1. Zippedpinhead


    I guess I’m not getting tiny metal this week...

    So playdek and Area 35, congrats you’re already dead
  2. Eylos

    User requested ban Member

    i remember this kickstart, had matsuno on It, wow i dodged a bullet

    The team involved should talk about it or they are involved?

    Edit wrong project
  3. deepFlaw


    Still not sure why I even backed this. It seemed like a neat thing to get in on the ground floor of, I guess.

    I didn’t expect it to come out ever at this rate but this is still kinda shocking.
  4. Kain-Nosgoth


    damn, i gave up a long time ago, telling myself that it's part of the game when you invest in kickstarter, you're not buying, you invest in something, there always a risk! Sometime the developper fail and he can just apologize, it happens...

    but if this true, fuck him... anyway that we can do something through kickstarter? Report them or something? Guess it's pointless?
  5. CloseTalker


    Oh, so this is different than that Phoenix Point game that looks like Xcom. I was really upset for a second.

    That super sucks for those who gave their money away.
  6. Jamie


    Curious to whether this is a backer who somehow got accessed to their Facebook, or legitimate post. The game did look promising so that's unfortunate.
  7. ChrisD


    You can pinch-zoom into photos. The picture clarity doesn't blur, which is great.
  8. Luchashaq

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    I've backed a dozen (5 games) and only been happy with one result. I'm done with crowd funding.
  9. Adnor


    Phoenix Point seems like a safe bet, Julian Gollop has ton of experience making strategy games of various budgets, they had a previous successful campaign that launched the game when they said it would, their stretch goals weren't crazy. It will be released, maybe a little later but it's safe.

    Also Phoenix Point doesn't just look like X-COM, it's being directed by the creator of the original X-COM.
  10. apeAsnake


    Yeah no doubt many other Kickstarter companies did the same exact thing just not been exposed yet
  11. Al3x1s


    Smells like facebook account hack to me. There are other avenues for an ex employee to expose something like that surely, like going to the media with his face, proof he worked for these guys, etc., or at least just his own personal facebook account, blog, whatever, rather than this pissing contest where he posts something, it gets deleted, he reposts, or whatever is happening. He posted his supposed name anyway so it's not like he's scared of consequences and wants to remain hidden, he would do this if he wanted. Even if this is really the guy, why only go on record after being fired or whatever happened rather than as soon as he found out about this (unless this "two months after being hired" and "worked there until recently" coincide exactly of course)? If he's just doing it to get back at them for being fired he deserves as much flack as the rest of them regardless of being the one to reveal this, if true. I guess it's meant to be this Tariq https://twitter.com/oatscurry https://www.facebook.com/tariqlacy ? Also, why wouldn't they do a campaign for the actual thing they wanted to fund over something imaginary? Tiny Metal looks pretty good and I'm sure they could have made a nice kickstarter campaign for an Advance Wars style game that would probably get funded, why go to the trouble and potential danger? I don't get it.
  12. Heartskips


    And somehow it's always the japanese-games-are-dead guys who do this.
  13. AuthenticM


    I thought we already knew this? Wasn't there such a revelation last year or the one before? Or am I confusing this with another thing?
  14. Fiel


    WTF , my $150.

    This is one of the most fucking scam i face myself. I got dump by KS creator several times until i notice it is mistake to trust random people , if I add this case, it will be well over $300+ ! I lose : (

    Even Inafking get his gut to finish his project. it's better than nothing.
  15. duckroll


    Easier to exploit feelings and make vague promises than to actually have experience and an honest vision tho.
  16. Luchashaq

    Banned Member

    Recent headphone maker Zolo released a cheaper version of the same headphones on Amazon before any backers got theirs. My wife is pissssssssed.
  17. MistaTwo

    SNK Gaming Division Studio 1 Verafied

    I've met Tariq a few times, and can confirm he is in the JP games industry.
    I didn't know he was connected to Tiny Metal until seeing this post.

    Major props to him for exposing this (assuming its true which I don't doubt), as even though he is doing the right thing this could easily get him branded here.
  18. Pancoar


    This is why I've always been wary of Kickstarter, seen so many of them of them that just amount to nothing. Really sucks for all the backers though.

    Yeah, really got to wonder. I'm sure there's more out there. Still wonder where the The Stomping Land devs ran off too.
  19. Aurizen

    Member OP

    I'm really disappointed in this because this was my first Kickstarter backing and had reliable dev team from Square Enix and even got Nobuo Uematsu on board. Never trust a Kickstarter.
  20. apeAsnake


    Damn deservedly so I'd be pissed af with that company to screw over the first ones who believed and supported their shit and giving other customers the better treatment, im pretty sure I heard a similar story like that with other Kickstarter shit too that's fucked.
    If someone who used to or currently works there leaks the deets that'd be the only way to know
  21. duckroll


  22. Xita


    Damn wtf. Had a bad feeling about the Kickstarter for years but there it is.
  23. Eylos

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    Yeah, im really curious to what matsuno, Sakamoto etc would talk about this. Because their name was used to sell this.

    Edit: wrong project
  24. Emka


    I believe it. This project always seemed shady as fuck from the beginning to me.

    Tiny Metal looks good too, it's a pity that it was made in such a way.
  25. Stider


    Damn this sucks. Only backed it for $20(only KS I have spent substantial money on is Bloodstained for $125) but this is really shitty if true. Luckily most of the KS I've backed have actually released(only Soul Saga, Heart Forth, Alicia and Bloodstained are yet to come out) but this kind of thing really hurts others.
  26. K.Jack


    Something something Aliens: Colonial Marines yadda yadda yadda
  27. skullmuffins


    THIS THIS THIS. People are bringing old posting habits over from The Bad Place that aren't needed and don't work very well on this forum software.

    Stop putting your images in quotes!
  28. Ladioss


    Nah; just Sega being Sega ;p
  29. Aurizen

    Member OP

    Ah, appologies, I removed the quote... They actually blew up for me, but if noone has an issue Its fine with me.
  30. KoolAid


    You're mixing this game up with Untold Story. Which had also the same feel, but at least it doesn't seem to be a full scam like this one is.
  31. Joshua


    Couple posters tying Project Phoenix to Matsuno. I thought he was only tied to that OTHER failed Kickstarter (Unsung Story) and not this one?

    Edit: ^ beaten
  32. Eylos

    User requested ban Member

    Yeah you are right. Sorry about my confusion with the kickstart projects

    The user that Said about nobuo uematsu was right:


  33. LordGorchnik


    Easily the worst $120 I ever spent. Lessons learned though. Havent kickstarted anything in a long time now.
  34. 3n3rgy


    What sucks is, as a backer of other projects in general, I've kinda accepted that Kickstarter is just a crapshoot. Who the hell knows what is happening with the money? (I put $400+ into Camelot Unchained, that's still years away, if it ever manifests as more than just a Mark Jacobs pipedream.)
  35. Echo


    Uh, I was really looking forward to Tiny Metal, but now I am ultra conflicted about supporting a team like this... wtf.
  36. texhnolyze


    Wow, did he actually used the official Project Phoenix account to post this?

    And how about Tiny Metal? The game is going to be affected by this reveal.

    I was so looking forward to Tiny Metal.
  37. LightEntite

    Banned Member

    i was thinking the same thing, even though i dont think i have a strong basis for it.

    wonder why that is.
  38. Aurizen

    Member OP

    On their site they said they got Nobuo Uematsu:

    "Finally, our art team is furiously working on the landscapes and character art that bring the world of Azuregard to life while our composers, including Nobuo Uematsu, complement the artists’ efforts by using the power of music to immerse you into the setting."
  39. Tsuyu


    That's it, I'm buying tiny metals now.
  40. K.Jack


    No. that definitely boiled down to Gearbox working on Borderlands 2, while Sega was paying them to create Aliens.
  41. OniBaka

    Community Resettler Member

    Phew, thought it was something I would had backed. Proud of my past self.
  42. duckroll


    Where is the "reliable team from S-E" though? Uematsu is a freelance contractor, anyone can pay him to make music, or sign a contract promising to pay him, and say they "got" him. The actual dev team? There was none. The director and guy who led the Kickstarter is a violinist/music producer who has zero experience in game development. They couldn't even name most of the "team" they claimed they had. No programmer, no game designers, just a few artists who worked on a number of projects on a freelance basis.
  43. papercamm


    God dammit. I always suspected, but god dammit
  44. SliceSabre


    I got scammed so hard on this lmao.

    Never kickstarting anything ever again.
  45. Zerokoolpsx


    This sucks for the backers. That's money down the drain. I'd be wary to ever back anything again after this too.
  46. Leafhopper


    I... even when I want someone else to make Advance Wars I can't have it because it's shady dealings.
  47. Ladioss


    I know. What I meant is, when dealing with scammers, part of the responsability of the deal lies with you.
  48. I put $20-$25 in this game (whatever the lowest tier was for beta access) but I hate this kind of crap in KS.
  49. Aarglefarg


    From the Kickstarter comments:
  50. Wulfric


    This is exactly why I only back books and board games. 80% of the work is already done, they just need money to print the material and ship it to the backers. The Kickstarter model becomes way more risky when you throw in all the complications of software development.