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Players that sent in a support ticket for a bag replacement for their Fallout 76 Power Armor editions are seeing everyone else's support tickets


Oct 27, 2017
I wonder if there is greater liability either from the false advertisement of the bag or the liability of PII leaking in the post-GDPR world.
The PII is much more severe since they could be subject to huge fines if governments decide to pursue it, which the EU could be quite likely to do since it’s a major violation of consumer rights. The canvas bag kerfuffle is a little different since Bethesda actually admitted their mistake and were trying to fix it, doesn’t make what they did right but they fixed it to avoid potential lawsuits.
Nov 4, 2017
So this is how you feel when you enjoy something that you haven't played. This is just both entertaining and comical and appalling, all wrapped up in one.
Dec 23, 2017
Isn't that illegal? and a worse offense than false advertisement?

They probably are hoping for the community to make their own bags and ship them to each other. Expecting another 500 atoms as a sorry for leaking everyone's personal information, at least now everyone will be able to buy the digital canvas bag.
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Freelance Games Journalist
Oct 27, 2017
United States
>Be me
>Don't get canvas bag with collector's edition as advertised
>Pissed off
>Bethesda says it's too expensive to make a canvas bag
>Get shitty nylon bag instead
>Even more pissed off
>Bethesda gives me $5 of fake money
>Fucking enraged
>Bethesda says they'll make the canvas bag
>Simmer down
>Have to open a ticket with them and include personal information that proves i bought the collector's edition
>Bethesda's support system leaks my personal information
>Bethesda says nothing but "Hey Guys, We've Resolved The Issue" on their fucking forums and nowhere else
>Cry and laugh because mentally broken after this comical PR nightmare
Oct 25, 2017
I wonder if there is greater liability either from the false advertisement of the bag or the liability of PII leaking in the post-GDPR world.
Generate some AI thread titles with Bethesda as the seed and see if we can discover which bugs are real and which aren't!

I guess not giving Valve 30% was worth in the end, those 30% will cover their fines and court costs XD
If they didn't write the ticketing software they'll just pass the buck onto the company that did develop it. They are likely to be able to wash their hands free of this besides the bad PR.
Oct 25, 2017
Man at the beginning it was all laughs but now it's just so depressing to see a company so beloved in such a pitiful state...
Oct 25, 2017
Them being unable to avoid another significant error while trying to make things right is just making me sad, despite my best efforts to enjoy this comedy of errors.