Pics that make you laugh |OT 2019| Best Friends Forever

Dec 11, 2017
Im afraid to look up the specific context for this because it will be more terrifying than what I can presume from this video. Can wait for the new movie from Jordan peele, THEM.
I'd say it's more corny and douchy than terrifying, although the configuration of the people behind that door certainly looks strange.

And god damn it I watched that again and now I have the fucking chant stuck in my head.


Oct 27, 2017
Like, do they not have the rights to the character likenesses?
Is this real?
Is this thing on? Where am I?
They're making a Marvel Gaming Universe that's supposed to be separate from the MCU, so they didn't want it to be tied to the movies. This doesn't look that good, but it makes sense why they didn't just go with the MCU likenesses.
Oct 27, 2017
It make sense to model them more after the likeness of the comic characters...but man, that's some heavy uncanny valley going on. And why are their heads so small? Honestly, they would be better off making them more stylized and out of proportion.