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Aug 22, 2018

This is 100% unironic.
Haha, I went back and found this article. Fucking hilarious. I could pull a dozen amazing quotes, but this one particularly made me laugh.
Players do not win games like Fortnite based upon victimhood status. They win by skill alone. The fight for gaming culture is a huge opportunity for conservatives.
Fucking lol.

Also, it's not difficult to understand what kind of site this is. Here are their top three articles at the moment:

1) Melania Trump: A Quintessential Female Icon
2) Carlos Maza's Reign of Terror
3) Liberal Intolerance Is Wrecking My Family


343 Industries
Oct 25, 2017

It's a monster truck.

I (genuinely) accidentally did this at work to an adult female colleague the other day trying to show how a Slipspace engine could be used to broadcast positional information about its wormhole into euclidean space. I imagine most people have at one time or another though. I quickly changed the wormhole to a twisting spiral shape but then it looked like a Duck rapist.

Apple fans. Yes it is merely a stand, but like I said, Apple fans.

It's ridiculous looking but to be fair half of them are probably taking "JUST LOOK AT THIS DUMB SHIT" pics. Coincidentally this is the exact same size and shape and tech (minus magnets) as the random free VESA stand I pulled out of our tech recycling bin yesterday for my desk gaming monitor. I hadn't seen the thing sans monitor yet and my god there is literally no reason it isn't VESA. None. That monitor could and should be VESA compliant. What a bizarre, weird decision. Hey, maybe Jony Ive shouldn't be in charge of design decisions that have zero business rationale and create a drag on your other announcments?

This stupid stand completely ovewrwhelmed the excellent news about iPad OS, storage support for free and legacy support for older machines. The most Apple story eclipsed the least Apple story. And they'll probably sell a few thousand of these dumb ass things.