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Oct 25, 2017
I'm back from a hiatus. Camila should have won a few more things, y'all too hot on Sophie and Robyn, and that's the tea.

Also are we going to get any hot takes from the free fill sections?
Oct 25, 2017
Oh that's cute... it's nice to see they're still together. Also good for them on getting Lauren's boo. and Work From Home / Down's main side piece Ty DOLLA Sign.


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Oct 25, 2017
Ms. Julia Michaels releases an EP today, including everyone’s favorite back-up singer Selena Gomez.

1. Anxiety feat. Selena Gomez
2. Into You
3. Happy
4. Deep
5. Apple
6. What a Time feat. Niall Horan
Oct 27, 2017
Because you listened to this week's Britney Podcast where MuuMuse and T.Kyle dragged it for about 20 minutes?
No, I certainly did not hear about MuuMuse telling a "BJ" joke to Britney and I certainly did not listen to how MuuMuse was out of it in Vegas during around New Year's.


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Oct 25, 2017
You guys . . . a new Backstreet Boys album is out

1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
2. Nobody Else
3. Breathe
4. New Love
5. Passionate
6. Is It Just Me
7. Chances
8. No Place
9. Chateau
10. The Way It Is
11. Just Like You Like It
12. Ok
Oct 25, 2017
Blind bitches everywhere. No surprise considering the Gross Mariah stanning that continues.
oh sweetie I don't know what bump on Dua Lupus' vag you just crawled out from but I do recognize that Mariah seems to stay on your mind. I understand why since unlike Dual Lips, Mariah made the top 3 on the Billboard 100 in the year 2018. And unlike Dua Lice, she will be there every year until the end of civilization thanks to her song writing ability and 5-8 octave range. Legend Mariah has some rules and I'll count them.
One, don't pick up the phone
You know J Lo's only calling to steal songs for her own
Two, don't let Ariana in
she'll kill another suicidal boyfriend again
Three, don't lie on Duch's stage performances
You know she makes Britknee's look like aces
And if you're under Adele
Your carcass is now a smashed eggshell