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Pics that make you laugh |OT 2019| Best Friends Forever


Oct 27, 2017
Did the editor drink too much Red Bull? Holy shit the constant cuts and zooms were tiring to watch. Also what is the deal with the lady at the end?
Fun video but so weird.
Nah, he drinks Monster.

His videos are weird but I like them. He has different characters and it is a mixture of awkward interactions between over the top extreme stereotypes.

Definitely not everybody's thing.


Oct 26, 2017
Cheesebob Squarepants. Delicious, smelly, and full of holes is he. Cheesebob Squarepants. Attracts rodents and flops on a plate. Cheesebob Squarepants.


Oct 25, 2017
Jeeze it first struck me as a measles joke but bullet holes fits as well or better. We're so Amerifucked.