PlayStation: Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture tomorrow at 9am PT

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Oct 28, 2017
Sony was the market leader with the PS2, too. Look what happend. All the silence, waiting and secrecy, just to reveal.... this?
Good luck with that strategy Jim Ryan.
But don't listen to me. Listen to Mark Cerny. Two more hours to go.
But only because of how fucking stupid they priced their console. If ps3 was 399 it would have been a completely different story


Oct 26, 2017
I always thought native PS3 BC on PS5 was unlikely in the first place. I had hoped for PS1 - PS2 BC but wouldn't be completely surprised if they didn't have it and instead pushed PSNOW as the solution for that.
But the way PSNOW works wouldn't allow for that. It would be smarter just to have PS1 and PS2 emulation on the PS5.


Oct 25, 2017
Hardware aside (we don't know that yet!) Sony doesn't have the software and service expertise MS does, and they're going /in/on that, while Sony clearly lags behind in some aspects.

Gamepass is of course the most obvious, but then when you take into account things like regional pricing (which Sony doesn't have) network infrastructure, OS functionality, cross platform design (Nintendo!) and store design and you can see cracks starting to appear.

Thing is, MS is a top dog in the software field, and given they newfound focus on hardware, which hasn't been seen since the original Xbox like 20 years ago, they're surely delivering a top notch solid product both in hardware and software.

Sony is spotty in both sides, and, truth is, as much as they tried to catch up, MS has top global talent working on their new platform, in revenge mode.

Sony's major advantage is, of course, its exclusives games and studios, but MS is already working on that front. Results could be surprising.

The race next Gen is gonna be completely different and I hope people are prepared for that. But competition is good, in the end, the consumer wins.
You’ll have to go into a bit more detail.

PlayStation Now for its faults still offers such a good service and farrrr more games than GP, only... not as many recent ones. Services are an area that Sony is absolutely not slowing down in and will be expanding going into the new generation just as much as MS because they - last year - called consoles a “niche market". They’ve already laid out a 5-year plan for the PS Now service. They’ve talked about seamless access to games which I’m guessing will also cross over from loading times into services.

What MS is doing in offering its games on day for for a low price on a service is not a sign of "service expertise” as you put it, but rather a business decision that they felt they needed making to get in as many users as they can rather than trying to sell as many consoles or games as possible - the traditional console market isn’t working out in their favour. Sony was also designing cross-play, cross-save systems etc quite some time before MS did so with their Play Anyware initiative onwards. It’s not about software and service expertise.

These kinds of arguments are about how far ahead MS is in a certain field and how they’re going to crush competition, are too often lopsided, misrepresentative and inaccurate. They’re both going to do great this time because MS isn’t going to trip over itself. “Revenge mode” is a weird way to phrase what are simply bold moves. Sony has pledged not to become complacent going forward and you’re probably going to see further growth from them regardless of teraflop numbers and low barrier to entry games.

The Artisan

Oct 27, 2017
So Sony was waiting months and months without mentioning the PS5 specs while Microsoft revealed 12TF in 2019. Almost 2 years without having a press conference. And in the end, in the middle of March, they're going to reveal a 9TF PS5?

We have to give credit where credit is due. Microsoft's message was and is spot on. Announcing 12TF in 2019, showing an impressive Hellblade teaser trailer, announcing studio acquisitions (and more to come) Game Pass; Similar to Sony in 2013. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a mess right now. It went downhill around the time Sony Computer Entertainment became Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The silence, bad messaging and long waiting, just to finally announce a 9TF PS5 later today? Two more hours to go. What a day for SIE.
It's been revealed to be 9TF?
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