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Pokemon for Nintendo Switch Speculation Thread 3 | New updates in the OP!

What's in a game?

  • a miserable pile of secrets

    Votes: 26 17.0%
  • a clock resetting

    Votes: 47 30.7%
  • a bag of dead hype

    Votes: 25 16.3%
  • a jmon

    Votes: 55 35.9%

  • Total voters
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Nov 2, 2017
Wait, our Lord and Savior King Zell said that there will be 2 Pokémon games to be released this year, so that's a good thing; but he also said to be more excited about 2019 too.

What does this mean? Will we be imprisoned in this thread until next year? Was Fosko right after all? Will we eat crow?
Jan 9, 2018
Lemme lay down my impression based on King Zell’s posts:

2018: “modernised” version of Pokemon Yellow
2019: Generation 8 - a whole new game
Oct 25, 2017
Whoops. Posted this in the wrong thread at first.
For reference, from today:

King Zell
The news will be on the 30th japanese time
i think people should lower there hype "this year" and start the hype in 2019 ... lets start the clock
i didnt say nothing is coming out this year, actually 2 Pokemon games for the switch coming this year, but next year is more exciting ;)
It's not a direct guys, it's a media event that last for 90 minutes.

Will get the news after that. See you all in a couple of hours.
The event starts at 10 am Japan time, news will be out after 11:30 Japan time.
Zell also said it would be a 2019 game too so RIP.
I didn't say that
its not a single game event
King Zell has been on a roll today.
So that's...7:30pm PST.

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Oct 25, 2017
I think the Let's Go label is gonna be a series on its own.

Won't be a mainline one, but a "bridge" between casuals/spin offs/mobile and the mainline series.

That's what I got from reading Emily and King Zell posts

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Oct 26, 2017
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