Project Phoenix scammed us? Creative Intelegent Art Fraud?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Aurizen, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Aurizen

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    From their Facebook Page


    That post is now deleted from their Facebook
  2. Blabadon

    Blabadon Banned Member

    What the fuck
  3. Booki

    Booki Member

    $80 down the drain. I still laugh whenever I get a project update from them.

    This fuckery ain't even worth it.
  4. Zedelima

    Zedelima Member

    Wow, if its true, what a shame!
  5. Spyder_Monkey

    Spyder_Monkey Member

    I buy it.
  6. Ometeotl

    Ometeotl Member

    Getting those quoted images to work on mobile is a crapshoot, but that seems like a shitty situation.
  7. Death Penalty

    Death Penalty Member

    Are you freaking serious? That's money down the drain.
  8. TeenageFBI

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    Yeah, what’s up with that? I can’t expand any quoted image on mobile.

    I’m not even sure why the OP would quote images that haven’t been used in the thread before. The forum software will automatically shrink them if they’re too big.
  9. Argot

    Argot Member

    Wouldn't be surprised, and an absolute disgrace if so, but this is giving me flashbacks to the No Man's Sky twitter/email hack so I'd give it a day or so to see how things shake out.
  10. salromano

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  11. Everyday Math

    Everyday Math Member

    Woooooow really the only thing I can say right now.
  12. Yasumi

    Yasumi Member

    Confused this with Unsung Story. Were they supposedly still working on it? Scummy as heck.
  13. Wein Cruz

    Wein Cruz Member

    The KS was always shady as fuck. I'm surprised they managed to scam so many suckers.
  14. Vareon

    Vareon Member

    Holy shit if true? And Tiny Metal looks good too!
  15. #15
    The decision between Tiny Metal and Wargroove just got a hell of a lot easier. I was already planning on waiting for Wargroove, as it looked much more polished and like it had a lot of real love for the project in the development team, while this one always looked somewhat quick and dirty by comparison. But yeah, this kills any chance of me picking up both.
  16. Gabora

    Gabora Member

    As a backer I pretty much resigned myself, a long time ago, to have burned $100 on nothing. I just wish I would stop getting updates on this fucking nonsense, just come out and say the game isn't ever coming out or admit to scamming people, at this point no one is going to care either way.
  17. Aurizen

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    If someone can contact Kotaku and other game journalists that would be great. We need to get this word out there. We spend money on this. Supported this way back in 2012 and those same developers made another game after that. Highly disappointed with Hiroaki Yura.
  18. Hagi

    Hagi Member

    I'm not too surprised that the CIA is still fucking people over in 2017. Sad for those whose put money into this.
  19. Fireblend

    Fireblend Member

    Uh, wow.

  20. diablogg

    diablogg Member

    Damn man =(
  21. Gabora

    Gabora Member

    I'm pretty sure this, and unsung story, are consistently listed in "kickstarted that ran with your money/scammed you" videos/lists
  22. Vareon

    Vareon Member

    The post is up again on facebook.
  23. Valkerion

    Valkerion Member

    Dang I was looking forward to Tiny Metal.

    Did not back this project or ever know what it was but sounds like it's run by a right up scumbag.
  24. lupinko

    lupinko Member

    As crummy as Inafking was with his projects, he was at least up front in being crummy.
  25. M.Steiner

    M.Steiner Member

    This is pretty fucked up to say the least.
  26. Ladioss

    Ladioss Member

    I can't possibly imagine they were the only ones to come up with this scheme.
  27. Wireframe

    Wireframe Member

    I've backed my last kickstarter. This shit needs to go away.
  28. Ariashadow

    Ariashadow Member

    well .................... at least TINY METAL looks good i guess
  29. Xeontech

    Xeontech Member

    Someone should be held responsible. Seriously. What utter shit practice.
  30. gigantor21

    gigantor21 Member

    At this point, lawsuits and/or a criminal investigation seems entirely justified.
  31. NinjaScooter

    NinjaScooter Member

    Developers of Tiny Metal got some 'splainin to do.
  32. Brazil

    Brazil Some dude Moderator

    I guess I'm not picking up Tiny Metal this week.
  33. Mooksoup

    Mooksoup Member

    hah this was the only game i ever backed. They got me right in the nostalgia weak spot.

    This post is believable to me. Understood this project was never going to happen long ago, just wish they would stop dragging the facade on...
  34. visvim

    visvim Member

    well, damn. Aint that some shit.

    Wasn't the composer from the FF series involved with this at some point? their con must have been pretty far reaching to fool even veterans.
  35. AlexFlame116

    AlexFlame116 Member

    Disappointing and despicable. Hopefully something comes out of this.

    I'm glad that I was poor enough back then to only donate 1 dollar to them.
  36. duckroll

    duckroll Member

    Wow, I'm shocked. This came out of nowhere! If only there were red flags from the very start of the Kickstarter launch!! Who could have seen this coming??!!!!

  37. Xavi

    Xavi Member

    Dude what the fuck, I wanted to buy Tiny Metal but if this is true then no way I'll support them.
  38. daegan

    daegan Member

    Here's the rub: that this was by an upstart company and didn't seem to have any real staff of their own was a red flag for me right away. I wish it had been for others; regardless, I've had some losses on KS and some greatly delayed items that I still expect to exist at some point. It is hugely disappointing to me that people feel like this over a whiff when things like Rap Rabbit and The Good Life fail (or how Indivisible needed like 8 Hail Marys) despite being much more reputable situations and projects of realistically manageable scope. Crowdfunding is still a net good for the video game industry and something I want to see other fans support into the future, so it really upsets me when I see posts like this or hear people talk like this. And yet I can't blame you - being out a significant amount of money is a super rough situation.

    Also really bummed because I wanted to buy Tiny Metal but I definitely won't now.
  39. ArjanN

    ArjanN Member

    Same. Comes across a bit like something an angry backer would write to throw them under the bus, but we'll see I guess.
  40. ChasePettit

    ChasePettit Member

    Tiny Metal looked pretty good, but it's hard to support it if the content of this post is true. Considering that I don't think Project Phoenix has ever shown anything aside from concept art though, it's not all that hard to believe that this allegation may be true.

    Extremely sucks that there are people out there like this, and it definitely does damage the entire industry. Jason Schreier already wrote about Project Phoenix damaging the industry once this year and I guess he's going to end up doing it again if this story checks out.
  41. duckroll

    duckroll Member

    Sure but who are you going to sue and where? Japan? Good luck. Australia? Uh... The US? Even if you win...
  42. Fou-Lu

    Fou-Lu Member

    For some reason I had this mixed up with Edge of Eternity when I read the title. That would be much worse.
  43. BrentoLand

    BrentoLand Member

    Damn this fucking sucks for anyone excited for that game. Also if I remember right CIA was also partially behind Under the Dog and once they pulled out the project went to shit
  44. Silky

    Silky Member

    Always knew it sounded too good to be true.

    Can't fool me.

    TinyMetal looks real good so its a shame to see it in this scenario
  45. duckroll

    duckroll Member

    No it's the opposite. They were behind it and totally mismanaged shit, only when they pulled out were the Japanese companies involved able to get shit together and release it.
  46. BrentoLand

    BrentoLand Member

    Well, they mostly got their shit together. Everything was delayed several months and the figure was cancelled a few month ago. At least they were able to even get it out at all
  47. milad

    milad Member

    The company lived up to the name, that's some black ops level shit.
  48. Gabora

    Gabora Member

    You just have to be smart about what you back. I've backed about 20 projects, this is the only project I regret backing (for obvious reasons)
  49. Adnor

    Adnor Member

    There have been a lot of "big budget", successful big Kickstarters like Pillars of Eternity, both Divinity Original Sin games, the Shadowrun series, Wasteland 2 and others, we just have to be more careful to what we back.
  50. Zerokoolpsx

    Zerokoolpsx Member

    Wow. Damn.