Planet X2 has been released. Possibly the Commodore 64's first and only RTS game.


Oct 25, 2017
The 8-bit guy is a Youtuber best known for restoring old computers and keyboards. For the last year when he wasn't washing parts off in his sink or letting them bake with some Ultrabrite in his driveway, he was developing his first C64 game. He did all of the programming and in-game art himself, including dev tools to make the process go easier. The music came from a collaboration with channel contributor Anders Enger Jensen and the box art is a commission from a fan of the channel after he sent in some cool unrelated fanart.
The game is heavily inspired by the classic RTS greats like Starcraft and Dune II. Collecting resources, base building, unit building, unit micromanagement, multiple maps, it has all the genre's cornerstones in a cutdown fashion due to memory constraints. The dev goes into great detail on what it's like working within the C64's memory limitations in this "Making of" video and in the full size colored manual. Purchases come with said manual, a C64 floppy, an emulator friendly digital download, a cassette tape with the full soundtrack, and a period accurate big box. You can watch a review from fellow Youtuber and playtester Modern Vintage Gamer here. The biggest complaints seem to be the lack of random base starting locations due to AI pathing limitations and the limited music variety in game. Plans are for a sequel or remaster on MS-DOS next but I don't know how long that would take.
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Oct 28, 2017
Nether Earth, which is likely the first ever proper RTS game ever made, was on Commodore 64 :) But this does look fascinating :)


Oct 27, 2017
I watched the minidoc on this game yesterday. Love the 8-Bit Guy. Watching his restoration projects and retro computer lessons is a cathartic way to end the day for me. Glad to see his project was a success.