, because physics work the same way inside a metal sarcophagus as anywhere else.

Or you're trapped in a horrible upside down position because the devouring horror bed didn't conveniently land the right side up and there's no room inside to turn around.

Or you run out of oxygen, which you definitely will.

Or any of a million other horrible things that may, and definitely will, happen.

From toe to tip, this is an Idea Guy design.
Or you sleep with your limbs hanging out of the bed.

Or the earthquake happens while you're sitting on it.

And having sex on this bed should be interesting

DD Power

Oct 25, 2017
This is literally what is going on, or at least one would assume so. All those aliens have to be a byproduct of being high half the time.
Hell, even NatGeo and Discovey Channel are shit now, full of crappy reality shows and sensationalized shit.

Its definitely shocking how transparent everyone is becoming of their racism, at least it means people will be a lot more thoughtful of their votes. Hopefully.
HAHA! Yeah, they will...