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Pokémon Go |OT| Tap those mons!

Yes, exactly. So if you have the game open most of the time anyway you'll see little change. I wish they would just get rid of the garbage GPS tracking.
Ok cool, thanks. I got so used to having the game open while walking that I mostly still do.
How often does Adventure Sync, uh, sync?

If I had the game open, closed it for 30 seconds then opened it again (as I often do while checking other things on my phone etc), I wonder if it would sync those steps too?
Oct 25, 2017
Please just make a balanced CP formula Niantic. Glass cannon type Pokemon will be disadvantaged stats wise when it comes to the CP capped leagues.
They just balanced it lol

You can't gain energy from losing HP in PvP and it has the Protect mechanic, so it's more about type matchups than anything else. Two 2500 CP Pokemon will have relatively the same total stats. A glass cannon will have a higher distribution to attack but that's the tradeoff. You need to take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses by scouting his/her Pokemon and their moves. A glass cannon will for example live much longer if it resists the fast attack and one of the charged attacks, while the other charged attack can be shielded. Building a core to minimize your weaknesses will be one of the challenges.