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Pokémon Go |OT| Tap those mons!


Oct 28, 2017
You didn't play much during the bonus period? The rates between the bonus period and not are shaking up to be so different that I'm probably not even going to bother catching things outside of the three hours.
Only the mons that spawned at home.

I didn't get out until later in the day.

This is mainly about grabbing candy. Not really needing more shinies.
Oct 25, 2017
1 shiny Larvitar and 2 shiny Charmander so far, hoping to get as many shiny as possible but just missing Mareep, Dratini, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu if I can only manage to get one.
Jun 20, 2018
You didn't play much during the bonus period? The rates between the bonus period and not are shaking up to be so different that I'm probably not even going to bother catching things outside of the three hours.
Yeah, been playing 12 hours today and only catched 4 outside of the bonus period. This is really disappointing


The Dude of Prophecy
Oct 24, 2017
São Paulo, Brazil
So far, the Shinies I've managed to grab were Beldum (which I already have literally 10 of), Squirtle (which is among the most boring Shinies) and Larvitar (which is cool).

Really hoping to get Shinies for Charmander, Mareep and Dratini :(
I'd be happy with just one of those, but mainly Mareep, since Ampharos is my favorite Pokémon.

Also got a 100 IV Pikachu :P


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Bonus period had increased odds. Got like 3 shiny dratinis, 3+ larvitars, a charmander and a beldum. My wife got a good bit more.

Anyone else getting really low IV during this event?
Everything I catch is either not likely good for battle or just above average...
As always, RNG :)


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Goal reached! 5,000 Dratini candies!

Looking back. This year I gained 2,000 candy and about 250 added Dratini. So might be a few years until 10,000. Lol
Oct 25, 2017
Found another shiny Larvitar and a shiny Pikachu today. The park was also littered with Treeko so I can finally evolve him (though he'll probably get a community day pretty soon) and I found a random Feebas which was nice. Also stumbled across a Wailmer that I managed to cheese for an Excellent curveball so I can finally get Celebi now.

Got another stupid Entei, I swear I can start a kennel with all the damn dogs I have.
Oct 25, 2017
0x: Eevee
1x: Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander (yesterday), Bulbasaur, Dratini, Beldum, Mareep, Cyndaquil
2x: Chikorita
3x: Larvitar

Racked up 100k in stardust during the bonus window.

Gotta look through everything I caught, but I know I pulled another 98% Bulbasaur which is good timing.
Oct 26, 2017
So which Pokemon should I evolve and which should I avoid evolving during this weekend?

Don't evolve:

For Pikachu it doesn't matter since it looses it's special move at evolution

For Dratini I personally would say don't evolve but some people have a different opinion on that. I don't like Draco Meteor since it's a 1-bar move.
Oct 25, 2017
man. they really lowered the IVs for these pokes.

just got done checking everything and most aren't over 75%. me and my girlfriend will be swapping tomorrow so hopefully they reroll well.
Oct 25, 2017
Took me 2100 Magikarps for my first shiny. Then I caught 3 in a month...now I've checked over 1700 since then and no shiny again.
Welp....We needs a Magikarp and a Bagon community day next year.....

They haven't been since the beginning of the week.

As usual, no announcement by Niantic until people started complaining.
I got a Sinnoh stone as 7days research reward today. I skip Thursday and Friday (dont care about Shedinja) and got it along with Raikou. I think its random for now.....
Oct 25, 2017
I havent touched this game in awhile. But if I have a pokemon thats 100% IV I should still evolve it right? And I need to add some friends for the Ripple in time quest if anyone wants to add me my trainer code is 529147047969
Nov 5, 2017
Shiny tally for Community Day Weekend so far:

Bulbasaur x 2
Charmander x 2
Squirtle x 0
Pikachu x 1
Eevee x 2
Dratini x 1
Chikorita x 1
Cyndaquil x 2
Mareep x 3
Larvitar x 3
Beldum x 2

Good haul. Squirtle is my least desired, so those were very low priority checks.

I'll go back for more.
Oct 25, 2017
Honestly, just using the event to stockpile candy with no intentions other than powering up.

That said, did have my best raid run ever. For context, I’ve done 146 total successful raids, and a lot of those came from the various legendary bird days we had.

But today I was in a neighboring town to deposit some cash at my credit union and drove by the lake downtown where good spawns occur. Well, saw some raids. I was able to chain a sharpedo, machamp, scyther, and cresselia due to the sheer number of people randomly driving to the same raids. We had 20 people for cresselia!

The best part is that I frequently end up on the low end of rare candy rewards (even when my girlfriend and I occasionally duo a raid I seem to come up empty while she always gets 1 or 2), I pulled in 20 candies.

Then I finally hatched a gen 4 starter and it was piplup, which is super rare here (haven’t seen one since the initial rollout).

That assuages some of my recent frustrations with the game.
Oct 25, 2017
You have about 25 hours before the event ends, but yes, you need to evolve a pokemon all the way to the last evolution to get that move.
Well, I am close being able to get a Tyranitar also, so guess I will try to least get that. Would like to get my shiny Chikorita fully evolve before then, but I got 80 candy at the moment, so shall see.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Nah. They can control this stuff. Guess it’s viewed as a benefit for those who played when the prior community days
Lol.. it's all RNG.

The odds of getting a good ivs wild non boosted Pokemon is really low. Its like when people don't realize how incredibly low the odds are of catching a legendary (non shiny, non ex raid) are even with gold medal excellent curve ball throw is when it's really low at around 16%. That is extremely low.

I see people complain about ivs all the time as if it was rigged. Go out and catch 200 non event, regular Pokemon that aren't weather boosted. Most of them will be crap.

If you happen to have a community day with boosted Pokemon, your chances are much better. With 4/4/4 min and 5 lv higher than normal, chances are better for ivs(but still RNG)

All that said. Unless we really got an battle system change. Ivs really mean squat.. the only instance of them mattering is if you are trying to duo or trip a very hard Pokemon. But even then, level , correct type advantage and moves still mater more.
Oct 25, 2017
Went back out tonight for about an hour. Didn't have much time for CD. got Shiny Turtle, Fire Lizard, and Dragon worm. Just need my Shiny cabbage frog.

Also added 2 3.4k Metabug, 1 3.4k TRex, 1 3.3k Puff the Magic Dragon.

Got another high level blue bug to make another 3.3k+ big one. And another 3k+ Puff/TRex. Hoping I can finished off these tomorrow. Make my top team that much better.
Oct 29, 2017
Spent a few hours walking around Inokashira Park.

Caught two shiny Pikachu, a shiny Mareep, two shiny Dratini, a shiny Eevee and a shiny Beldum.

Pretty decent! I really want Charmander and Larvitar too though so might head back tonight after a nap.

So many people playing in the park today, probably a couple of thousand.