PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox Game Preview |OT| Jump Out


Oct 23, 2017

Developer: Bluehole, Inc
Platform: Xbox
Price: $29.99 USD (Early Access)
Release Date: December 12th, 2017 (Game Preview)

  • Matches are up to a maximum of 100 players
  • Will support Solo, Duo, and 4 player squad matches
  • Some destructable environments
  • Kill cam support coming in future update
  • Leaderboard support
  • Variety of guns with different shooting modes. Handguns, sniper rifles, light machine guns, sub-machine guns, to pick up
  • Tiered armor system
  • Backpacks to increase inventory throughout the match.
  • Vehicles to travel thru the map such as trucks, boats, jeeps, motorcycles, etc
  • Detailed map and compass system
  • PC & Xbox feature parity in the future is planned

Coming soon

Is there a timeline for Game Preview on Xbox?

They haven't given a specific timeline on how long it will last in the game preview, but they have said they hope to have the PC version and Xbox version have updates out for both platforms at the same time.

What game is this most like?

If you've played Fortnite on the Xbox, it is a similiar experience to that. Not quite the same game, but if you found Fortnite to be fun, you might enjoy PUBG a lot as well.

Will there be issues at launch?

I would guess that'll be a yes! But thats what the game preview is for! So just have fun and enjoy the ride.

Game Preview FAQ

Oh! Will the OT get any prettier? This is an outrage!

It will! Putting up the OT a bit earlier than I would have liked, but I will be updating it as we go with more info, videos, impressions. All that jazz.

Can I come in the thread and argue about how long this game will be exclusive for on Xbox?

Nope. That's all I have to say on that.

Here are some tips written by Peace
Some tips for beginner :

"This game is frustrating"

Yes, it is, but believe it or not, you'll come back to it again and again (and again). Don't take the game too seriousely, it's way too cruel for that. You die very easily in this game and it's even easier to miss a clear shot. Server lag, frame-drop at the wrong moment, hitching, rollback, bullets not registering just because (etc) will make your life even worse on PUBG. Hear me, it's a great game, I had to erase the game from my library because I became a real junky, but it's really rough around the edge in its actual state. Relax yourself and don't try too hard, because the game will mess with you 90% of the time.

"I can't shoot people for the life of me "

- Don't worry, shooting people accurately is very HARD in this game. You'll miss easy shots on frequent basis. There's no bullet magnetism, no aim assist in this game and the bullets have realistic properties (bullet drop, penetration and such). In order to shoot people, you have to be very precise and have good eyes/hand coordination. I'm coming from Halo 5 and while I'm a decent shot, the first hours in PUBG were brutal.

- Shooting is a thing in itself in this game, it's not just about aiming and pressing a trigger. I can't cover everything, some people on youtube make good tuto, but I'll give you general tips :

1 - hipfire is unprecise in this game, you won't hit anything with it. You want to hold the aim button for better accuracy if you're upclose (3m to 15m) and aim down sight for everything else past that distance.

2 - Almost every weapon has two or three shooting modes. Unless you're fighting someone in close quarters, put your weapon in "single fire" mode and "tap" the shot quickly. You'll be way more precise and 6 shots
are often enough to kill someone. "Auto mode" is only for very close-quarter, like 2 to 4 meters close-quarter.

- If you ever want to be a decent player, you'll have to be good with every weapon since you won't always have the possibility to search for your favourite one. You can't have the luxury to be good with only one of them.

Here's a quick summary about note-worthy weapons (that's a rough summary because balance update can change things) :

AKM is unprecise at distance, but shred people at close distance. You can put it in auto-mode and go full-round on people without hesitating, you'll shred them to pieces if they're upclose.
- UMP9 is a versatile weapon, it only shoots 9mm but if you don't have an AR, it's your best choice. It has a single-mode and an auto-mode. It's good up-close and at mid-distances.
- Kar69 is the most common sniper and it's still quite a rare weapon to find. It makes tremendous amount of damage, but you have to be very precise. Don't use it if you can't attach a x4 or x8 scope to it. Don't use it upclose, it's a sniper.
- Mini-14 is a mini-dmr, light damage but high firing shot and very precise. You can't put a supressor on it though.
- SKS is like the Kar69 but less precise, less damaging with a better firing rate and more bullet drop. Some people are good with them, but I wouldn't suggest to give it a go, unless you reall have to.
- The best and most versatile AR are the Scar-L and M416, mostly because they're very versatile stock, but also because you can make them OP by attaching them a lot of accessories. The M16A4 is good, but slighlty worse than the two above because of the lack of attachments.
- Uzi is only good upclose on auto-mode, it's bad for everything else.
- The Crossbow will one shot people 99% of the time. It's really hard to hit someone with it though. The crossbow is OP in the fog, at the end-game.
- Don't bother with the VSS, the vector, the tommy-gun, handguns, melee weapons, shotguns or other weapons unless you reaallly have too. A plane often drop OP weapons on the map, but never - ever - get close to them, everyone is looking for an opportunity to shoot people close to those dropped boxes.
- Shotgun are a mess in this game, they're not consistant. Sometime you'll be able to dead snipe people at 30m with one shot, sometime you won't even kill a guy just in front of you landing all the bullets in the upper-body. It's a known-problem in the game.
-AR and Sniper supressors are by far the most valuable item in the game. Shooting without noise in this game can be the difference between life and death. If you're lucky to find one, use it, never let it sleep in your inventory.

"x2 scope, x4, x8, red dot or holo ?"

- The perfect scope at beginner to intermediate level is the x4 scope, it's the perfect balance. x8 is good but at your level, you'll struggle to shoot people at a very long distance. A common mistake in this game is scoping people by mistake when firing. For exemple, you have a guy in front of you, you want to ADS him with your weapon forgetting you attached a x8 scope to it : you're now counting the hair on his head while he's shooting you down.

- Red dot is better than a holo dot because you have a better visibility. I would even argue red dot are better than x2.

"Where should I drop ?"

- If you want to win the game, go as far as possible from the plane and to other people. Loot quickly and go for the center of the circle before the others, wait for them and you'll probably be in the top 15 easily.

- If you want to rush and train your shooting skills, military is basically a training mode. It's a crowded place with weapon on the floor. Pick a weapon, don't even bother with protective gears and just stealth-rush people.

"I'm always taken by suprise in this game"

Sound in this game is the most important aspect of it. 90% of the time, if someone killed you, it's because he heard your steps, a shot of yours or you closing/opening a door. Don't make noise and don't listen to music/podcast/anything else than the sound of the game. You want to hear each shot, each footstep, each broken window. You don't need an expensive headset. I'm broke, I thought a good headset was needed, but I found a 15€ logitech one was way more than I needed.

Remember, it's a stealth game more than a shooter one. It's all about shameless stealth. You want to sneak, you want to crawl, you want be invisible and you want to be the one to take people by surprise. Never shoot if you're not sure you'll be able to kill someone. Learning to refrain yourself from shooting or even moving is the most important aspect of the game.

"I'm bad at fighting opponents".

Avoid fighting people face to face as much as possible. Don't try to pick at the same corner and landing shots everytime from the same place. You want to be less predictable than that, you want to make them think you're behind the same wall while you're in stealth mode, rushing them in their back. This game is about braining your opponent, you want to mind them. If you can't shoot someone from a position, don't try again and again, change your strategy on the go with each failed shot.

- Your opponent is 100m in front of you. You try a shot, you fail. => Let him spot you => move to another spot, try another shot => let him spot you => get back to your first position, shot him again etc. You want to change your strategy as often as possible.

- If you're careful, you won't ever have to fight people face to face at less than 30m. You don't want to.

- Never be afraid to run. This game isn't about killing as much guys as possible, it's about being the last one standing. Killing is fun, but believe me, chicken dinners are way better accomplishments.

"Any tips about looting ?"

- DON'T lose time to loot everything or to perfect your gear at the beginning of the game. It's a common and dangerous mistake. If you're a beginner, you'll die quickly. Looting for hours in the beginning is tempting, but it's useless. You're moslty picking stuff for the better player that will kill you. It's fine when you're an intermediate player and already made some kill, but it's really frustrating when you're a beginner and died with full premium gears, without firing a single shot. The game is cruel and the more you loot, the more you'll be frustrated to die randomly. Pick an assault rifle, pick some protect gear, a red dot and practice movement, space awareness, cover and hunting down people as much as you can. It's way better to loot on the corpse of people you killed rather than spending hours to find your favourite weapon only to die on the first encounter after spending 30 minutes running for the safe zone.

- Ideally, what you want is an AR with a scope (x2 or x4) and some gear to protect you (helmet and vest). Some medic are good to have, but the rest is entirely optional for beginner and intermediate players. Yes, even a secondary weapon.

Three last tips :

- Play on duo if you're a beginner, try to find someone who knows how to play a little, you'll learn from him. Single player is way too cruel for beginners and squad is a mess if you don't have solid people to play with.

- If you're playing with someone else, call a precise direction if you spot someone, don't just say "over there" or "in the field". Call a precise direction like "165 north, three guys behind a three" or "190 east, one guy running". Go for 1 - direction 2 - number of people 3 - small additional detail.

- Don't be the guy who speaks too much, especially on heated moment. People won't call you for it, but yeah, don't speak too much.
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Oct 27, 2017
United Kingdom
Got a code from cdkeys ready and if rumors are true i will be able to play this tonight when i return from work.

I hope to bring my fortnite approved bush tactics to the game.


Oct 25, 2017
Pre-ordered the physical from the Microsoft Store and learned its just a code. Hoping it comes in the mail today.


Oct 25, 2017
I've been playing on PC a LOT (For a dad with two kids anyway!) 200 hours or so.

Love the game, it just doesn't get old.

Excited to play with my Xbox crew.


Oct 28, 2017
Really looking forward to checking this out. I haven't played on PC, but watching streams it makes me feel like I did when I was back in college playing CS 1.6 or source with friends non-stop (I know it's a different game type, that's just the personal feeling I get).


Oct 25, 2017
The time is finally here! what a title, great job! See you online tomorrow suckas!

I'm after that chicken dinner!


Oct 25, 2017
Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Download while working, play after work, during which I pray that the connection gods will be in my favour.

Lukas Taves

Oct 28, 2017
Some of my friends are already playing, I think they bought the CD key from Australia.

I'll only be able to test later though.


Oct 25, 2017
This will be arriving tomorrow for me. Definitely need to populate my friends list with people who play this.


Oct 25, 2017
I totally expect a server meltdown.

The only thing i'm concerned is the difference in performances between the different xbox models. I really feel like I'm left behind with my first gen xbox one.


Oct 27, 2017
Played, runs decent enough (30fps I'd say?). If they can get this updated throughout Game Preview to run at 60fps... perfect!


Oct 27, 2017
Playing on an Xbox One S right now. Framerate’s very spotty until you actually land on the ground, but I haven’t ran into any issues otherwise. I do wish the controls could be customized though.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm playing it right now on OG Xbox One and I will wait some months to play it again. Unfortunately the framerate is all over the place, the textures are terribad and I got a game breaking bug on my second match, the house texture was still loading and then I got stuck on the wall of the building, the result: Got killed by falling. I recorded that but I don't think I can share yet because the game is not released officially, the the screenshots and videos can't be shared.

Lukas Taves

Oct 28, 2017
What do you mean? Looks great on X, have you not see the pics posted in the PUBG thread earlier today?
I haven't played myself, just reporting my friends hands on. One of them played on pc and said that the X version is pretty much maxed out from what he can tell (but he thinks the game is ugly even on pc with lots on bad textures, so there is that).

They don't like the controls that much for now. Apparently you have to hold X to reload and hold down pad down to use meditation.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm playing it right now on OG Xbox One and I will wait some months to play it again. Unfortunately the framerate is all over the place, the textures are terribad and I got a game breaking bug on my second match, the house texture was still loading and then I got stuck on the wall of the building, the result: Got killed by falling. I recorded that but I don't think I can share yet because the game is not released officially, the the screenshots and videos can't be shared.
Have you played after you landed yet? From the videos and impressions I've read, once your on the floor it's pretty smooth. If you give it another go, let us know how it turns out.


Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account
Oct 25, 2017
LOVE the PC version and I am kinda curious to see how the X1 version pans out even though I dont have an X1. Genuinely curious to see how the meta changes and evolves.

I totally expect a server meltdown.

The only thing i'm concerned is the difference in performances between the different xbox models. I really feel like I'm left behind with my first gen xbox one.
They have been catering to a 2.5 million player peak almost daily on the PC. And they have the backing of MS and Azure servers.

I would be VERY disappointed if the servers melt.


Oct 25, 2017
People really need to watch a PC stream or read the wiki before playing. I saw people asking questions about the armor, clothes, etc. Need to know what is what.

Armor matters, clothes don't.
Attachments do help, have to actually put them on your gun after picking them up
Guns need specific ammo
the game will be buggy, they will do patches often


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
I understand the killcam and new map, which have only been on test servers so far and have crashes, not being available on XB1 at launch.. but really wish there were first person only games (at least I read there aren't, someone confirm?).

Going to pick it up anyway though just to be able to play with more friends, played quite a bit on PC during the summer.
Oct 26, 2017
How do people find the HDR? I don't know if it's just my TV but sometimes I think it's got a bit of a black crush to it.

Playing on X1X and seems to run quite well so far.