PlayStation Worldwide Studios |OT6| The only JRPGs we're getting are Jim Ryan Party GIFs


Oct 28, 2017
I love when the WWS hype each other up like this (and especially the mashup artwork they usually make of their characters interacting).

I wish there were a compiled collection of all of them lol
I’ve been printing them out and framing them for a while. This tweet is a while back, got the end of last year Medievil and Death Stranding releases printed too, just not pictured yet. They’re up on my home office wall.



Oct 31, 2017
While TLOU PII is my most anticipated game this year, I'm not as hyped about it as I would have normally been. We'll see how it does compared to the first game. The fact that online comes later and they seem to be going for bigger and much longer than the first is disappointing me. Really hope this doesn't turn too much into the open world category, which is an absolute killer for story-focused games. Same with the game being longer, since TLOU 1 would have easily gotten worse if it was 3-4 hours longer. Uncharted 4 despite being my GOTY, had some glaring pacing issues, another game they went with bigger and longer. This game being bigger will definitely allow more creative control on the gameplay department though, so I'm really excited about that.

When I think about it, Uncharted 2 pretty much did that. Game blew my mind back in 09, the set-pieces, visuals and polish was next level at the time.
U2 and TLOU both did that for me. Unbelievable games.
Well, I certainly don't hate it but I don't have much respect towards statements like that either. I feel creative work is not a contest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Oct 29, 2017
Redefining is not about being better, the way I see it. Death Stranding tried to do as much last year and it's not better or worse for it. To me all that means is that they're confident in what they're aiming to put out, that to some degree it's original, bold, different. By the by: this doesn't only and strictly happen if its gameplay is revolutionary; I'm still confident that the biggest risks will come from its tone and the approach to narrative, with possibly multiple archs and characters intertwining their paths.


Oct 30, 2017
Just watched IGN review of Dreams on YouTube, so much positivity comments under their review, that’s really nice and surprising to read


Aug 29, 2018
To me redefine is like something a game does now is kinda expected in AAA. The perfect blend between cutscenes and gameplay is a example.

And i looooove when we doubt ND, they have a special and classy way of shut us up, they did me with U4 and Lost Legacy.

And yes, i'm glad they are showing so little from the game. I already feel that i know too much.


Jan 3, 2019
I honestly can't remember anything from this game.
Things I remember, in chronological order:

Dumb tutorial session where it paused the game every time to teach you a gimmick
A part where you need to hold up the vita to a light
Learning how amazing gyro aim is
Two boat sessions that looked crazy good
I'm pretty sure Sully shows up?
QTE Final Boss

Honestly that's more than I can say about 1.


Oct 25, 2017
So if you create a game and your game gets great sales, reviews and wins a bunch of GOTY awards... Do you personally think you made a better game than the other great games?
I think someone is entitled to think that their achievements are earned and worth bragging about. Anyway, to redefine something can be taken in a lot of ways, but one is to change the way people think of what is possible by doing something that is so boldly executed that it reshapes expectation going forward. As mentioned, Naughty Dog has already done this with Uncharted 2 and its storytelling, pacing and production values, so I think they can do it again.


Oct 25, 2017
Doesn’t Seattle have lots of space-focused research, maybe it’s a temporary move to help with the new IP they’re developing if it’s is a Sci-fi focused


Oct 25, 2017
Seriously this is why yall shouldn't post everything and speculate on everything. If he's leaving SSM or Sony I'm sure he would have posted about it.


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, especially when they share that personal news on social media for millions.

Come on guys, you should know better!
It's entirely a different story when people here speculate that he's been forced out by Sony or he's joining MS. People need to take a step back. Not every move someone in the industry makes is gaming related.