PlayStation Website: Days Gone releasing in 2019 [Update: Confirmed]

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Grizzly, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Sony giving them too much time what gives

    I know its a brand new IP by Bend Studio and it's their first current gen game but still it's only single player
  2. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    Yeah that's exactly it.
  3. Brotherhood93

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    Considering the other Sony games coming this year I don't think this is a big deal. It will be 6 years without putting out a game for Bend though, reckon they will be history if it doesn't see strong sales.
  4. alexbull_uk

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    Aw, I’m looking forward to it.
  5. Mikey Jr.

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    My Canadian Amazon order was also delayed to 2019.
  6. Kolx

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    The game needs some more work and won't survive the end of the year slaughter. Q1 2019 would be perfect for the game.
  7. ReginOfFire

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    you joke but it actually is that!
  8. PlanetSmasher

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    Yup. Days Gone is done if that happens.
  9. chrisPjelly

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    Ehhh, if this releases close to TLoU2, then that will only highlight how derivative it is
  10. RulkezX

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    GoW is out in a month so dunno how that falls into a "good ps4 got too many games" narrative.
  11. yuoke

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    So TLOU2 confirmed for 2021 then?
  12. Hate

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    They’re waiting for zombies to become popular when RDR2 releases its zombie dlc.

    Too many competition actually. It’s not just games on PS4 it competing with but games on Xbox and Switch as well.
  13. Kenzodielocke

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    Sounds like bullshit logic to me personally.
  14. Guymelef

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    Really, listen this guy, somebody told him it via twitter.
  15. Fiel

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    I can see this will be on around HZD date next year. Seems fit and avoid RDR2 altogether.
  16. Kusagari

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    Makes sense.

    It will be their January-April game next year.
  17. RulkezX

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  18. Bishop89

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    2 zombie games next year. Fascinating
  19. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    It's quite the opposite tbh.
  20. JetSetRadio

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    Let it cook.
  21. fantomena

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    How? If Days Gone releases Q1 and TLOU2 Q3/Q4. How is Days Gone done?
  22. irishonion

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    Glad it's having time in oven to hopefully separate it self from other games. I like the main character, so I'll probably buy it.

    However, I don't want to see it at E3.
  23. Machine Law

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    Not that I was looking forward to it anyway. Ghost of Tsushima when?
  24. SRTtoZ

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    In fine with waiting as long as you don't show this at e3. It's been shown enough.
  25. HStallion

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    I'm not that surprised, Sony already has a pretty full slate this year though I admit releasing Days Gone in the same year as The Last of Us 2 seems like not the best decision. I also realize they are very different kinds of games but they're close enough in overall aesthetic and the audience that I see them releasing on opposite ends of the year.
  26. Dewin

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    Good, enough time for them to port the game to the Decima engine.
  27. fantomena

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    Stable and progressive development?
  28. 10k

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    They're last game came shipped December 2011 (Golden Abyss in Japan, was held off for February 2012 Western launch).

    They've essentially been working on this or prototypes of this thing for six years or so. It'll be seven years by 2019.

    This is MGS V Kojima territory lol
  29. StuBurns

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    No. I think they'll hot drop the open beta during the E3 conference, announce it for October and it'll slip to next year, but at least it's still currently '2018'.

    I do think MediEvil will make it though, despite nothing having been seen of it.
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    Yet the zombie games and modes sell like crazy.
  31. Chamber

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    General audience only has a $60 budget per year on games, haven't you heard?
  32. Arty of the Abyss

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    If they're spread apart nah
  33. disaster

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    Just as I guessed. The q4 period burns like hell. The best time for this game is 2019 q1.
  34. MilesQ

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    So it's just a coincidence that it was being pimped as a 2018 game in January and after SoD2 debuts again, the game is delayed?

    Sure buddy. Sure.
  35. patapon

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  36. CrazyAndy

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    Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Detroit and Spider-Man in 2018

    And then Days Gone, The Last of Us Part 2, Dreams, and maybe Death Stranding (lol) in 2019?

    Not too bad.
  37. bombshell

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    No, they have not.
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    That is not how it works, lol.
  39. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    In that they're ahead of milestones in relation to the release date.
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    When even Call of Duty feels the urge to suddenly release one month sooner than usual, it's pretty telling about what it would means to launch a new IP like this one under the shadow of RDR2.

    Days Gone will comfortably release early 2019 like Horizon in 2017 and God of War in 2018, with Bend Studio having all the time to polish.
  41. 10k

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    Interesting. Are they just a small team then? Because this is a long development cycle for what looks to be a standard open world zombie game.
  42. Rosur

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    March 2019?
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    I’m fine with this. Hoping Tsushima is still 2018
  44. AndyVirus

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    Days Gone Feb, Ghost of Tsushima April, Last of Us June. Let's go.

    Still think Days Gone being any where near Last of Us is bad news.
  45. Jasong7777

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    Not surprised.
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    Listen to Negan.

    Thank you.
  47. digitalrelic

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    This screams "January/February 2019 title" to me. It's a perfect fit for that tier of game.

    And then TLoU2 would release Summer 2019 so there would be plenty of time between them.
  48. v_iHuGi

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    Good, February 2019 like Horizon, there's a big problem though, it's called "Ghost of Tsushima" which probably had that spot.
  49. AngelOFDeath

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    Scared of RDR2?

    Crazy how long its been since game first announced, this is Sony's Crackdown.
  50. StuBurns

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    Still? When was it ever? No chance.