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  1. sinonobu

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    An anonymous user in 4chan claimed that next Pokemon game for Switch will have two versions, and be called Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee.

    While this is indeed from 4chan post, with Emily saying the naming of the Switch games are weird and from the timing of it, it seems like this indeed might be the title of the next Pokemon.

    TPC also has been promoting a lot of Eevee and Pikachu merchandise, and both of them are also getting a huge spotlight during the next movie.

    Is this actually going to be the next Pokemon?
  2. Huh
  3. TC13


    The leaked screenshot from a while ago that seems to be true now (notice the Eevee on top of the Trainer's head):
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  5. Eolz


    That name sounds terrible lol.
    But hey, the most important bit will be the gameplay and content.
  6. ... what?
  7. Ehhhhhh, I’ll wait for a more credible source.
  8. Aiii

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    Only credible sources, for everything else, reply to one of the existing threads.
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