PlayStation 5 System Architecture Deep Dive |OT| Secret Agent Cerny [SEE 4/1 STAFF POST]

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Oct 25, 2017
That IO throughput is going to do sexy things for PS5 games. I loved that bottleneck breakdown by Cerny and improvements made in every aspect to make sure this baby is ticking as optimal as possible while keeping the consumers in mind and not breaking bank.


Oct 25, 2017
This thing is going to be cheaper than the Xbox SX isn't it?
So from what I gather -
CPU slower
GPU hotter (maybe)
SSD smaller
RAM same
Unlikely. MS putting money into beefing up some numbers, Sony put their money where their mouth is and invested it on stuff that actually matters and has been neglected by building a ton of custom stuff. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if the PS5 costs more for Sony to make than MS does with the Xbox.


Oct 26, 2017
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And the thing is you know Microsoft are gonna capitalize on gamers’ discontent after this deep-dive.

Cycles, bruh. Yin and Yang.
What kind of Cycles, Sony and Nintendo have been dominating the console space for decades.
What on Earth are you talking about? This is what you originally posted.

Sony did NOT advertise this presentation as a PS5 reveal, you just made that bit up.

What they specifically advertised was that this would be "PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture", and that's exactly what it was.

jschreier also already clarified this in tweets.

You can't just make stuff up and then blame Sony for your own lack of reading comprehension.
He's an absolute fucking troll that will revise stuff to fit his agenda.

Some of the posters on this site are pathetic man i swear.

Like rabbid dogs


Oct 27, 2017
I have no problem with this presentation. It was exactly what they said it would be. My biggest takeaway, though, is the B/C situation. I'd like some clarification on that ASAP.


Oct 28, 2017
Raleigh, NC
Hahahahahaha, it's not though!!!!!

They did the exact same thing in 2013

Holy cow, how fucking thick are people
They did not. Stop repeating this. It isn’t remotely accurate. Go watch the meeting from 2013. They showed multiple games. They showed the controller. It was not even close to as technical as this presentation was. It’s not similar. It also happened a month earlier than we’re at in this timeline.


Oct 27, 2017
sounds cool. I like the custom chip stuff. I'm sure by year five or so developers will be doing crazy unrelated shit with that 3d audio vector unit.


Oct 25, 2017
Not 12, but also not 9, I was happy with 10 or more. They oddly seem to be banking on the audio pretty hard. I never found audio to be a big game changer but Sony does apparently.

I like the internal slot to expand hard drive space


Oct 26, 2017
At first i understood a lot of the information, then he kept going and i lost it a little, the HRTF stuff? we're getting hormone replacement rtreatment with the console? so were mutants now? /s not a clue
but i did enjoy it because of the troll in me knowing how people expected a console reveal and all the games, when 'a deep dive into the consoles architecture' is a proper old school conference for developers.

Overall the deep dive delivered for the 'boring' stuff for those who wanted it, be safe in the knowledge a big reveal of the console and some demo's will come, this just wasn't it.

but still someone explain it like i'm five what the hell the HRTF was about and the 3D audio? for a second i though they were talking about their own sound bar like when they did a TV, i realised how dump that was

Sankt Ra

Oct 27, 2017
Just like 5G, zero latency. Their drive is twice the theoretical speed of the xbox, for me this is not an order of magnitude difference, and thus I don't think people will notice much. I do like that you can use off the shelf M.2 drives. I hope someone builds a hardware piece for Xbox to plug in regular M.2s.
Isnt the XBX using one CPU core for SSD compression, while PS5 has a custom chip for that. That should factor in somehow.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Orlando, Florida
Oh so the 825GB number for the SSD is after the system reservations. You won't get the full 1TB space in the Xbox Series X for games, so its not really different.
Do you have a quote on that because even the ps4 was called a 1tb machine and of course had the same reservations. Whereas they mention 825 here specifically. It makes sense of course but is weird that they'd say it like that.


Oct 27, 2017
So Github was right as I first predicted. This explains the "lol flops" comment from jschreier.

I wonder if MS was ready to go with 56CUs and decided 52 was enough when they found out PS5 was around 10 TF.

Still, I guess 5GBps speed + 10.3 is roughly equivalent to 2.4 GBps SSD + 12.1 TF

I expect PS5 to punch at the equivalent of around 11 TF peak, because more frequency is better than more CUs, all other things being equal. This explains the whole "they're the same" comment from devs I reckon.

But yeah XsX will have the edge because I doubt the PS5 can run at 10.3 TF for extended periods of time.

hemo memo

Oct 26, 2017
So roles are reversed from PS4 to Xbox one days.

Xbox has better messaging and specs. PS5 is messaging is confusing. Really disappointed in ps team
Better specs
Full backward compatibility
Clear messaging
Better features so far with quick/resume

And if Sony is not taking a loss and Microsoft does even the price difference will not be big.


Oct 27, 2017
Yall for real? This seems like exciting next gen audio tech that'll make a notable difference to games. Unless you're the type that just listens to podcasts when you play or something.
You didn't really get my point. It's neat tech, sure. But when you've got people desperate for any info, this is NOT what you want to publicly lead with. Which is why I called it a Marketing disaster.


Oct 27, 2017
There sure alot of concern trolls in this thread. Look, this is a GDC video, not a freakin E3 video. If you want an E3 like presentation, then wait until Sony announces the system and pricing in the next few weeks from now.

Just focus on the specs and stop complaining about how boring it was (It's a Console spec video conference that was limited due to the Corona Virus).


Oct 26, 2017
I enjoyed the rundown on system design, it was layman enough to sort of get it here and there which was cool. Found it quite interesting.

I wanted to see the console though and maybe a little demo of something.

SSD speed is crazy good.

The varied frequency thing sounds like padding the numbers that apparently don't matter, really went out their way with those two which was a little weird.

People saying this is going to run really hot so might be a rather beefy design. I laughed when he was talking about God of War etc. and fan noise, they knew all along. Make quieter consoles next time!


Nov 27, 2017
This is silliness that you made up.
It is how the not-Era PSfan will take it. It feels for them like the 'TV! TV!' vibe in 2013. I knew back then there was way more to the Xbox One, but it doesnt matter, because the vibe spreads around fast.

So people feel let down by Sony's strategy rather than this presentation. The hype build up is handled in the wrong way if you wanna keep it growing.


Oct 26, 2017
It was a GDC presentation, but Sony advertised it as a "Deep dive into the system architecture." They gave it a pinned tweet on their massive Twitter page, decided to call the video "The Road to PS5" and make it a Youtube premier, and did so whilst knowing full well what their competition was doing. None of that says anything about this being a GDC presentation made specifically for developers and industry veterans.

Frankly when your argument is "Everyone who isn't me is an idiot," then that's not a good argument.
I'm not calling anyone an idiot.
Nov 15, 2018
So let me see if i got this right:

Not fully BC with the PS4
So much talk about Ray Tracing but half of the time was spent on the SSD?

I always had PS consoles and this is the first time i'm actually looking at an Xbox in my life. I get what they tried to do here but this is NOT the first live stream you do for a new Playstation console. I know "but they always said this is what they were going to show and the first PS4 conference had this too" but they should know their audience and the PS4 conference had a lot more than this technical part.

This will be a shitshow until the games start to get revealed.

I honestly don't get what their marketing team is thinking?

He literally ended this video saying "let the fun begin" before cutting to a black screen.

The cardbox audience, the CGI background...all of this except for Cerny himself scream "cheap" in every way, shape or form.

Cerny is a genius, no doubt about it. I loved what he did there...he's enthusiastic, etc...Sony was the ones dropping the ball here. This tech stuff is okay to happen on a youtube live stream if you do it like in 2013. It's like they regressed.

The good part? This will probably be €400 which would explain why Sony expects people to move fast to this next generation hardware.
Oct 25, 2017
Cerny is already admitting on the Eurogamer article that they won't reach these CPU and GPU speeds always as they will reach power limit. Lol


Feb 19, 2018
Why are you so upset?

This was exactly what I was expecting from a conference called "System architecture deep dive" by the "System architect".


Oct 28, 2017
I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed by the RAM size/speed, GPU computational power, and HDD size. I think I'm going to have to take a long look this gen on whether I really need those Sony exclusives or whether I can be happy without a Playstation system for the first time.


Oct 28, 2017
Promoted deep dive, got deep sea dive deep and people are moaning..... It not "worst" case its in the middle. Less power gap between PS5 and XBsx than ps4 and xbo. A shit load of really impressive tech under the hood and still people moan. Can't fucking win with console warriors.


Oct 27, 2017
What was Sony thinking? About a million people were watching the live stream(YT/twitch) expected juicy PS5 info and games, not some nerdy tech talk about acronyms.

Sony marketing this new gen has been a disaster. This should not have been the first public PS5 reveal. It could have been a blend of tech talk streamlined to a more "chewable" mainstream format with some game demos and UI/social info like the PS4 reveal.


The Fallen
May 31, 2018
What on Earth are you talking about? This is what you originally posted.

Sony did NOT advertise this presentation as a PS5 reveal, you just made that bit up.

What they specifically advertised was that this would be "PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture", and that's exactly what it was.

jschreier also already clarified this in tweets.

You can't just make stuff up and then blame Sony for your own lack of reading comprehension.
This is incredibly pedantic. Yes, they didn't specifically say "this is a PS5 reveal," but as the Digital Foundry video shows a "deep dive into a system's architecture," can mean a lot more than a guy giving an hour-long powerpoint presentation made specifically for developers.

But, sure, I'm just an idiot who can't read or something. Frankly if you can seriously write that and seriously think that everyone else is an idiot beside you then I don't know what to say.

(also JSchreier does not have the same reach as Sony's official Playstation Twitter account and Youtube channel).