Polygon: Microsoft is looking into acquiring EA says reliable source close to Microsoft (and others)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Rychu, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Rychu

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    Only bolding the EA one because it’s from a reliable source close to Microsoft (making it the most important and carries a lot more weight) while the other ones are “whispers”.

    Source: https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/29/16930892/xbox-one-exclusive-games-analysis-microsoft
  2. MWorldII

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    What the...
  3. Silky

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    no fucking way

    ggooooodddddamn what a fucking grab that would be
  4. orochi91

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    Purchase of the century, if true.
  5. o k

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    Someone at MS really wants Mass Effect back
  6. rebelcrusader

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    SFLUFAN Member

    Microsoft shareholders would completely revolt at any announced EA acquisition plan.

    Methinks someone is pulling Polygon's leg a bit.
  8. DarkLordMalik

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    So Xbox Game Pass makes more sense now since EA Access is its competitor. Microsoft might be aiming to the Netflix of games subscription.
  9. sir_crocodile

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    Well that's one way to get more exclusive releases
  10. nib95

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    Holy moly if true!!
  11. Shubh_C63

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    Wut ?
    I simply can't believe this. and how does this benefits EA like at all ?
    even if it does, the gains are minimal. They are already so huge. Top2.
  12. Calibro

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    That'd be fucking funny.
  13. francium87

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    I just want a baseball game on Xbox.
    If this is what it takes..

    As for other EA sports games:
    Madden on play anywhere would be huge for windows 10 store adoption
    FIFA is too lucrative to be made exclusive, but at least they could add higher graphic fidelity for xbox one x
    NBA Live could be put on game pass permenantly and forgo annual release
  14. HMM

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    Well that would be fucking massive (If FIFA were exclusive to Xbox it may have a chance to take Europe in the next gen) and would certainly go a long way towards solving Microsoft's lack of exclusives problem. (But I don't like many of EA's games so it wouldn't effect me very much.)

    Probably not going to happen though.
  15. Dust

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    EA would have to be hostile takeover, no other way.
  16. djplaeskool

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    This just doesn't seem plausible.

    Maybe one of their subsidiary studios, I guess, but EA as a whole? Nah.
  17. LordKano

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    This absolutely shouldn't happen.
  18. dred

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    This would be absolutely terrible for the industry as a whole. Imagine games like Madden and FIFA only on Xbox/PC...
  19. norm9

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    Freedom Fighters exclusively on xbone.
  20. Ja-

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    uhhh yeah sure
  21. Phendrift

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    Holy shit if true.

    Would be hilarious as would get MS back into the competition easily.
  22. 5taquitos

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    Haha wut there's simply no way.

    Edit: lol to fucking Valve on that list too, someone's been smoking the good shit.
  23. orochi91

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    All those amazing IPs.

    Burnout revival, please~~~
  24. MisterShine

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    All MS sins forgiven, if that is the case.
  25. #25
    Really doubt EA would happen.
  26. cw_sasuke

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    Before anyone asks - Fifa and co. would still be published on other systems - we saw with Minecraft what happened after a purchase.
    I can see it happening and MS focusing more on being a software publisher.
  27. Silky

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    I cannot see this happening unless EA was planning to bow out of the industry entirely. Like, I'm sure their fiscal year is pretty good thus far outside of the Battlefront shit

    (but goddamn Respawn would be saved from EA's fuckery)
  28. Strafer

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    Dead Space 4 xbox exlusive?
  29. Belvedere

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    XBL loot crate.
  30. BrickArts295

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    Well damn thats one way to turn the tables.
  31. Rychu

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    Only because of controversy. I have no doubt Microsoft would make sure the games microtransactions aren’t too pushy if they owned EA.
  32. Spyder_Monkey

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  33. Madao

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    would this stop EA's dev kill streak?
  34. Saint-14

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    What the hell? Can they even do that?
  35. Nirolak

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    This would pretty much only make sense if they were going third party.
  36. Dancrane212

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  37. #37
    Madden and fifa on one console no way
  38. RF Switch

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  39. EightBitNate

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    Literally cutting EA's revenue stream in half if they make them exclusive.
  40. Terbinator

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    2 months early for this nonsense.

    Happy to take indefinite avatar bet if true.
  41. Pixelbuster

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    I will eat my hat if this actually happens
  42. Savitar

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    That is insane to think about. *Looks at all the corporations and businesses Disney now owns* Hmmmm.
  43. Andy

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    Rumor based on one unnamed person. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  44. Turkoop

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  45. Yunyo

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    I really highly doubt this. The amount of money involved would be absurd.
  46. Eliseo

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    So MS is willing to pay 60+ Billions? I doubt it.
  47. predalien27

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    If Titanfall becomes exclusive to Xbox again, guess I’ll have to finally pick one up.
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    I wouldn’t blame them. They can bolster their exclusive lineup tremendously

    That said, I hope it doesn’t happen
  49. hechicero

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    I'm OK with this AAA sports games needs new blood instead of EA.
  50. linkboy

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    That would be crazy (even though I doubt it'll happen).

    I'd love to see how the NFL would react with the exclusive license.