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PopERA |ERA1| 2019 and the Domination of the Fifth Hews

Nov 9, 2017
Thank u, next is Ariana's Nightride.

It's the first Ariana album I enjoy because of how it sounds.

I wish Tinashe had such a team behind her. Sigh
Oct 26, 2017
Sure. But Rihanna is Ciara minus 50% vocals, minus 50% looks and minus 200% performance ability.

Tinashe just isn't lucky in this industry where talent isn't the most important thing. But I'm sure her time will come.
But Rihanna has 200% more personality and charisma and sometimes you need more personality and charisma than just talent.
Oct 25, 2017
Behind you.
Rihanna is a successful businesswoman. Not everybody has that.
It's honestly astounding to see how well Rihanna has turned the tables in an industry that prides itself on fucking over new talent.

- She bought all her masters when she left her label in 2012.
- Her lingerie line and make-up line are enormously popular.
- And there's talk that LVMH was in talks to grant her her own luxury clothing line.

Also, Lorde slander is not tolerated.
Oct 28, 2017
Ciara has hits and platinum-selling albums, plural, and a Grammy. She's collaborated with legends. She's about to release her seventh album. She's married to a rich NFL player and secured a steady check from Future for the next 10+ years. Tinashe, on the other hand, has no record deal, recently failed to release a mixtape, hasn't charted anywhere in half a decade, collaborated with noted abusers like Chris Brown, R. Kelly and Terry Richardson, and finished in 10th place on Dancing With The Stars season 27. She wishes she could reach Ciara's level.
May 26, 2018
It's not like the Joyride we got is a bad album anyways. Tinashe just tried to go for her 'big pop moment' when pop was being phased out as the dominant force in music. I'm sure if Tinashe kept with her sound that she had on Aquarius and her mixtapes instead of releasing stuff like Flame and Player, she would be Kehlani's level at worst, SZA's level at best.
Oct 25, 2017
I love that I am learning Portuguese via Last.fm. I already know "hino" and just had to lookup "rainha". LOL

Oh, gotta watch that new Dido vid now.