Pokémon Sword & Shield Spoiler, Leak and Datamine Thread 2 | Page 401 (Update: Datamining has begun)


Jan 28, 2019
The newest thing I'm hearing is that the endgame battle with the box legendary is missing music entirely. Not sure if it's a stylistic choice or a glitch, but, yeah.


Oct 17, 2018
I am still waiting for future confirmation/testing on the day/night cycle. That just doesn't seem right...


Aug 21, 2018
so what's going on with the extra mon (gen 1 other starters, some legendaries)? they're going to be officially added to the game later on?

also do we know now exactly how Dynamax'ing affects stats and power of moves?
Their data is in the game so potentially they could be events or you could transfer them from past games once Home exists


Nov 15, 2018
Yeah at this point, I don't think there's any conclusion to draw into other than this was rushed to hell and back. Especially considering TPCi apparently didn't have faith on the Switch.
I mean, it became obvious the Switch was a success right from launch in March 2017, but even giving it a few months it was doing very well with shortages by June 2017, which was when they announced at E3 they were working on a pokemon game. 2.5 years since then sounds like a good amount of time to make the game, especially when Let's GO released a year earlier and shows some better quality things than this game (like the backgrounds, following pokemon, overworld shiny pokemon).


Mar 19, 2019
"Morale is low at Game Freak"

Probably because they shipped a rushed mess I'd say now.
does it really if the game doesn’t launch with the anime I don’t care do you do and if it does the anime only launches with the game in Japan anyway not America or Europe

I wish this game was delayed till 2020


Oct 25, 2017
All this talk about having all Pokemon in every Pokemon game being completely unsustainable when the real issue seems to be that The Pokemon Company's yearly release schedule is what is actually unsustainable going forward. Seems we're getting pretty close to critical mass in terms of just how stripped down and slipshod the productions are.

Rand a. Thor

Oct 31, 2017
If the day/night cycle is true, I am starting to think something went horribly wrong. Wyndon, Hammerlocke, and Motostoke all have day night cycles. Wnydon however is not connected to the wild area. My tinfoil hat is telling me they were gonna have the wild area, 9 or 10 cities of thst size, and nothing else in the games. Everything from the stsrting area to the areas surrounding the large cities were put in after that fact. The weird purple filter that was removed later on in the prerelease cycle was them trying to get the cycle implemented jn the rest of the game, but they had no time and axed it. Again, tinfoil hats and all but what else could it be