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    From Serial to Startalk, Hardcore History to How Did This Get Made, the podcast medium is vast and varied and ever-growing. This month alone, the podcast Lore received a show on Amazon Prime. An adaptation of Gimlet's Homecoming is in the works (with Julia Roberts and Mr Robot's Sam Esmail attached no less). My Brother My Brother and Me had its own show on Seeso, Barack Obama appeared on Marc Maron's WTF, and actors such as Laurence Fishburne and Oscar Isaac have lent their voices to audiodramas.

    In sum and substance, the medium of podcast is huge and only going more popular.
    The goal of this thread is catch-all discussion and recommendations on podcasts of all kinds. A friendly place for newcomers to get into the medium and others to discuss their favorites. what they’re currently listening to, what new upcoming podcasts they’re anticipating, and hidden gems they’ve discovered.

    Notable Networks
    Where To Look
  2. Yeah, I've been waiting for this!

    I picked up a couple of new shows recently:

    Uncivil - It's a Gimlet show that covers some of the generally undiscussed portions of the Civil War.
    Why We Eat What We Eat - It's a Gimlet show with Blue Apron, and so far it's the only food-related podcast that isn't super boring
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    History, linguistics, architecture, worldly questions, and other subjects

    Hardcore History
    Stuff You Should Know
    99% Invisible
    The Memory Palace
    The Feast
    The History of Rome
    Flash Forward
    Life of the Law
    The Specialist
    The Allusionist
    Voices From The Ages
    You Must Remember This
    Stuff You Missed In History Class
    Slate’s Working
    Mysterious Universe
    The Bowery Boys
    BBC’s In Our Time
    Planet Money
    The History of Byzantium
    Reasonably Sound
    The British History Podcast
    History Extra
    Slate’s Whistlestop
    We Have Concerns
    Here Be Monsters
    Revisionist History
    Roam Schooled
    How I Built This
    The Maritime History Podcast
    Rum, Rebels, and Ratbags
    The History of Exploration Podcast
    The Pirate History Podcast

    History on Fire
    Futility Closet
    Inward Empire
    Twilight Histories
    About Buildings + Cities
    Emperors of Rome
    Our Fake History
    Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
    Milk Street Radio
    The Rhine
    Saga Thing
    Giants of History
    Outside Podcast
    The Lonely Palette
    The Land of Desire
    Historically Black
    Only Human
    Twenty-Thousand Hertz
    The Hidden History of Business
    BBC's Discovery
    Behind The Knife
    It's About Time
    Bedside Rounds
    War Stories
    Sound Show
    Legends of Surgery
    To The Best of Our Knowledge
    Viking Age Podcast
    When Diplomacy Fails
    Ancient Warfare Magazine
    Philosophy Bites
    History of the Crusades
    Memory Motel
    Lectures In History
    The Fall of Rome
    The First
    The Ends
    BBC's The Why Factor
    Reflecting History
    BBC's The History Hour
    Disasters From History
    The Eastern Border
    Ten American Presidents
    Second Decade
    The History of the Mongols
    A History of Oil
    The Bulgarian History Podcast
    Migration Nation
    Blueprints of War
    Singing Bones
    Ben Franklin's World

    History of English Podcast
    Wonders of the World
    A History of Alexander
    The Arab Spring: A History
    The History of the United States
    History Personified
    The Almost Forgotten
    The History of the Twentieth Century
    God Trip
    Lexicon Valley

    Intelligence Squared
    A Way With Words
    Shots of History
    History in the Making
    Human Circus
    The Larrikin Podcast
    Stuff What You Tell Me!
    How Sound
    Ask Historians
    The History of Literature
    Killing Time
    Something True
    American Biography
    The Secret History of Art
    The Story Behind
    1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries
    Ice Coffee
    Future Sandwich
    How It Began
    Medieval Death Trip
    Rex Factor
    The Age of Victoria
    American Moments
    Myths Your Teacher Hated
    Engineering Word Of The Day
    Part Time Genius
    The Compass (BBC)
    Heritage Road
    The Past & The Curious
    History of Witchcraft
    Ideo Futures
    Forgotten News
    The Curbed Appeal
    Fundamental Process
    Farming God
    Hidden History of Lost Angeles
    Classical Classroom
    Malicious Life
    Centuries of Sound
    Early and Often
    The Thread
    A Taste of The Past
    The Fridge Light
    Weird Work

    Dark Histories
    Interesting Things Explained Well
    Why We Eat What We Eat
    Jaws of Defeat
    Samurai Archives
    The History of Poland
    The History of Egypt
    Medieval History for Fun and Profit
    Ridiculous History

    Darius Arya Digs
    Living With The Gods (BBC)
    Scapegoat Cities
    A Piece of Work
    Flash Point History
    The Podcast of Doom
    The Ancient World
    History Unplugged
    Hardcore History: Addendum
    Letters From War
    On Drugs
    Burnt Toast
    The Age of Napoleon
    The Assassination (BBC)
    The Dead Ladies Show
    The Constant
    Intelligence Squared: Debates
    All Creatures
    Dig: A History Podcast
    Ashes Ashes
    Business Wars
    We’re All Mad Here
    Museum Archipelago
    Buried Truths
    The Field Guides
    Drunk Safari
    Last Stop To Nowhere
    Medicine, Remixed
    Let Me Google That

    Space, medicine, psychology, futurism, and more

    Startalk Radio
    Science Vs
    Hidden Brain
    BBC's Space
    60-Second Science
    Science Magazine
    Science for the People
    Science, Sort Of
    The Skeptics Guide
    Science Friday
    Physics Central
    All In The Mind
    Astronomy Cast
    Ask A Spaceman
    Origin Stories
    Two Scientists Walk Into A Bar
    Orbital Path
    Warm Regards
    Science Magazine
    The Scientific Odyssey
    BBC's The Life Scientific
    Future Tense
    Useful Science
    Completely Optional Knowledge
    Cosmic Vertigo
    Up & Atom
    Science Brunch
    Scientists, not the Science
    New Heads For New People
    Science Solved It
    Inquiring Minds
    Mosaic Science
    Science Disrupt
    Novel Targets
    Linear Digressions
    The Future of Everything
    Talking Machines
    Data Stories
    Relatively Prime
    Main Engine Cut Off
    Generation Anthropocene
    Houston, We Have A Podcast
    Hollywood Science
    60-Second Science

    The AI Podcast
    Data Skeptic
    Physical Attraction
    The Titanium Physicists
    Gravity Assist
    In Defense Of Plants
    Science & Futurism With Isaac Arthur
    This Week In Virology
    Ocean Science Radio
    I Need My Space
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    Investigations, exposes, interviews, and personal stories

    This American Life
    BBC's The Documentary
    Radio Diaries
    Anxious Machine
    Love + Radio
    Fugitive Waves
    Backseat Rider
    She Explores
    Sounds of the Trail
    This Is Actually Happening
    Israel Story
    Home of the Brave
    Us & Them
    The Sporkful
    Off The Blocks
    Long Haul
    Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People
    Saints of Somewhere
    There Goes The Neighborhood
    The Dirtbag Diaries
    Short Cuts
    Making Oprah
    It's A Long Story
    Strangers Abroad
    The Sharp End
    Rumble Strip
    Everyone Else
    BBC's Outlook
    BBC's Witness
    Inside Appalachia
    Q'ed Up
    Still Here
    Human Race
    Mascot Diaries
    The Dig
    Career Day
    Half Hour Intern
    Home: Stories From LA
    The Journal
    Snap Judgement
    Guardian Long Reads
    The Grift
    Outdoor Explorer
    Curious City
    Scene on Radio
    Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City
    Let's Find Out
    Everyday Bravery
    Our Americana
    Contact Mic
    Kind World
    The Leap
    This Is About
    The Venture
    Fresh Air
    Y Combinator
    Vice Magazine
    74 Seconds
    Expat Sandwich
    Story Worthy
    The Lapse
    The Other F Word
    The Slow Melt
    The Sun Also Rises
    Yeah Let's Go There
    True Story
    Two Truths and a Lie
    The Secret Room
    Voices In America
    Anytown, USA
    The Tip Off
    Road Trip Radio
    The Stoop
    Awful Grace
    The Document
    The Big Bad Wolf
    The Hiss
    Sea Story
    Senior (Citizen)
    Alone: A Love Story
    Second Wave
    Stories From The Eastern West
    The Dark Place
    Rough Translation
    How Do You Sleep At Night
    American Suburb
    War on Waste
    How's Your Day
    On The Line

    I'm Still Here
    Written Inside
    London Compass Radio
    Some Noise
    The Butterfly Effect
    Battle Scars
    Slow Radio
    Out of the Blocks
    Pretend Radio
    Away Message
    Family Ghosts
    The Messenger
    The Pope's Long Con
    Hi-Phi Nation
    The Norm
    The Intersection
    With Good Reason
    The Promise
    This Is War
    The Story
    This Is Normal
    Spain By Mike Randolph
    Speaking Over The Mountains
    30 For 30
    Fault Lines

    Serial killers, conmen, human monsters, and other crimes

    Sword and Scale
    My Favorite Murder
    Someone Knows Something
    Actual Innocence
    In The Dark
    True Crime Japan
    The Apex & The Abyss
    Hollywood & Crime
    Liar City
    Up and Vanished
    Suspect Convictions

    Court Junkie
    Crime & Precedents
    Dead and Buried
    Quid Pro Quo
    Ponzi Supernova
    Murder Under The Midnight Sun
    It's About Damn Crime
    Gangland Wire
    The History of Organized Crime
    They Walk Among Us
    Dirty John
    Black Hands

    Sun Crime State
    Small Town Dicks
    Christian Underhistory
    Young Charlie
    A Killing on the Cape
    Best Case, Worst Case
    You Must Remember Manson
    Bless This Mess
    Thin Air
    The Cleaning of John Doe
    Crime In Sports
    Atlanta Monster
    True Crime Asia
    Good Nightmare
    Let’s Talk About Sects
    Empty Frames
    Southern Fried True Crime
    Nordic True Crime
    Empire of Blood
    True Crime Historian
    Dear Franklin Jones
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    Developers talk, sites discuss, game design and more

    Idle Thumbs
    Giant Bombcast
    Easy Allies Podcast
    The Short Game
    Final Games
    Watch Out For Fireballs
    8-4 Play
    The Game Informer Show
    Cheap Ass Gamer Cagcast
    Check It Out, Comrade
    A Life Well Wasted
    Podcast Unlocked
    Friends At The Table
    The Adventure Zone
    Top Score
    Designer Notes
    Gamers With Jobs
    Back In My Play
    Kinda Funny Podcast
    PS I Love You
    Daft Souls
    Cane and Rinse
    Nintendo Voice Chat
    Dev Game Club
    Vice Gaming's New Podcast
    My Favorite Game
    Quality Control
    Bonfireside Chat
    Shall We Play A Game?
    The Besties
    History Respawned
    The Dialog Box
    Let's Fight a Boss
    Rather Be Playing
    New Game Plus
    Playable Characters
    Lost Levels Club
    Monster Dear Monster
    Join The Party
    The Crate & Crowbar
    Script Lock
    Art & Craft
    Podcast In Space
    Psychology of Video Games
    Level with Emily Reese
    Character Creator
    Navi Tales
    Dice Funk
    Neo Scum
    One Shot
    The Polygon Show
    Coffee With Butterscotch
    The Cabinet
    Pretentious Game Ideas
    Sound of Play
    The Debug Log

    Cinematic breakdowns, musical analysis, episode reactions, etc.

    Song Exploder

    I Was There Too
    The Next Picture Show
    Film Junk
    All Songs Considered
    Hollywood Handbook
    The Canon
    Switched on Pop
    The Dissolve
    Kermode and Mayo
    Sodajerker on Songwriting
    Microphone Check
    The Film Programme
    F This Movie!
    Star Wars Minute
    Talking TV
    The Vulture Podcast
    Very Good TV Podcast
    Boiler Room
    Laser Time
    Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period
    The Magic Lantern
    Watching Westworld
    After The End
    Off Screen
    The VFX Show
    Based on a True Story
    The Sound and The Story
    One Perfect Pod
    Inside Psycho
    Fighting In The War Room
    This Song
    Meet the Composer
    Faculty of Horror
    Wrong Reel
    Plain Zero
    3 Sheets To The Wind
    The Sound of Fear
    Blank Check
    The Rewatchables
    Kill By Kill
    See You Next Wednesday
    The Business
    Inside The Exorcist
    Bloody Mary
    I Think You're Interesting
    The Director's Cut
    Never Seen Before
    Jay & Miles Xplain The X-Men
    The Shining 2:37
    Broken Record
    The Imposter
    Bears On Film
    Binge Mode
    Friendly Fire
    The A24 Podcast
    This Movie Changed Me
    The Soundtrack Show
    Drawn: The Story of Animation
    Bad Science
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    Terrifying tales, fantastical worlds, humorous adventures

    The Magnus Archives
    Levar Burton Read
    Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children
    Welcome To Night Vale
    The Black Tapes
    We're Alive
    The Bright Sessions
    Ars Paradoxica
    King Falls AM
    The Thrilling Adventure Hour
    The Leviathan Chronicles
    Within The Wires
    Knifepoint Horror
    Alice Isn't Dead
    The Message
    The Truth
    The NoSleep Podcast
    The Bridge
    Help Me
    Wolf 359
    The Deep Vault
    Uncanny County
    The Tunnels
    A New Winter
    Beef and Diary Network
    The Other Stories
    The Behemoth
    The Dark Tome
    Voices In The Cold
    Stray Ami
    The Once and Future Nerd
    Transmissions from Colony One
    Lesser Gods
    Radiation World
    Alba Salix: Royal Physician
    The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie's Botanarium
    The Orphans
    The Earth Collective
    Lake Clarity
    Public Domain Universe
    Dead Oaks
    The Strange Case of Starship Iris
    Sight Unseen
    The Earth Collective
    Black Sun Dispatches
    The Blood Crow Stories
    Steal The Stars
    The Soyuz Files
    Turner Masters Memory Hospital
    Girl In Space
    Deadly Manners
    The White Vault
    Escape Pod
    Our Fair City
    Radio Icebox
    The Black

    The Big Loop
    Quarter Share
    Splintered Caravan
    Wrong Station
    No Extra Words
    Children of Heaven & Earth
    The Phenomenon
    Jules & James
    Stoney Creek
    Solutions To Problems
    The Walk
    The Hyacinth Disaster
    Dining In The Void
    I Am In Eskew
    Jisko Archival Records
    The Monster Hunters
    Station Blue
    The Last Movie
    Pod To Pluto
    The Amelia Project
    Calais 2037
    Clarkesworld Magazine Podcast
    The Hidden Almanac

    Riffing on movies, hilarious improv, funny stories

    My Brother, My Brother, and Me
    The Dollop
    Comedy Bang Bang
    How Did This Get Made?
    My Dad Wrote A Porno
    The Joe Rogan Experience
    Judge John Hodgman
    We Hate Movies
    Hello From The Magic Tavern
    With Special Guest, Lauren Lapkus
    Stop Podcasting Yourself
    Throwing Shade
    The Cracked Podcast
    The Bugle
    You Made It Weird
    Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me
    The Comedy Button
    Fantasy Fiction
    If I Were You Show
    Hound Tall
    One Bad Mother
    Our Debut Album
    The Film Reroll
    The Hilarious World of Depression
    H3 Podcast
    The Grandma's Virginity Podcast
    You're The Expert
    Sunday School Dropouts
    Hard Nation
    Dumb People Town
    Beware & Warning
    Your Kickstarter Sucks
    Level Up Human
    Citation Needed
    The Last Podcast on the Left
    Buyer Beware
    Why Mommy Drinks
    How It Obviously Ends

    Mission To Zyxx
    We're No Doctors
    You're Welcome, Hollywood
    We Still Like You
    A Very Fatal Murder
    The Reductress Minute
    Never Seen It
    History In Hindsight
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    Weird, funny, or unique series that defy easy classification

    Superhero Assembly Line
    The Splendid Table
    Cognitive Dissonance
    Good Food
    The Heroine's Journey
    Bizarre States
    Distorted View
    80 Days
    Rumor Flies
    Robot or Not
    Video Death Loop
    Raw Material
    Mike And Kyle Talk About COPS
    Ranking The Kingdom
    Make Dad Read Comics
    Cthulhu & Friends
    Robot Congress
    Death: The Podcast
    Random Article
    The Intern
    Not By Accident
    Out In The Open
    Better Off Dead
    Not What You Think
    Horizon Line
    The Adventures of Memento Mori
    Twice Removed
    Your Last Meal
    Surprisingly Nice
    The Moth
    Party of One
    Section D
    This Feels Terrible
    Amusement Sparks
    No Dumb Questions
    The World According To Sound
    Good One
    Hope Chest
    The Competition
    This Won't Hurt A Bit
    On Being
    Retail Nightmares
    Bay Curious
    On Display
    Strange Attractor
    The Catapult
    Library Bytegeist
    Twisted Sisters
    HP Lovecraft Podcast
    The Librarian Is In
    Mentally Yours
    My Thing Can Beat Your Thing
    Far From Home
    Mtn Meister
    Hugos There
    The Season
    Wild Pitch
    Jacked Kirby
    Very Bad Words
    The Dinner Party Download
    The Station Wagon
    Blurry Photos
    The $8 Game Show
    Imaginary Capital Partners
    Conservations With People Who Hate Me
    Library of Things
    Strange Paths
    Forensic Transmissions
    The Struggle Bus
    The Marble Garden
    Opening Arguments
    Voicemail Poems
    Where Should We Begin?
    Yeah, That's Probably An Ad

    Money For Old Rope
    Headline Heroes
    Fistshark Marketing
    The Organist
    The Caving Podcast
    Plumbing The Death Star
    The Podcast for Laundry
    Swinging Through Spiderman
    Southern Grimoire
    Teen Creeps
    12 Hour Day
    Modern Love
    Endless Thread
    372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back
    Ultimate Showdown
    The Long Way Home
    The Vocal Fries
    Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About Spider-Man
    The Firn Line
    The Katchup
    Grief Cast
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    A list of recommended, unique, or interesting podcasts

    10/26/17 - Script Lock, 60-Second Science, On The Line, Sun Crime State
    11/01/17 - Some Noise, The AI Podcast, CrimeWav
    11/09/17 - Psychology of Video Games, Splintered Caravan, Money For Old Rope
    11/13/17 - Darius Arya Digs, Scapegoat Cities, Mission To Zyxx
    11/26/17 - Battle Scars, Physical Attraction, Looted
    12/10/17 - Out of the Blocks, Slow Burn, Pretend Radio
    12/21/17 - The Cleaning of John Doe, Away Message, Hi-Phi Nation, On Drugs, Family Ghosts
    01/03/18 - Dice Funk, Neo Scum, The Age of Napoleon, Think
    01/15/18 - The Constant, Science & Futurism, Solutions To Problem
    01/23/18 - Soundtracking, True Crime Asia, The Intersection
    02/12/18 - A Very Fatal Murder, Swindled, Ashes Ashes
    03/03/18 - I Am In Eskew, The A24 Podcast, We’re All Mad Here
    03/28/18 - Museum Archipelago, Empire of Blood, Breach, DDx
    04/27/18 - Drunk Safari, True Crime Historian, The Katchup
    05/31/18 - Pretentious Game Ideas, Clarkesworld Magazine Podcast, Drawn: The Story of Animation
    06/24/18 - SKRIM, At The Intersection, The Perfect Scam, The Art of the Score
    06/29/18 - Bubble, A Momentary Pause, Murdertown
    08/13/18 - Everything Is Alive, Hey Riddle Riddle, Switchbacks, Fauna
    08/17/18 - Bodies, Podcast: The Ride, Household Name, Iconography
    09/03/18 - Burner Phone, Causality, Cold War Conversations, Sound Africa, How To Be A Girl
    09/16/18 - Dr Death, Lie Cheat & Steal, Dead Ideas, Hollywood In Color, Behind The Bastards
    09/21/18 - Vertical Slice, Legends of the Old West, Heat & Light
    10/09/18 - Happy Face, The Dream, The Life & Times of Video Games, The City, 600 Second Saga

    74 Seconds - A investigative journalism series examining the 2016 shooting of Philando Castile during a traffic stop
    Adlandia - A series about the advertising industry, with insider interviews and discussions on its effects and the effects on it due to current issues
    Ask A Spaceman - Easy-to-digest answers to space-related questions, hosted by a astrophysicist
    Ask Historians - Podcast for the subreddit of the same name, interviews with historians about interesting topics like the medieval armor industry/guilds
    Awful Grace - Audio soundscapes and interviews that immerse you in gripping human stories and struggles
    Backseat Rider - NBC reporter turned Lyft driver interviews his various passengers about a different theme each episode
    Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People - A laidback series that somehow always teases out fascinating stories and intriguing conversations from the callers
    Ben Franklin's World - Topics and stories from early American history, exploring the politics, economics, culture, and both American and global influences of the era
    Beware & Warning - Fun series where the host and guest go through CYOA books, riffing along the way
    Centuries of Sound - A unique history podcast that presents sounds and music from each year since 1859. Speeches, music, recordings, sounds, and more
    Checkpoints - Great interviews with developers about games that had impacts on their lives
    Choice/Less - A series focusing on the laws, politics and personal stories of women affected by the fight for reproductive rights
    Civics 101 - A welcome refresher on timely topics like what the Chief of Staff does or what Executive Orders are
    Codebreaker - A "This American Life"-style series about tech-related topics and various stories
    Containers - A limited series looking at how the world has been influenced by global trade
    Entwined - A discussion on interconnected people, place, ideas, and stories through history
    Everyone Else - An interesting series with many intriguing personal stories
    Exocast - An extremely focused topic (discussion on exoplanets) that often touches on other interesting space-related areas such as binary systems
    Faculty of Horror - Detailed and well-spoken discussion on horror movies
    Far From Home - Reminiscent of Let's Not Panic, this road trip adventure podcast follows a team's journey from London to Mongolia during the Mongol Rally
    Forensic Transmissions - Excerpts from 911 calls, police interrogations, court case testimonies, and other recordings
    Fundamental Process - The history of architecture, both in style and cultural influence
    Gangland Wire - Stories of midland organized crime and investigation from a retired Kansas City detective
    Gravy - An intriguing series that uses the lens of Southern cuisine to explore the history, culture, socioeconomic issues, etc. of the American South
    Guardian Long Reads - Great informative articles read aloud
    HP Lovecraft Podcast - A podcast that covers the stories of the titular author, exploring the context and history of each, as well as the works inspired by Lovecraft and that inspired him
    Hanging - An investigative journalism series following the new police investigation into a 25-year old case of a young boy found hung in a family's barn
    Hard Nation - Improv political comedy from Earwolf
    Headshots - A game discussion series featuring hosts with backgrounds in psychology, biomedical engineering, and game design, where they talk about current game news through a psychological lens
    Heritage Road - The intriguing history of Nascar
    Historium - A good history podcast reminiscent of Memory Palace in terms of storytelling cadence
    History Respawned - An intriguing podcast where historians and experts examine aspects of historical games like Civ, CK2, and Far Cry Primal
    History of English - A fascinating history podcast focused on the formation, development, and evolution of the english language
    History on Fire - Takes an episode or two to get used to the accent, but it's great history tales.
    Houston, We Have A Podcast - A space podcast straight from NASA's Johnson Space Center
    How Do You Sleep At Night - A fascinating series that interviews people involved in taboo/infamous activities, from a stock market manipulator to a tobacco lobbyist
    How's Your Day - Other personal stories from famous and infamous days through history
    Illusion - Historical stories on swindles, cons, and "impossible things", from the Turk machine to stagecraft
    Inside Appalachia - An intimate investigative look at the lives, people, and struggles of those in Appalachia, that goes beyond the stereotypes that some might have
    Inside Psycho - Looking at the influences behind and behind-the-scenes tales of Hitchcock's famous film
    Intelligence Squared - Compelling conversations and discussions between experts on topics such as the nature of consciousness and AI, or the Ian Fleming's vs le Carre's influences on spy fiction
    Kill By Kill - A fun and funny deep dive through the Friday The 13th franchise
    Lectures In History - Interesting college lectures about subjects like emerging racism in colonial America and the 1870s Moonshine Wars
    Levar Burton Reads - Levar Burton reads short stories to you
    Library of Things - A miniseries about London's Library of Things, a library where you borrow useful items instead of books
    Longform - Discussion with journalists on the challenges, planning, and construction of their articles
    Medieval Death Trip - An interesting history series that reads odd and obscure medieval documents and writings, and then discusses the surrounding history and context
    Migration Nation - American history through the lens of immigrations and migrations, such as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the creation of bourbon whiskey
    Monster Dear Monster - A series that explores the history of monsters and creatures from pop culture, like the enemies in Nioh and the vampires of 30 Days of Night and Stakeland
    Mortified - Hilarious stories told live
    Mountain - A "This American Life"-esque podcast features stories revolving around mountaineering
    Never Seen Before - Two charming and fun hosts watch classic movies they've both never seen before
    Off Screen - A podcast that discusses movie screenplays
    Omitted - A fascinating series that tells the stories of the unknown people in extraordinary situations. Season 1 is Titanic passengers, Season 2 is Pearl Harbor
    One Perfect Pod - A decent new film discussion series, exploring new releases, cinematography, and other topics
    Our Americana - A series that explores small towns across America, their histories, customs, people, and so on
    Papertrail - Authors talk about their favorite books and what those works means to them
    Pod Save America - The successor to Keepin’ It 1600, hosted by former Obama advisers and speechwriters
    Pod Save The People - Another Crooked Media series, with a focus on activists, grassroots, and others
    Pod Saves The World - Pod Saves America spinoff that delves into foreign police and the White House Situation Room, interviews with people who were there during important moments
    Pomegranate - Doctors talking about and discussing medical topics, from microbiomes to medicine and disease in 1800s Sydney
    Ponzi Supernova - A true crime series focused on history and investigation of Madoff's ponzi scheme
    PsychTech - A series with same hosts as Headshots, discussing tech related topics and intersection with psychology (and some Black Mirror as well)
    Quid Pro Quo - True crime through the lens of forensic psychology
    Relatively Prime - Discussions and explorations of different fields, all connected to mathematics
    Saga Thing - Podcast tackling a really cool history niche, exploring and reviewing Icelandic sagas
    Scene on Radio - Journalism series examining a new topic each season, from the connections between sports and culture to race relations
    Science Brunch - Science history that looks at the lives of researchers and scientists, from Charles Darwin to Jane Goodall
    Second Decade - A history series focused solely on the tumultuous events and times of the 1810s
    Second Wave - A compelling and eye-opening series talking with second generation Vietnamese-Americans and the post-Vietnam War effects they still feel
    See Something Say Something - Personal stories about what it's like to be Muslim in America
    Selects - A new show with a promising premise: short selections from interesting podcasts
    She Explores - Another hiking/outdoors series, talking with women about their experiences on the trail, on the road, and related topics
    Snap Judgement - Powerful engrossing gripping stories
    Sounds of the Trail - Great listen if you're into hiking and the outdoors, interviews and discussions with hikers on trails about their stories and experiences
    Spycast - A compelling podcast that interviews people who were part of the intelligence community in various countries, eras, and cultural contexts
    Supercontext - Good discussion on film, shows, music, other mediums that delves into cultural context and other aspects besides "it is good or bad"
    Tape - Essentially "Longform" for audio producers, talking with talent behind This American Life, Reply All, Planet Money, and more
    The $8 Game Show - A funny and fun trivia show with silly questions and even sillier low stakes
    The Age of Victoria - An interesting history series looking at the Victorian era
    The Black - A horror audiodrama set among the dark depths of the sea floor
    The Crate & Crowbar - A game podcast that includes the great Tom Francis
    The Dark Place - Raw and real stories from people struggling with mental health, from depression to abuse
    The Dig - A series that talks with experts on social topics such as race, sexuality, and class
    The Document - Insider accounts behind documentary films
    The Documentary - Diverse stories from BBC World Service, from following Iceland Rescue to life in post-coup Turkey
    The Eastern Border - Russian/Soviet history, quite interesting due to the focus that other history podcasts haven't really explored
    The Ends - A history podcast that looks at final days of places, people, ideas, etc.
    The Film Reroll - A very fun podcast that reimagines movies as tabletop RPGs where dice rolls decide how the plot progresses. Often and hilariously goes off the rails of the original story
    The Grandma's Virginity Podcast - An oldie but a hilarious goodie, where Justin Roiland and friends shoot the shit for an hour.
    The History of the Twentieth Century - Compelling stories about events and people from the 1900s
    The Lapse - Engaging personal stories brought to life with sound effects
    The Leap - Gripping stories about personal transformations, and the risks and choices of those people's journeys
    The Life Scientific - Always a joy to hear scientists talking about their work, from the science of polymers to the diverse behavior of algae
    The Lonely Palette - An art history podcast that covers a different painting each episode
    The Marble Garden - A podcast that travels to different cemeteries and mausoleums to tell about the stories and lives of the deceased
    The Scientific Odyssey - A science history series that covers subjects like Galileo or astronomy in the age of medieval plagues
    The Sharp End - A compelling series where survivors of climbing/outdoors accidents share their stories
    The Slow Melt - Discussions of history, culture, and other topics through the angle of chocolate
    The Sound of Fear - An interesting miniseries exploring the evolution of music in horror movies from the 1920s to today
    The Tip Off - Talking with journalists about the behind-the-scenes efforts behind their investigative journalism stories
    The Venture - A podcast discussing interesting businesses in various industries, and the people and stories behind them
    The World According To Sound - A fascinating series, each 90 second episode featuring an unique sound and details about it, from blood rushing through a brain artery to ants walking around their tunnels
    This Is Actually Happening - Gripping and personal stories told each episode
    Tracks - A compelling thriller about a conspiracy following a plane crash
    Trailblazers - A series about digital/tech companies that changed industries and culture, ie Netflix
    True Crime Japan - Another series in a crowded genre taking on a fascinating niche, aka crimes and murders in Japan
    Tumanbay - Essentially the Game of Thrones of podcast audiodramas. An epic fantasy BBC-produced series with political intrigue and medieval action
    Twilight Histories - History (and alt histories) told through a "You are here" perspective
    Two Truths and a Lie - A clever twist on the "personal stories" genre, where one of the stories is a lie
    Unfictional - Some really fascinating stories and interviews, such as talking with people who serve at launch officers at nuclear missile bunkers
    Voices In America - Personal stories through the lens of many different cultures throughout America
    Weird Work - Think Dirty Jobs, but weird and unusual jobs, like taking us into the world of Amazon's dinosaur erotica authors
    Witness - Compelling first hand accounts of those who were part of historical events, such as the Attica Prison Riot and the 1997 Mir space station incident
    Word of the Day - Gold ole Merriam Webster word of the day straight to your ears
    Yeah, Let's Go There - Compelling stories from individuals found worldwide, highlighting interesting tales and cultures
    Zealot - Think My Favorite Murder, except with cults instead of murder and Australian accents
  10. NMFried


    Hey, there I am! Happy to see PodcastERA back in action. Looking forward to recommending some great stuff. I recently picked up My Favorite Murder and Pod Save The People. I'm a few weeks in to each and I'm pretty much hooked. I typically subscribe to McElroy and McElroy-adjacent stuff, but this has been a successful branching out. Thanks for putting this together!
  11. Voror


    Listen to a bunch of videogame related ones, but my current favorite is Magnus Archives. Can't wait till Season 3 starts.
  12. More_Badass

    Member OP

    Well that took an hour, but the Podcast thread is reformatted, revamped, and ready to go. Welcome and endulge your ears
  13. GK86


    Thank you for recreating this great thread.
  14. jon bones

    jon bones

    Great to see you bring PodcastEra to Reset.

    I'll kick off discussions: everyone loves The Adventure Zone, right?


    and we're all caught up, and excited about the new arcs. Between this and my D&D sessions, I really wanted another 'real play dnd' podcast and found Cthulhu & Friends

    It's a real play d20 based Lovecraftian podcast that starts in the 1950s. It's certainly not up to modern TAZ production efforts but it certainly does the trick. Trades in TAZ's whimsy for some Arkham Horror. I'm really glad it's on the OP - highly recommended!


    oh you totally blew it dude
  15. LionPride

    Banned Member

    Aight, let me get my list in:
    2 Dope Queens - Jessica Williams and Phoebe Williams Comedy Joint
    2.1 Seconds to Madness - College Basketball Pod
    Black Astronauts Podcast - Black life and other random things
    Black Men Can't Jump(In Hollywood) - Three Black men and a guest sometimes, analyze black movies or movies that feature black actors
    Black on Black Cinema - Part of the TNP Pods, the three host provide great comedy while analyzing black films
    Dense Pixels - Video Gaming pod of the TNP Podcast network
    Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period - Exactly what you think
    Double Toasted - Movies, TV, Video games, what have you
    Dunc'd On Basketball - Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux talk hoops with a lot of talk about cap space
    E&C's Pod of Awesomness - Edge and Christian's podcast with wrestlers and other guest
    Fiyastarter Pod - Sports, Media, whatever they talk about it, just make sure not to tank
    Jenkins & Jonez - More life/sports/whatever, it's hilarious
    Mickstape - The only thing from Barstool that matters, Tyler and Coley are great. If you want Simpsons, Ballers, anything talk with a dash of sports I guess
    MTR Network - A number of shows in this channel including Insanity Check, Unanimous Decision, DCTV/Marvel TV Pods, and plenty of premium content
    Podcast Ain't Played Nobody - College Football with a robot and a writer sometimes
    Road Trippin - Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson's Podcast with NBA players
    Shutdown Fullcast - If you want a Cookout podcast with college football sometimes, this is it for you
    So Well Spoken - Podcast from the BCT
    The Black Guy Who Tips - Rod and his wife Karen talk about anything and everything
    The Chicken Social - Daily life pod
    The Nerdpocalypse - TNP studios main podcast, excellent with tech, media, and WTF stories
    The Read - Daily Life
    Three Fifs - Everything
    Where's my 40 Acres - Whew....everything
  16. m912solid


    If you like true crime and Canadianity CBCs Someone Knows Something is pretty great. Season 1is a little weak but Season 2 is binge-worthy.
  17. More_Badass

    Member OP

    Glad to see you here. And yeah, Cthulhu and Friends is a lot of fun, and a refreshing change from the predominately fantasy themed tabletop podcasts
  18. Brot


    Good to see one of my favorite threads back, even if I didn't post in the old one. There are so many good recommendations in here and I wish I could listen to all of them.
    As for a gaming related podcasts, I'd like to recommend the Easy Allies' Frame Trap podcast, hosted by Ben Moore.
    Unlike the Easy Allies Podcast, Frame Trap is not necessarily focused on the weekly gaming news, but more on what games the Allies have been playing. In addition to their game impressions, Frame Trap has a segment called "hottake" where a specific topic is being discussed.
    The current episode starts off with a fantastic discussion around lootboxes and how the industry is handling them.
    I really want to recommend the episode because it wasn't angry and full of cynicism as one might expect, but really thoughtful instead. There is obviously a lot of frustration but it's well laid out and comes from a good place.
    The Podcast is also available via RSS.
  19. TheGreatDave

    User banned at own request Member

    Love + Radio is my favourite podcast by far.

    Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything is a close second. It goes a lot of places; the 1984 episode is a masterpiece.
  20. Sesha


    Sweet Jesus, that's a lot of podcasts. I hope that's just a list you had lying around.
  21. Piston


    I've stayed pretty mainstream with my podcasts, but I now have a 45-min commute each way every day. So far my list is:

    The Ringer NBA Show: classic NBA podcast, has multiple episodes a week with different focuses from gossip to recaps of the week in NBA.
    The Last Podcast on the Left: I've almost caught up to the present, but this is my favorite crime podcast. It has covered many of the major serial killers and many paranormal/conspiracy theory/occult topics out there. All the while being genuinely hilarious!
    Comedy Button: A comedy podcast that is mainly a group of friends bullshitting around week to week, but they touch on a lot of tough topics in daily life as well and are very personal. This is my comfort podcast.
    Pod Save America: Bi-weekly political wrap up pod with really great guests and interviews. Basically how I keep up with politics now.
    Lovett or Leave It: Same crew as Pod Save America but formatted like "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and it has famous peeps on it most of the time.
    Pod Save the People: DeRay McKesson picks up most of the gaps in the other political podcasts nicely, while also keeping me more in-tune with social justice movements.
    How Did This Get Made?: A movie podcast run by Paul Scheer that is basically a podcast version of MST3K. It's funny without watching the movie they discuss, but it is even better when you do.
    How I Built This: NPR podcast that interviews CEOs that founded companies. It gets a little repetitive, but it is worth it from time to time.
    Revisionist History: Malcolm Gladwell in podcast form.
    8-4 Play: Japanese video-game podcast, pretty casual.
    EZA Podcast: General video-game podcast, more structured.

    I can just about keep up with all of those on a week to week basis, but I might be able to add in some one-offs that are interesting. Any good shorter podcasts that have endings?
  22. Salpal


    My weekly must listens are
    My Favorite Murder (true crime/comedy)
    Never Not Funny (talk/comedy)
    Beautiful/Anonymous (talk, some comedy)
    Comedy Bang Bang (comedy)
    The Black Tapes (docudrama)

    Other notables are
    Off Book (The improvised musical podcast with Zach and Jess)
    improv4humans (comedy)
    Spontaneanation (comedy)
  23. More_Badass

    Member OP

    It's two years worth of collecting and curating podcasts, and yeah, moved it over from the old GAF thread

    Some personal favorites

    The Magnus Archives is the best horror podcast at the moment. Nothing else comes close IMO. The quality of the writing, the unsettling tales, the narrator's acting, the intriguing lore and overarching story are all excellent.

    Sayer is a sci-fi series about a morally-suspect off-world corporate research facility narrated by the facility’s AI. Blend some Umbrella-esque shenanigans, some Hal/AM-esque personality, and a mix of high concept sci-fi, sci-fi horror, and pitch black humor, and you get Sayer. A sense of growing unease and disturbing nature of the facility delivered through the detached and calm announcements (and other less-sanctioned activities) of the AI.

    Awful Grace was one of my favorite finds this year. It’s a journalism/interview podcast, but rather than clean narration or into-the-mic personal stories, Awful Grace takes a different approach. While some episodes have more traditional interview accounts, many of its stories are told through carefully edited audio soundscapes: the sounds of the street, 911 calls, police scanners, ambient dialogue from pedestrians, interviews and in-the-moment comments on the street.
  24. Darmik


    I recommend Dirty John which was listed. It's a short little series that tells the true story of a Mom who starts dating the worst guy imaginable. Told from the perspective of herself and her family. A lot of interesting stuff goes down but the less you know going in the better.
  25. Aw yiss podcast thread. Listen to a lot of what's listed above, and recently started listening to some spoopy podcasts for Halloween. Spooked by Snap Judgement has been a fun listen(hoping it will get a 2nd season). Also Knifepoint Horror is a great fiction podcast that's kinda under he radar(mostly because he doesn't update that consistently). Always looking for new recommendations though I like to binge shows at work.
  26. SuperPac


  27. More_Badass

    Member OP

    You need to check out Magnus Archives

    I also really like Fairy Tales For Unwanted Children. It takes the fairy tale story structure and gives them a darker, creepier, and unease edge. The stories are consistently well-written and the narrator is very good. It's my favorite recent new audiodrama
  28. survivor


    I have been listening to Talking Simpsons a lot these days while rewatching the show. Up to season 4 and I have to say, I'm enjoying their 90s nostalgia talk more than the episodes discussions.
  29. UltraGunner


    Last Podcast on the Left is great if you have the stomach for people talking light about serial killers.
  30. I'll add those to my queue for tomorrow:) the Fairy Tales one sounds pretty interesting.
  31. kris.


    where my MBMBAMbinos at!
  32. titch


    Cheers for porting this over baddie - ive never really listened to podcasts before but you've peaked my interest.

    Might try listening to some podcasts when going out for a run - great work as always
  33. Necromanti


    I've been listening to the Magnus Archives over the past few days and have been enjoying it a lot more than I ever expected to. (It's my first fiction podcast.) I'm very curious about the overarching story that people have been hinting at.
  34. Van


    Any podcasts like like buzz feeds unsolved mysterys?
  35. arecibo


    I was just going to post that.

    I can also highly recommend Something True and Important If True both by Idle Thumbs. Important If True talks about robots and dinosaurs a lot, which I like.
  36. Realeza

    Banned Member

    I'm here to pinpoint Astonishing Legends. Shit is amazing, and the guys who host it are the chillest, funniest ever! If you are into the paranormal, this will be your thing.
  37. Taki


  38. Not


    We Hate Movies became my favorite podcast this year.

    I made art and I kinda want to make an OT for it
  39. elvisjets85


    Love this thread, so many podcasts to try!

    Any recommendations for cooking and food related podcasts? Trying to get my wife into podcasts too.
  40. ShadowSwordmaster

    Community Resetter Member

    I'm glad this thread is back.
  41. LilWayneSuckz


    Everyone listen to: So Well Spoken

    Especially if you're enhanced with melanin.
  42. More_Badass

    Member OP

    WHM is the one movie riffing podcast to hook me; none of the others like How Did This Get Made clicked with me. But I find WHM just hilarious. It's one of the few podcasts, along with MBMBAM, Magnus, Sayer, and Bracket, that I put instantly to the top of my queue when a new episode comes out
  43. Rhomega


    I listen to the following:

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Everyone knows this one. If you don't, get listening right now.
    Up First: NPR podcast covering top stories in 12-13 minutes Monday-Friday.
    The Greatest Generation: A episode-by-episode recap of every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and now starting on DS9) by two guys who are a little bit embarrassed to be having a Star Trek podcast.

    From the Laser Time Network:
    Laser Time: Pop culture podcast covering whatever.
    Talking Simpsons: Episode-by-episode recap of the series.
    Thirty Twenty Ten: A look at pop culture 30 years ago, 20 years ago, and 10 years ago.
    An Elm Street Nightmare: A look at each of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies
  44. UberTag


    Going to recommend a weekly podcast I've been seeking out of late that's put together by the actress who voices my avatar, Yeardley Smith, her Waiting for Ophelia co-star Zibby Allen (Grey's Anatomy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and two twin brother police detectives from Small Town U.S.A. (specifically the Eugene-Springfield area of Oregon)...



    Each week the two detectives provide a first-hand account of a case they worked along with testimonials from other involved officers, dispatchers, forensic analysts and support personnel reinforced with audio transcripts of 9/11 calls... albeit with specific identifying details excluded so as to respect the privacy of the victims and their families. Think of a procedural like CSI minus the Hollywood embellishment. It's pretty darn riveting.
  45. stan_marsh


    SO SO happy to see this thread back. Really enjoying Reply All lately.
  46. Van


    im listening to trailswentcold, p good
  47. Not


    Think I should go ahead with the OT?

    Whoa, there's a podcast that takes place in my hometown??
  48. Human


    I listen to a TON of podcast; so many that I can't keep up with them. A few not listed so far that I enjoy at least occasionally:

    • Vox's The Weeds
    • The Story Collider
    • FiveThirtyEight Politics
    • Yo, Is This Racist?
    • The Longest Shortest Time
    • IRL: Online Life Is Real Life
  49. ShadowSwordmaster

    Community Resetter Member

    Here is some that I enjoy a lot.
    • Mayacast: A podcast about the Infinity the Game table top game.
    • 25 Years of Vampire the Masquerade: A podcast that goes through 25 years of VTM books.
    • Super Sentai Bros: A podcast of two brothers watching Super Sentai.
  50. malyse

    Community Resetter Member

    Do y'all want the fictional podcasts OT back?