Playerunknown's Battlegrounds mobile versions launch in China

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ZhugeEX, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. ZhugeEX

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    For those unaware, Tencent secured the licensing rights to distribute PUBG in China. The game is extremely popular in China on PC. Tencent has not only decided to localise the PC ver. for Chinese audiences, but they have developed two brand new mobile games based on the PUBG brand to target the more than 500 million mobile gamers in China.

    The two games have recently started testing in China and can be downloaded via the app stores. More than 75 million pre-registered for both games, showing just how huge PUBG, Battle Royale and mobile gaming is in China right now.

    The two games are:

    1. PUBG: Army Attack - Developed by Tencent Timi Studio - Focuses on Land, Sea and Air battles.
    2. PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield - Developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio - Traditional PUBG.

    Here is a developer diary for Exhilarating Battlefield.

    Here is a video of gameplay-

    Both games are at the top of the download charts.

  2. MMaRsu

    MMaRsu Banned Member

    Any way to download this if you are not in China? Because it looks like a fun time waster, moreso than let's say Hearthstone.
  3. FairyEmpire

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    Doesn't look bad for a mobile game to be honest. Of course you kinda need a controller to do anywhere near good, so there's that. But yeah, if they managed to make the game run this well on mobiles, I think there's solid chances for a quality Switch port down the line (not port begging, they mentioned they want to do that). Clearly the hardware is good enough.
  4. Datajoy

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    Yesterday in Chongqing I saw an internet cafe that was in the process of covering up its existing sign with a huge cardboard cutout of the PUBG helmet guy lol.
    I might check out PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield.
  5. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    Why only release two? We need no less than five mobile PUBG games released on the same day.
  6. saci

    saci Member

    Even if I don't agree with some of Tencent's practices, it's really interesting to see how damn big they are and how much they're growing and just eating everyone up. They're like the Disney of the gaming world.
  7. cnrm

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    I don't really follow PUBG very much but the fact that Tencent Games produced two mobile games for the Chinese market really perplexes me—is there a reasoning for that, out of curiosity?
  8. texhnolyze

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    There are SO MANY other mobile battlegrounds games out there already. It'll be interesting how this will fare against them.
  9. MMaRsu

    MMaRsu Banned Member

    On mobile?
  10. Netherscourge

    Netherscourge Member

    This game is unstoppable.

    We're probably going to get a PUBG animated series on Netflix soon.
  11. texhnolyze

    texhnolyze Member

    Yes. My social media feeds are full of them nowadays.

    Here's from a quick search.

  12. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    Yup. Rules of Survival, Knives out and Survivor Royale off the top of my head.
  13. ghostcrew

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    This is fascinating. I bet it would DESTROY your phone battery.
  14. FairyEmpire

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    What about the inevitable PUBG anime?
  15. BernardoOne

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    Yeah there quite a few. The budget in this plus the brand pretty much guarantee this will handily outdo every one of them.
  16. ZhugeEX

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    If you go here and scroll down a bit you'll see an Apple and Android logo you can click on to download the game-
  17. saci

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  18. cnrm

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    Ahh, my bad, I missed that somehow. Makes sense.
  19. butman

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    PUBG - The Movie
  20. billysea

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    I like how the two apps literally say “authentic” in Chinese on the app icons lol.

    Can imagine how many fake pirated PUBG there are out there in China apps store.
  21. Edge

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    Fuck me, that's not bad.

  22. pld

    pld Member

    Runs better than the Xbox One version, that's for sure

    I am joking, please don't kill me ;_;
  23. Mullet2000

    Mullet2000 Member

    Kinda amazing how good this looks. Especially compared to the console version.
  24. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator Original Poster

    Thanks. Added this video to the OP. I was busy searching for Chinese language videos. Didn't realise someone put up a proper HD video on youtube.
  25. Quakeguy

    Quakeguy Member

    That gameplay video looks better and runs better than the xbox one version, how is a phone running it?
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    The anime Gamers! has a PUBG reference in the intro. First time I saw it I was like wait...wut
  27. Kouriozan

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    I saw one publisher releasing 3 Battle Royale game at the same time on the appstore. (NetEase Games)
    I guess they try to reach a larger audience that way.
  28. Dyergram

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    Looks like the least janky version wow.
  29. Rikucrafter

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    Just switched my Account Region to be able to download this on iPhone. Hope it plays as well as it looks! Seems great to just jump in on the train or something. I hope an English version hits soon.
  30. Joeyro

    Joeyro Member

    iPhone X is a beast.
  31. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    I guess Im crazy, but it looks smoother than the PC version.
  32. Maintenance

    Maintenance Member

    They probably nerfed the physics a lot, plus using a better / another engine.
  33. BernardoOne

    BernardoOne Member

    It's heavily downgraded. Worse lighting, lack of interior detail, worse draw distance, simplified vehicle physics, seemingly no body physics, worse animation, other players animations are seemingly at a lower framerate than your own. And it's hard to say based on the video, but i assume shooting physics has been probably downgraded as well. This is not to take away from the port, it is pretty impressive, but it's not quite the main base of PUBG.
  34. Pandy

    Pandy Member

    Haha! The untied tie is killing me!

    Also, if the "downgraded" version of the game runs with less lag, it's probably a much better game to actually play.
  35. Spinluck

    Spinluck Member

    I think this game is popular.
  36. Dubz

    Dubz Member

    Has this game jumped the shark? I notice that Fortnite has way more viewers on Twitch lately.
  37. vehn

    vehn Member

    Even if you did download it, it’d be all in Chinese, not too fun
  38. TheCanisDirus

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    Was going to post something similar lol thankfully you beat me to it!
  39. Edge

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    Can anyone get them to work? I tried the apk version from under the video and installed it, after that it downloaded 600 more mb and now after it loads it wants me to install an update, if i press on install it immediately says app not installed?
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    Is server locked to Asia or can I sideload it?
  41. pld

    pld Member

    No but seriously this looks and runs really well. I wonder if a Switch port would run just as well.
  42. Russell

    Russell Member

    Damn I saw the words Playerunknowns Battlegrounds and China and thought they were region locking lol
  43. kami_sama

    kami_sama Member

    Damn, that video makes it work a lot better than what I would have thought.
    Still, touchscreen controls...
  44. MadMod

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  45. FairyEmpire

    FairyEmpire Member

    I'd watch it.
  46. Greebman

    Greebman Member

    Xbox version needs to run like this eventually.
  47. patientx

    patientx Member

    imagine this on switch with touch support for items.
  48. ItsBobbyDarin

    ItsBobbyDarin Member

    And people were laughing when Brendan Green said he wants the game on Switch.

    I don’t understand. Does the iPhone X have a better CPU then the xbox X ?
  49. Valkyr1983

    Valkyr1983 Member

    Oh hell yeah
  50. BernardoOne

    BernardoOne Member

    As I said, the mobile version is heavily downgraded.