Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire |OT| Josh Sawyer's Pirates!


Oct 25, 2017
Columbus, Ohio

Release: May 8th, 2018 @ 1pm EST/10am PST
Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux at launch, PS4/XBX/NSW later this year.


Like the first Pillars of Eternity, Deadfire was partially crowdfunded, this time through FIG, raising over $4.5M. Check out the Fig Campaign to see more.

What's this game all about?
Eothas has returned. The god of light and rebirth was thought dead, but he now inhabits the stone titan that sat buried under your keep, Caed Nua, for millennia. Ripping his way out of the ground, he destroyed your stronghold and left you at the brink of death. To save your soul, you must track down the wayward god and demand answers - answers which could throw mortals and the gods themselves into chaos.

Your hunt takes you to the Deadfire Archipelago. Located even farther east than the colonies of the Eastern Reach, Deadfire comprises hundreds of islands spanning thousands of miles - ranging from lush tropics to barren deserts. Many of these lands have never been charted, while others are inhabited by rich native cultures and a new wave of colonial settlers.

You will be joined on your quest by up to seven companions. Unlike Pillars 1, companions will be significantly more integrated into the main storyline and will have complex relationships both with you as well as eachother. Depending on your choices your companions may grow to hate you and leave, respect you and eachother as friends, or perhaps even fall in love.

All party members have three possible classes which are chosen when you recruit them.

Returning Companions

  • Edér (Voiced by Matt Mercer) - Rugged good looks and a wry farmer's charm. Lover of animals. A bit racist, but unknowlingly so. (Fighter, Rogue or Fighter/Rogue)
  • Aloth (Also voiced by Matt Mercer) - An elf with a personality for all occasions. (Wizard, Wizard/Fighter or Wizard/Rogue)
  • Pallegina (Voiced by Mela Lee) - Noble birdwoman utterly devoted to her homeland. Noted atheist. (Paladin, Paladin/Fighter or Paladin/Chanter)
New Companions

  • Xoti (Voiced by Laura Bailey) - A Savanna Folk that follows an aspect of Eothas (Priest, Monk or Priest/Monk)
  • Maia Rua (Voiced by Marisha Ray) - Sister of Kana Rua from Pillars 1 (Ranger, Ranger/Rogue or Ranger/Wizard)
  • Serafen (Voiced by Liam O'Brien) - A psychic pirate in search of plunder and booty (Barbarian, Cipher or Barbarian/Cipher)
  • Tekehu (Voiced by Travis Willingham) - A Water-Godlike that can shift into a ***Wereshark*** (Druid, Chanter or Chanter/Druid)

Sidekicks are available party members that fit somewhere between a "full" companion and a player created mercenary. They have unique portraits, voice sets and an introductory quest but do not factor into the full relationship system and have little to no banter or "story" dialogue.

  • Konstanten - A Mountain Dwarf with a soft spot for poetry (Barbarian, Chanter or Barbarian/Chanter)
  • Ydwin (Voiced by Ashley Johnson) - An investigative Pale Elf (Cipher, Rogue or Cipher/Rogue)
  • Rekke (Voiced by Sam Riegel) - A Storm Folk that speaks a language no one understands… (Fighter, Fighter/Monk or Fighter/Barbarian)
  • Fassina - An Ocean Folk caster (Wizard (Conjurer subclass), Wizard/Druid or Wizard/Chanter)

The Deadfire Archipelago marks the eastern edge of the "Known World." Dominantly populated by island aumaua who make up the tribes of the Huana, the chain of hundreds of islands spans thousands of miles. The Deadfire contains myriad climates and biomes that are home to a bewildering array of creatures. The last century has brought ambitious colonial traders, explorers, and pirates to the Deadfire, but travel east of the archipelago is blocked by the destructive storms of Ondra's Mortar. Legends among the Huana speak of an ancient cataclysm that devastated their people thousands of years ago. Details of this event have been lost to time, but Huana storytellers claim that it destroyed everything they had built, sinking even the greatest of their cities beneath the waves.

Exploring the world in Deadfire will be much more open than Pillars 1. For one, you have a boat, and you can sail it around the Deadfire Archipelago as you see fit in search of uncharted islands and treasure. When you reach shore you will explore the on a world map. Random encounters are possible both on land and at sea and ship-to-ship battles are possible.
The four major factions of the Deadfire will also play a more integral role compared to Pillars 1. Described as being in the vein of Fallout: New Vegas, aligning with certain factions (or none at all) should have major implications over the course of the entire game.

Managing you ship will be a crucial part of Deadfire. You will be able to discover upgrades both cosmetic and functional to your ship as you adventure, or just find a new ship entirely. You will also be responsible for hiring crew members and managing their responsibilities aboard the ship. Be ready to watch your back should the moral of the crew deteriorate.

Ship-to-ship combat will play out in the choose-your-own-adventure interface. Turn-based and likened somewhat to combat in FTL, you need to keep the enemy ship in range of your cannons while defending against their attacks and responding to emergencies on-board. Or just quickly close to boarding distance to engage in traditional PoE combat.

  • Deadfire will feature a broad multiclassing system most comparable to non-human characters in 2nd Edition AD&D. Class combinations are both chosen at level 1 (or upon a companion first joining your party) and level up together. Multiclassed characters rise in power level more slowly than single classed characters but, at every new power level, get to choose an ability from both of their classes. This means multiclassed characters won't gain access to the final two power levels for either class but will end up with 7 more ability/talent choices, making them much more flexible. The goal is for a multiclassed character to perform at 75-80% the power effectiveness of a pure class but have significantly more options. And of course it allows for creating and roleplaying cool new character concepts. Only a select few combinations of Paladin Orders and Priest Deity combinations will be disallowed because of conflicting Disposition requirements. Each combination of classes will also receive their own unique title. See below for the full table:
  • Deadfire will also feature subclasses. These act similarly to Kits from AD&D and serve to provide a baseline modification to one or both of your classes. They all have drawbacks, though, as it's intended for not taking a subclass to be a viable alternative. Here are the current subclass options and what they do.
    Barbarian - AoE-focused melee fighter
    • Corpse Eater - Targets unconscious enemies to devour their flesh and gain power. Powers cost more to use.
    • Berserker - Has a more powerful Frenzy, but attacks can damage friends as well as foes while Frenzied.
    • Mage Slayer - Gains spell resistance and can disrupt enemy spells, but cannot use potions or scrolls and some beneficial spells have shorter durations.
    Chanter - The "bard" of the PoE universe. Passive buffs/debuffs for every situation and lots of creature summons
    • Beckoner - Summoning invocations are cheaper and summon more creatures, but the creatures are weaker.
    • Skald - Offensive invocations are cheaper and melee crits grant phrases, but all other invocations are more expensive.
    • Troubadour - Phrase linger is 50% longer, Brisk Recitation as a modal that increases the rate of phrase elapses, but shortens linger. All invocations are more expensive.
    Cipher - Mental-themed spell caster that must do weapon damage to built their power pool
    • Ascendant - Powers and Soul Whip are more effective when used at Max Focus, but Focus drains quickly if left at Max for long.
    • Beguiler - Illusion powers are more powerful, but Soul Whip suffers when used against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack.
    • Soul Blade - Offensive cipher that can dump Focus into a Soul Annihilation melee attack for extra Raw damage. Shred powers have reduced Focus cost. Lower Max Focus.
    Druid - Nature-themed spellcaster that can shapeshift into a deadly melee combatant
    • Fury - Shift into storm blights and gain bonuses with elemental spells. Cannot cast Restoration spells.
    • Lifegiver - Rejuvenation spells are cast with increased Power Level but cannot cast Summon spells.
    • Shifter - Druid can shift to any animal form, once each, per combat and heals damage each time they shift back. Cannot cast spells while shifted.
    Fighter - Lots of what you expect from a good ol' fashioned fighter
    • Black Jacket - Bonus weapon proficiency, reduced Recovery when switching weapon, but lacks Constant Recovery.
    • Devoted - May only be proficient in a single weapon. Higher Penetration and crit damage with that weapon. Suffers Accuracy penalty when using other weapons.
    • Unbroken - Bonuses to Engagement and Disengagement Attacks, but lower Stride.
    Monk - Melee damage class with a variety of utility abilities. Must take damage to generate part of their power pool.
    • Helwalker - Begin all combats with Wounds, gain Might for every Wound. Wounds require more damage to acquire.
    • Nalpazca - Drug effects last longer and Wound cap is increased while under the effects of drugs. Penalties while not under the effect of drugs.
    • Shattered Pillar - Gain Wounds by inflicting damage with melee weapons (fists or otherwise). Lower Max Wound cap, does not gain Wounds from receiving damage.
    Paladin - Powerful mixture of support, healing and damage
    • Bleak Walkers - Flames of Devotion (Remember Rakhan Field) generates black flames and does Corrode damage. Healing given and received is reduced. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Eothas, Berath, or Skaen.
    • Darcozzi Paladini - Lay on Hands (Flames of Darcozzi Palace) creates a flame shield around the paladin. Lower Zeal power. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Berath, Magran, or Skaen.
    • Goldpact Knights - Sworn Enemy (Gilded Enmity) creates protective gold armor on the paladin. Cannot learn Zealous Auras. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Magran or Wael.
    • Kind Wayfarers - Flames of Devotion (Sword and the Shepherd) heals nearby allies. Does less damage against enemies vulnerable to Sneak Attack. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Berath, Magran, Wael, or Skaen.
    • Shieldbearers of St. Elcga - Lay on Hands (St. Elcga's Grace) prevents the target from being knocked out for a short duration. Cannot use Lay on Hands on self. - Cannot multiclass with priests of Skaen, Magran, or Wael.
    Priest - Lots of buffs, debuffs, heals and even some really powerful nukes
    • Berath - Bonus spells that would befit the god/goddess of cycles, life and death. - Cannot multiclass with Bleak Walker, Kind Wayfarer, or Darcozzi paladins.
    • Eothas - Bonus spells that would befit the god of rebirth, light and renewal - Cannot multiclass with Bleak Walker paladins.
    • Magran - Bonus spells that would befit the goddess of fire and war - Cannot multiclass with Shieldbearer, Kind Wayfarer, Goldpact, or Darcozzi paladins.
    • Skaen - Bonus spells that would befit the god of defiance, envy and covert revolt - Cannot multiclass with Shieldbearer, Bleak Walker, Kind Wayfarer, or Darcozzi paladins.
    • Wael - Bonus spells that would befit the god illusions, dreams and secrets - Cannot multiclass with Shieldbeaer, Kind Wayfarer, or Goldpact paladins.
    Ranger - Single-target DPS specialist with a very powerful animal companion
    • Ghost Heart - Animal companion must be summoned as a spirit. They are not affected by Bonded Grief, are not susceptible to beast spells and cannot be engaged, but the summon is of limited duration.
    • Sharpshooter - Bonuses to Penetration and Accuracy at range, but slower actions and lower Deflection.
    • Stalker - Stalker and companion gain bonuses to Deflection and Armor Rating when close to each other, suffer Bonded Grief when too far apart.
    Rogue - Another single-target DPS class, this time with lots of invisibility, debuffs and spell interrupts
    • Assassin - From stealth or invisibility, weapon attacks have bonus damage, Penetration, and Accuracy. All incoming damage is increased.
    • Streetfighter - Sneak Attack and crit damage increases when Flanked or Bloodied (<50% Health). Recovery is slower when neither Flanked nor Bloodied.
    • Trickster - Gains access to Illusion spells from the wizard list. Sneak Attack deals less damage.
    Wizard - Spells for nearly every situation, even summoning powerful weapons and wading into melee
    • Conjurer - Conjuration spells are more powerful and you gain a "Conjure Familiar" spell, but spells from all other schools have longer recovery times and you cannot cast Evocation or Illusion spells.
    • Enchanter - Enchantment spells are more powerful and once per encounter you shrug off debuffs that target Dexterity, but spells from all other schools have longer recovery times and you cannot cast Illusion or Transmutation spells.
    • Evoker - Evocation spells are more powerful and you have a chance to double-cast Evocation spells, but spells from all other schools have longer recovery times and you cannot cast Transmutation or Conjuration spells.
    • Illusionist - Illusion spells are more powerful and you gain the effects of Mirrored Images the first time you are attacked every encounter, but spells from all other schools have longer recovery times and you cannot cast Conjuration or Enchanting spells.
    • Transmuter - Transmutation spells are more powerful and you can transform into an Ogre for fearsome melee damage, but spells from all other schools have longer recovery times and you cannot cast Enchantment or Evocation spells.
  • A new UI has been built to help layout your builds well in advance.

  • Deadfire will feature a maximum party size of 5, down from 6 in the first game. This is to assist with pathfinding, make combat more readable and to account for the micromanagement requirements inherent in the Pillars combat system.
  • Characters will, with very few (maybe just one) exceptions, possess only per-encounter abilities. Broadly speaking the classes fall into one of three types of ability brackets:
    • Traditional Casters (wizard, druid, priest): These classes will be limited to a small number of spells per power-level per-encounter. Right now the limit is 2.
    • Build-and-Spend (monks, ciphers, chanters): These classes will function much as they did in Pillars 1 - punch/stab/sing to build up charges, then use those charges to cast abilities.
    • Power Pool (fighter, rogue, paladin, ranger, berserker): These classes begin each combat encounter with a set amount of "mana" to use on their abilities during that encounter with no (or very few) ways to build it back up.
  • The one main per-rest ability that remains is called Empower. All classes receive a limited number of Empower uses per rest and can expend only one per encounter. Doing so will either cast an ability at three effective power levels higher than normal or can be used to refill half of your per-encounter combat resources.
  • Characters in Deadfire will no longer have a split health and endurance pool. Health is now a single resource and regenerates after an encounter. Should you suffer an injury in combat or through a scripted interaction, however, you will potentially lose up to 15% of your maximum health depending on the type of injury you sustain in addition to stat maluses. Your character will be killed when they sustain their fourth injury unless you are on Story Time difficulty.

  • Resting also receives a large change - no longer are you governed by limited camping supplies. You can rest whenever. However, each rest will consume some measure of food and rations from your stores. High quality rations that keep your characters in their top fighting shape are intended to be rare and expensive, giving you an incentive to rest as rarely as possible.
  • The skill system is receiving major changes as well. You will now receive skill points for both active and passive abilities at level up.

  • The game will feature a detailed AI behavior builder similar to Dragon Age: Origins or Gambits from Final Fantasy 12. Click here to watch Josh and Brian discuss how it works and see how expansive it can be.
  • Many of the buffs and debuffs in Deadfire exist within the Affliction/Inspiration counterplay system. There are 18 of each, three based on each of the six base attributes. Casting an Inspiration of a certain attribute on a party member who's suffering from the same attribute of Affliction removes that Affliction and vice versa. A character can also gain Resistance to a certain attribute of Affliction, which will demote the incoming Affliction one rank. For example, wood elves have a natural resistance to DEX based afflictions, so an incoming Paralyze Affliction would be demoted to Immobilized, Immobilized to Hobbled and Hobbled to nothing. Weakness also exists which will promote an Affliction one level higher.

Q: Do I need to play the first game to enjoy this?
A: Deadfire is a direct sequel so it helps, but no it's not required. If you don't have a save to import from the first game you can instead recreate a save by making choices from Pillars 1 prior to beginning Deadfire. Starting choice sets can easily be shared with others.

Here is a good video to watch if you want a high-level overview of the major moments of the first game or just want to refresh you memory:

Q: Is there a general overview of how the game works?
A: Check out the game manual here.

Q: Do we start at level 1?
A: Yes. A god erupted from the ground and stole most of your soul. Who knows what happened to your companions.

Q: If I import a save from Pillars 1 can I change anything about my character?
A: Yes! You'll be able to effectively create a new character, changing your class, race, sex etc.

Q: Will the various quest talents and buffs my Watched earned in the first game carry over?
A: Some of them will, maybe not in exactly the same form.

Q: Will the game be coming to consoles?
A: Yes. Deadfire is scheduled to launch sometime this holiday season on Xbox, PS4 and Switch. The port is being handled by Versus Evil (the publisher for Deadfire) and Red Cerberus. Obsidian is focused entirely on the PC/Mac/Linux version.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista 64-bit or newer
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100T @ 2.50 GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 B73
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 Compatible
Storage: 45 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: OS X 10.12.6 Sierra 64-bit (or newer)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570S @ 2.9GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT750M
Storage: 45 GB available space


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit or newer
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100T @ 2.50 GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 B73
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4850 or NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Storage: 45 GB available space

DLC and other extras

The entire cast of Critical Role is featured in Deadfire, voicing most of the main characters. As part of this partnership there will be a free DLC pack at launch featuring portraits and voice sets from their first campaign, Vox Machina. Get it here for Steam or here for GOG for free!

Other FREE DLC packs

Included in this DLC:
• Mirke, a new sidekick.
• Six new alcohol-themed items added to a merchant in the Deadfire.
• New Drunken personality setting.

Included in this DLC:
• Four new hairstyles.
• Three new beards.
• New Energetic personality setting.

Included in this DLC:
• Three New Crew Members added to the taverns of the Deadfire Archipelago for you to recruit.
• Five New Ship Upgrades, including sails, cannon, anchors, and more added to shipwrights throughout the game.
• New Savage personality setting.

Season Pass Details

Far in the southernmost reaches of the Deadfire Archipelago, frost and death have encroached upon the land of the living. You, Watcher, have received a missive from the isle's residents: worshipers of Rymrgand, the god of entropy and disaster. They call you Duskspeaker, a harbinger of the end, and pray you fulfill your destiny.

In this new DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire:

Embark upon an adventure that will take you to Hel itself.

Join forces with Vatnir, an Endings Godlike and Priest of Rymrgand, to bring battle to the monstrosities that roam the Beyond.

Confront an ancient dragon, whom even the gods fear, before she brings Eora to an icy end.

Prove your worth in the crucible of Kazuwari, where the arena's masters and their worshipers exalt the victorious and delight in the blood forfeited by the defeated. Something corrupts the spirits that dwell in the very stones of the crucible, and only you can uncover its secrets.

In this new DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire:

Seek glory, treasure, and truth in an arena designed to test the mettle of you and your party.

Slay your way through the most challenging foes you have ever faced, both past and present.

Survive the trials and whims of the spirits and their worshipers to prove you stand above even the greatest the Deadfire has to offer.

When a violent tremor shatters the islands of the Deadfire, the greatest wizards in Eora seek out the aid of the Watcher. The archmage Maura has vanished into the depths of a newly opened dungeon located in the Black Isles and threatens to awaken what lies forgotten there. Follow Maura's trail and determine the fate of one of the Deadfire Archipelago's most closely-held secrets.

In this new DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire:

Traverse an expansive dungeon built into the flesh of a sleeping god.

Encounter the highest-level challenges yet faced by the Watcher and their companions.

Scheme with or defy the wills of Eora's most powerful wizards.
Thank you to Almeister , Enduin , Naito , decoyplatypus, HP_Wuvcraft and many others I'm probably forgetting for helping with this and for making the preview thread such a welcoming and helpful community over the last seven months. Have fun!


ResetERA Review Thread. Thanks Enduin!

Metacritic: 88
OpenCritic: 89
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Oct 25, 2017
Columbus, Ohio
Major Fixes

  • [Mac/OSX] Resolved issue with loading into a black screen on Macs with Intel Integrated Graphics Cards.
  • Mouse clicks now properly resister for users using the Korean IME in windows.
  • Player Dispositions should change less drastically for small decisions.
  • Level Scaling now enables correctly when toggled on.
  • Players can now set or save cloned AI behaviors for all classes, and quick saves will not be lost when doing so.
  • Fixed multiple Pillars I imports that were importing the incorrect state.
  • Fixed a permissions issue that was blocking some players from loading saves.
  • Fixed a combat related memory leak (should improve some FPS on long play sessions).
  • Potential Spoilers:
  • Spoiler
    • Players are now able to subdue Scyorielaphas even if all the wards are destroyed.
    • Crew members on Story difficulty can now be killed if they mutiny.
    • Players who are hostile to the pirates of Fort Deadlight will find the door to the Court open to prevent the NPCs keeping them in combat without being able to be engaged.

  • Eder's end game state from Pillars I has been fixed.
  • Potential Spoilers:
  • Spoiler
    • Watchers who took the baby orlan in Pillars I will now see her in Vilario's Rest.

  • Various VO fixes to the Vox Machina voice sets.

  • Custom AI settings should now save changes when adding new conditionals or abilities.
  • Gold, Greed, and Guts achievement now unlocks when loading a save that has completed the quest.
  • Pillars I history creator now removes options from the list once a choice has been made to prevent confusion.
  • Various Credit fixes.

New Features & Updates
  • Intro Skip Added
    • There is now a Start & Skip Intro button that brings the player directly to the second level of the game.
    • This feature becomes available after you have played through the intro once, or loaded a save (after getting the update).
  • Veteran & PotD Balance Improvements
    • Armor and Penetration now scale up on PotD.
    • Many encounters have had units swapped out for tougher versions.
    • Some encounters have had units added or set to ambush the party during the encounter.
  • Additional Custom AI support and updates:
    • All Conditionals have now been categorized in the Custom AI menu.
    • The AI Toggle button on the ability bar now supports cycling through: Attacking while using Abilities, Attacking while not using Abilities, and Not using AI.
    • The following actions can now be conditionalized in Custom AI: Using Consumable quick slot items, Activating Modals, Switching Weapon Sets, and Basic Weapon Attacking.
  • Ship Resupply
    • A new "Refill Ship Supplies" button can now be used to conveniently purchase ship supplies from any storefront that sells Medical Supplies, Cannon Shot, and Repair Supplies.
  • World Map Legend Added
    • A new Map Legend has been added that allows all icons on the World Map to be filtered by category.
  • Character Appearance Improvements
    • Character Appearance can now be changed in-game via the Appearance button on the Inventory screen (Player and adventurers only).
    • Character Hairstyles are now rendered naturally with some Hats.
    • Eye Color customization has been added.
  • Graphics options expanded
    • Six new toggles have been added to the Graphics menu to enable/disable certain visual features including Weather Effects, Lights, and Combat Text.
  • News Feed Updated
    • The News Feed on the Main Menu has been revamped to include links to the latest articles, DLC, and social media.
Everything else can be found here in the Obsidian forum thread due to space constraints in this post.

Major Issues
  • Client no longer crashes when choosing "Quit to Desktop".
  • Mac builds will no longer allow you to toggle the Fullscreen setting via the OSX Menu Dock Bar or via Command+F. This was done to prevent a crash that occurs when doing this action.
  • Crew members now heal properly in the Resting Crew slot when there are adequate Medicine supplies.
User Interface
  • News feed no longer clips with Title Screen menu after quitting to Title Screen.
  • Store and Ship results now handle Scaling Text size better and layering of UI has been fixed in a few places.
  • Fixed the Appearance Customization window not scaling down on smaller resolutions.
  • Strange whiny sound effect no longer plays when opening the main menu.

  • [*]Onekaza will now properly start Taking Out the Traders quest if you've completed all prior quests in the Huana faction.
    [*]Castol will now offer you A Glimpse Beyond if players have completed Storms of Poko Kohara and He Waits in Fire and haven't talked to Flaune Elette before ever talking to Castol.
    [*]It's now possible to return Terms of Trade and Storms of Poko Kohara to Director Castol in the event of Alvari having been banished by the VTC council.

  • Fixed skinning issues on Naked Dwarf bodies.
  • Fixed lighting issue in Fort Deadlight that exposed some flip tiles.
  • Various fixes to Partial Hair when head slot item is equipped.

New Features

  • Added mod support for character backgrounds, voice sets, and Classes.
  • Mod Manager has been added to the settings on the Main menu.
  • The Player Stash now has a search feature.
  • Holding shift while selling things from your stash will now add items without prompting the player about stack sizes.
  • Reputation screen now displays the player choices that led to changes with the companions's relationship.
  • New UI for Crew Injuries has been Added.
  • Added UI to recommend which companions to bring on quests relevant to those companions.
Major Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where party members who were knocked out during a save state would be dead but still be in the party upon loading the save.
  • Players no longer spiritshift when drinking from the pool at Outcast's Respite. This was causing issues with equipment missing upon loading a save where the user was spiritshifted.
  • Various CPU performance improvements have been made across the game.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a companion would die, but display as knocked out, keeping the player in combat indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not pick up triumphs from ships that are a target of an active bounty mission.

  • Players can no longer pickpocket their party members that aren't in the current party.
  • Fixed an issue where Vela would disappear from the player ship when wanting to bark at a party member.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not being prompted to add Tekehu into the party if Rekke is in the party.
  • Shrines no longer allow for Maia and Pallegina to farm infinite negative reputation.
  • Spoiler
User Interface

  • The tool tip that breaks down player health in the character sheet now displays the proper amount of health.
  • All active animal companion abilities now properly display on both the Ranger and animal companion ability bars.
  • Fixed problems with the ability bar detecting the active/queued state of modal abilities in no modal group.
  • UI windows related to Pillars I Histories are now layering properly.
  • The options menu and News Feed are now layering properly.
  • Fixed an issue where journal entries could be sorted incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a crew member's name in conversation would open an inspection window for the crew member.
Everything else can be found here in the Obsidian forum thread due to space constraints in this post.

Version Patch Notes

  • Resolved a rare client hang that could occur in the Sunepu Beach Scripted Interaction.
  • Resolved an error that was returning players to the main menu when attempting to return to the world map.
  • Resolved an error where loading in to certain maps for some users would return them to the main menu.
  • Addressed an error that was producing black screens when first starting the game.
  • Custom AI windows now overlay and react correctly when multiple are selected.
  • Tooltips for Attributes in the character sheet now appear.
  • Wizard spells are now properly displayed in the AI behavior editor when a grimoire is equipped on the quickbar.
  • Wahai Poraga's extra attacks no longer always launch themselves each time they hit.
  • Deleterious Alacrity of Motion no longer randomizes its status effects.

Version Patch Notes
  • The Vendor in Port Maje, unlocked via Berath's Blessings, now sells the following items (if the party does not already own them):
    • Scavenger's Lantern
    • Stinky Pete
    • Cloak of Berath
    • Sails of Berath
    • Cutthroat Cosmo
  • If Maia leaves the party, she will only send 1 letter about her departure.
  • Retraining now properly restores Level 1 abilities that were upgraded (and replaced) at later levels. Fix applies to character created on patch 1.2.2 or later.
  • Missing Strings (in Portuguese) have been added to the Mod Manager Interface.
  • Passive Ability Icons in the character level up screen now appear as circles again (instead of squares).
  • Furrante's Ship has been moved closer to Port Maje to ensure the encounter occurs before the player reaches Neketaka.

New Features & Updates
  • Beast of Winter
    • The first paid DLC that has the Watcher travel to Harbinger's Watch to investigate an ever expanding iceberg in the Deadfire Archipelago.
  • Deck of Many Things
    • The fifth free DLC that includes a Junk that sails around the Deadfire selling magical items and goods.
  • Magran's Fires - New challenges and old favorites have been added for players that want a difficult experience with a twist. These challenges can only be done on Path of the Damned difficulty and can be found by clicking the head of Magran at the bottom of the Title Menu.
    • Triple Crown
      • Expert Mode
      • Trial of Iron
    • Solo
      • Cannot recruit companions, sidekicks, or adventurers
    • Berath's Challenge
      • Any party member Knocked Out for 6 seconds is Killed
      • Cannot flee from combat
    • Magran's Challenge
      • The game cannot be paused
      • The game time cannot be slowed
  • Essence Interrupter - A new Hunting Bow created by you, the community, that has been infused with animancer technology to provide interesting effects to attacks. You can find this for sale in Henric's shop in Port Maje.
Everything else can be found here in the Obsidian forum thread due to space constraints in this post.

Patch Notes v2.0.1.0044
  • Floating text will no longer remain on the screen out of combat.
  • Eder will now properly bark during The Messenger interactions.
  • Scene transitions in the Pyramid of Woedica will no longer be hidden in fog.
  • Retrained party members will no longer gain Knock Down, Constant Recovery, Battle Axe Proficiency, or Mace Proficiency when they should not.
  • Party members will no longer disappear near the portal in Sunken Crown.
  • Party members stay together when using the portal in Sunken Crown when it's flooded.
  • The autosave feature works as intended after jumping into the pit in the Beast of Winter DLC and allows for progression.

New Features & Updates

  • Shroud of the Phantasm - A new community-designed cape, the Shroud of the Phantasm seems to grant the wielder the favor of Wael, though the will of the God of Secrets is all but impossible to discern for certain. Wearers gain the ability to manifest illusory duplicates and are rarely, if the God of Secrets is watching, struck with bolts of understanding capable of turning the tide of battle. You can find this magical item hidden within Berkana's Observatory.
  • Ability Tree Preview - Thanks to our programming team, the Class Ability Tree can now be viewed outside of the level up screen! This can be done from the Inventory/Character Sheet UI, or when recruiting a new companion.
  • New Magran's Fires Challenges added - New challenges and old favorites have been added for players that want a difficult experience with a twist. These challenges can be found by clicking the head of Magran at the bottom of the Title Menu.
    • Skaen's Challenge
      • The Fog of War is greatly reduced around the Player's Character.
      • Torches can help increase the vision area.
    • Abydon's Challenge
      • Weapons and Armor now degrade during adventuring.
      • Weapons and Armor can be repaired for a price through the Enchanting Menu.
  • Enchanting UI Update
    • The Enchanting Menu has received a visual re-work. Enchantment progression paths are now much clearer, and it should be easy to tell if a new enchantment will replace or rework an old enchantment.
  • Steam Workshop Mod Support - Mods will now be supported through the Steam Workshop page. Check it out to see what unique changes the community is bringing to the world of Eora!
  • Audio Combat Remixing - Our audio team has remastered in-game combat sounds, resolving a suite of bugs and generally improving the game as per community feedback:
    • Combat Chatter now provides more critical feedback and is easier to understand during combat.
    • Creatures have been tuned to spam sounds less
    • Ability audio has been tuned to react to other sounds (i.e. gets softer when combat chatter is playing)
    • And much more!
Everything else can be found here in the Obsidian forum thread due to space constraints in this post.

New Features & Updates

  • Seeker, Slayer, Survivor
    • The second DLC has the Watcher journey to the island to Kazuwari in search for some answers to a mysterious package...
  • New Berath's Blessings - New and exciting blessing come in to add some interesting replayability to the Deadfire:
    • Loaded Pockets - NPC pockets are filled with more and rarer items.
    • Legendary Crew - 3 Veteran Sailors become available in the Kraken's Eye tavern, they are better than normal and cheaper than normal.
    • Discount Craftsman - Crafting and enchanting costs are reduced.
    • Mythical Discovery - Start with a Mythical Adra Stone in the prologue armoire (free upgrade from Legendary → Mythic Quality)
  • New Ranger Abilities - Five new Ranger abilities have been added to the Ranger's arsenal of skills:
    • Hunter's Claw - 2 Bond Full Attack, The first target hit with this grants +1 Accuracy vs the target's Race until Rest. Subsequent hits against the same race will increase stacks (up to +20). Resting clears all stacks and allows a different race to be chosen.
    • Hunter's Fang - Same as Hunter's Claw, but also grants +1% Damage per stack.
    • Beast's Claw - Same as Hunter's Claw, but also grants +1 Defense per stack.
    • Bonded Fury - 3 Bond, Grants the Ranger's Animal Companion all 6 Tier 2 Inspirations, for 30s.
    • Heart Seeker - 4 Bond, Primary Attack (Ranged Only) Fires an unerring ranged attack that strikes all characters in a line, dealing +100% Damage with +4 Penetration and Enfeebling for 20s.
  • Megaboss Battles - Megabosses make their debut with the first to make their way into the game with the first boss included in the patch; The Crystal Empress! Test your mettle against one the toughest fights within the game
  • Kill Camera - A new feature has been added to allow for some excitement to combat! Kill Cam will exemplify combat with key events! This feature will include options to customize how it works and can be found in the new Camera Tab of the Options Menu.
  • Eothas and Galawain's Challenge - Two New exciting Challenges will be coming in with this patch from Eothas and Galawain:
    • Eothas- The player must complete crit-path quests within a set game time or be met with a Game Over.
    • Galawain - Beasts now contain random buffs that are defined at the start of the game, for the duration of the game! Can you survive these dangerous new changes?
  • New Community Pet - You all voted and the tallies are in! Nebula the Astral Bat is now available in game.
  • Recently Used Spells - Frequently used spells are now remembered and displayed in the UI, so searching through your high list of spells should be a little easier to manage.
Resolved Major Issues

  • Characters no longer get stuck in an endless animation loop when using certain abilities with Two-handed weapons.
  • AI Options for Ghost Animal Companions now work as expected.
  • Many older saves that were not working previously due to conversation bundles now load as expected.
  • Various frame-rate fixes for players that experience drops during extended play.
  • The Enchanting Menu does not display when the Crafting Menu is opened.
User Interface
  • Mod Manager displays correctly in the Options Menu.
  • The Producer's Sword shows up correctly for Mac Users.
  • Alcoholic Beverages no longer display missing strings.
  • Consumed resources for ships are displayed correctly.
  • Galawain timers fixed to the correct time in early sections of the game.
  • Adventurers in towns now show the correct data.
  • The conversation window is no longer obscured if opened with the ESC button during a dialog.
  • All interface layouts now display the UI notifications correctly.
  • TEMP text no longer displays for Magran's Challenge.
  • Menus no longer overlap in Ship Combat.
  • Director Castol has had his conversation fixed for typos.
Systems Updates
  • Full Attacks with recovery-based weapons and a firearm in offhand no longer have a 0 recovery time
  • Rods now deal the correct type of damage when attacking with them.
  • Attacking destructibles from stealth now properly removes stealth from the attacker.
  • Auto-Attack As Default Action toggle has been implemented to AI Behavior.
  • The Crookspur Vessel will no longer continuously attempt to engage retreating ships.
  • Druid Shift forms no longer crash the game when inventory items are moved.
Art & Visual Updates
  • Portraits display correct images when playing the game in Linux.
  • All Pets use the correct model that is expected.
  • Spiritual Weapon VFX now properly aligns with the model.
  • Orlans ears display correctly when wearing the Acorn Helm.
  • Data is no longer carried over from previous DLC playthroughs.
  • Performance no longer drops when viewing Spiritshift model forms in the Inventory Screen.
  • Crew member models no longer spawn at the same point simultaneously.
  • Ikiuq Crew member now displays his correct model in game.
  • Loading a save after a character dies in combat no longer results in an infinite load screen for Mac users.
  • The default text box displays in the selected language at launch.
  • Combat Log displays in the language selected when changed in game.

Patch notes for v3.0.1.0026

  • GoG users will no longer be missing DLC information when they shouldn't and vice versa.
  • Saves now work as expected when attempting to create a save file.
  • Izzia's conversation will no longer trap the user in a dialog window.
  • Music no longer overlaps during day and night cycles.
  • Fixed an issue where only 5 of the 10 Galawain Challenge buffs were being used for each playthrough.
  • Flames of Devotion no longer gets stuck in an infinite animation loop.
  • Text is now bolded in not-Latin languages
  • All ships can now be used when starting "Seeker, Slayer, Survivor."
  • Fur of Frost passive no longer gets reapplied when removed with a Fire ability.

  • Items will no longer lose their mods (any previously affected items should also be fixed).

New Features & Updates
  • UI Simplification
    • Changes to how some UI displays and the ability to customize some of the UI in and out of combat to provide a better experience for both. Dropdowns to control the UI can be found within the Options Menu.
  • Hauani O Whe Mega Boss - A new Mega Boss can now be challenged! This colossal Ooze is prepared to face some of the strongest teams that dare brave it!
  • Spell Shaping
    • Spell shaping is available for the Wizard, Druid, Priest, and Chanter classes! This passive ability allows spell casters to adjust the radius of certain AoE spells to increase the power level or area that the spell can reach!
  • Magran's Fire Difficulty Additions
    • All Challenges can now be done on any difficulty in the game! Play through with new challenges for a new, interesting game experience!
  • New Berath's Blessings
    • ...Can I Pet Him Anyway? - Allows Eder to equip a pet!
    • Infamous Past - Gain the Infamous Captain passive ability, as if you had survived a mutiny.
  • Premade Characters
    • Characters can now be imported to use on various playthroughs through Deadfire. Characters can be chosen in character creation, or by visiting taverns and recruiting them as Adventurers.
  • Hylea and Rymrgand Challenges - Hylea and Rymrgand Challenges make their way into the Magran's Challenges!
    • Hylea - Vela joins the adventure and must be protected at all costs or the adventure is over! She does not take a party slot and does not attack during combat.
    • Rymrgand - Food now lasts for a small duration before decaying and expiring from use.
  • Path of the Damned Endgame Tuning
    • Path of the Damned has been reworked to give a better experience for mid- and high-level end-game content. Can you survive the increased difficulty with your party?
Everything else can be found here in the Obsidian forum thread due to space constraints in this post.

  • Fixed characters with certain dual-weapon loadouts not using their off-hand attack.
  • Weapons will no longer disappear after the user levels up the equipped character.
  • Essence Interrupter bow will no longer prevent Hauani O Whe from dividing.
  • Users who installed certain localization mods and do not own Seeker, Slayer, Survivor can load their savegames again.
  • The Valian term Sérre now has the proper accent and a tooltip explaining its usage in dialogue.
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Oct 25, 2017
Columbus, Ohio
Sorry for the pretty lame thread title. I'm creatively bankrupt and didn't have time to solicit ideas. If you have an amazing idea let me know and I'll see if we can get it changed. Really though Something Awful already claimed objectively the best name.

I hope that this can serve as a welcoming and informative community for many months to come for fans of the Pillars universe, both this and the first game.

And thank you again to Nibel and HP_Wuvcraft for working out an amicable solution to everything.
Oct 27, 2017
Now all I have to do is return to my PotD playthrough of the first game and expansions, spend many dozen hours cleaning that up, and I'll be all ready to import my character and get started.
Oct 25, 2017
New York
Any tips for someone just starting Pillars of Eternity 1?

OT this is looking like a crazy upgrade from 1.
Take your time in both combat and elsewhere. Just spending a little bit extra time in combat early on to try and understand everything going down and how things work pays off big time. Ignore any character with a gold names.

What do they have out of interest?
Penetration Mechanics.
Oct 25, 2017
That's a cute subtitle Anno! Great OT too!

I made the mistake of letting myself watch the first 30 minutes of Cohh's stream as an appetizer, and now the wait for Tuesday is even harder. Such a bad idea :'(
Oct 25, 2017
Great OT this time around! I realized I'm not ready for this though. I never finished PoE one T.T (I'm in Act 3). I got sidetracked in White March content. I'd better hurry up.
Nov 8, 2017
My most anticipated game this year. These kinds of old school, party-based isometric crpgs are so few and far between that I treat every new release as potentially the last, and Im very grateful for them. Long may it continue.
Oct 26, 2017
The Wild Mare
Anyone who doesn't include Serafen in their party is a jerk!
Speaking of parties, I hope everyone posts their builds and how good of a build it is in early and late game. I probably won't start this game until end of May so those posts will be very helpful having a fun and successful adventure.
Oct 25, 2017
The single biggest thing for me is going to be the faster loading times. Like, I know that sounds petty, but going through optional stuff in Defiance Bay was such a bother with having dozens of dozens of loading screens for a few sidequests and tasks.

Also looking forward to all the new multi-classing and subclassing options, on top of the amazing setting which seem ripe for exploration.
Nov 14, 2017
Yeah but what I really wanna know was did they bring back ‘big head’ mode?

I legitimately thought BHM improved the first game
Oct 28, 2017
Now to spend the next 40~ hours meticulously planning my MC's build prior to release. Thank goodness I'm not planning a full custom party for my first run.
Nov 3, 2017
Few random questions for those with experience with the beta or watching pre-release streams.

1. Any thoughts on wizard vs cipher if i want to go pure caster for my MC?
2. How do grimoires effect the spells a wizard has available
3. Obviously super early but any party members jumping out as the most interesting?
Oct 25, 2017
I'm gonna pick this up on Switch when it comes out. I know it's a meme, but games like this really are perfect for Switch. I'll play this at night before I go to bed!
Oct 25, 2017
Few random questions for those with experience with the beta or watching pre-release streams.

1. Any thoughts on wizard vs cipher if i want to go pure caster for my MC?
2. How do grimoires effect the spells a wizard has available
3. Obviously super early but any party members jumping out as the most interesting?
Weapon attacks to generate focus are always going to be a part of a cipher build, so in that regard they will never be the best choice for a pure caster.
Oct 27, 2017
They voiced all the dialogue. And there's a fuckload of dialogue.

The prerendered maps might be higher resolution too, but I'm not sure about that.
I was going to say "not even Divinity: Original Sin 2 is that big!", but it's 38 GB.... Hrm.

It's worth the HD space, I suppose. If the VO is anywhere near as good as Divinity: Original Sin 2's, it will add a lot to the game. (I thought it was completely unnecessary in DOS2, up until I actually heard it. Was a really great choice.)
Oct 25, 2017
Is there a way to just import a save without the White March stuff but have the ability to make choices from that expansion?
Oct 29, 2017
Didn't we have an ot for this already or am I seeing things? Feels a bit bad to just throw someone else's ot out the window just because they went a bit humor focused for it, especially if it was like their first OT.