Project Phoenix scammed us? Creative Intelegent Art Fraud?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Aurizen, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Kindly post the screencaps in quotes Aurizen
    Also I read about that on GAF and I believe those FB posts were removed.
    Strangely enough when I finished reading that thing I had the impression that this guy was fired and is now being salty.
    Of course the whole thing can turn out to be true, Phoenix or the idea was rather promising to be honest.
    EDIT: looks like I was right...
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    I hope you're teasing, but if you're not: please don't. The forum uses tiny thumbnails. Quoted images of text are too small to read and clicking expands them to full resolution, with no in-between. For very large images like in the OP that means you can end up needing to scroll sideways to read the damn thing. It's awful. The forum automatically shrinks big images to fit the forum width.
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    Wow, what a mess all around. Hopefully the FB user is a disgruntled ex-employee like they said and we can get some more concrete information, but who knows.
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    Tariq Lacy is former Nintendo. Tbh, that can make you pretty qualified in the field of games.
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    Yeah. It's really uncomfortable because Tiny Metal looks pretty fantastic, but I've known for a while that this guy is behind it.
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    Looking around, as far as I can tell, after university he was for a couple of years or less at Nintendo Treehouse and that's that, That does not make someone "qualified".
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    Hard to know if this is true or false. The Phoenix kickstarter is a shit show that I (unfortunately) backed, and that makes it easy to want to believe this... but that doesn't mean it's true.

    The story that this guy is a disgruntled employee is a real possibility, but equally it could be something to try to discredit him. Hard to know without corroborating sources.

    I will say that Tiny Metal -looks- really good and like a real attempt to do a modern Advance Wars. I also think that even if this was made with money stolen from another project, it isn't like the people hired to develop this game necesarilly knew that. Hiroaki Yura has proven he's a dishonest and fraudulent man, but I don't think a boycott of this title will solve anything or is even deserving given how many non-frauds clearly worked hard to bring this game to life.

    For the record, here is the latest Project Phoenix kickstarter update regarding Tiny Metal. Got it via e-mail on the 15th:

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    Well 2 years. Then moved to Gumi Inc. Next place was at a Tokyo studio, likely the one named in his Facebook post in the OP.
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    Isn't one of the games being published by Sony Music's indie game publishing label Unties? Wonder if they will drop it once the word gets out and verified (even if the game is due for tomorrow). :/
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    Wow I remember this. It's been so long.
    Scummy if true.
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    I hate backing games.

    What’s up, Mighty No. 9!?
  14. These horror stories are why the pool for crowdfunded projects has become much smaller and somewhat poisoned. Hopefully those who were scammed can get even a small amount of compensation.
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    Seems a little hard to believe considering there was actual footage of a Project Phoenix game at one point. I mean it looked like shit, but certainly money was used in some fashion.
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    To be honest, I don't know which is true, but I would not be surprised if the allegations Tiny Metal Programmer makes are true. I've only met Tariq on one occasion and he did feel like the type of person who will sweet talk into every position he has the opportunity to interview for and he was very smug about himself, to an uncomfortable level. He boasted about his time at Nintendo but he never mentioned the details of his work, and if it was Nintendo Treehouse, which is first and foremost a localization and QA studio, he definitely failed to mention that to make himself more authoritative.

    He has put himself in a very dangerous position by putting his name out on allegations that have no other proof than his own word. Japan has very strict defamation laws, and unless he has a case for his defense, will probably be sued for this.

    It's going to be very, very interesting to follow this matter.
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    Oh my god. Wow. That's uhhhhh....*phew*
    Sorry about y'all's money.
    Sorry that these kinda people exist.
    Assuming it's all true.
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    Treehouse has more than just localization and Q&A. Tariq worked in bilingual marketing/PR part of Treehouse. And yeah, that's not really a good look to boast about that stuff and not mention the details when asked about them.
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    Wow...I just don't even know what to say.
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    I donated to the game Hex Heroes which was supposed to come out a couple years ago on Wii U and PC. The developer used to update frequently but has been quiet for months except a rare post to upset customers in the comments. They claim they are still working on it. The Wii U is dead though, so it seems rather pointless. Granted, I will be shocked if they ever release it.

    While quite a few kickstarters turn out well, it's definitely a gamble
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    It looks like the Project Phoenix official Facebook account also described Tariq as a disgruntled ex-employee.

  24. Considering this game has shown next to nothing since 2013 and has already had multiple news stories about its mismanagement I'm willing to give even a disgruntled employee the benefit of the doubt.
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    It's not "a few". The huge majority turn out well, and only a small select few that had a ton of red flags prior to attaining their goal that sometimes go wrong.

    Nothing even close to "gambling".
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    Wait what? I know Tariq. I'm gonna have to ask him about this.
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    If appropriate, let us know what happens.
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    Those posts seem way more devoted to tearing down Tariq as opposed to probing the money wasn’t funneled into Tiny Metal. Which, of course, isn’t provable without a paper trail because either way $1mm would be very gone by now in almost any dev cycle.
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    What do you expect from project updates from something Yura is involved in tho? :)
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    Agreed, it reading like a smear campaign rather than a statement from a company with nothing to hide set off alarm bells for me.
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    That kickstarter response is so incredibly unprofessional it actually makes me think there is more truth to the original statement than I initially believed.
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    Wish we could have some legal battle against this. I think I went in for 20 bucks or so. But it's not about that, it's about not letting this scam get away.
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    Why would a company delve into such personal details such as buying out a contract and them not paying rent?
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    One of the three kickstarter projects I backed. The other two being Mighty Number 9 and Hyper Light Drifter......At least I got one good game out of it?
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    Kickstarter needs to step in here and do something.
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    Whoa, the hell is all this? I was really looking forward to Tiny Metal. I'm iffy on supporting now if this is true.
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    While project Pheonix seems to be a mess or possible scam, using your former employer's official Facebook account to trash talk them on your way out seems like a really bad career move. The response to that airing personal stuff is unprofessional too. Backers aren't going to care about that shit if they were already feeling scamed.
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    If you read the post, it says they will stop funneling the profits from their music business into art asset creation for Project Phoenix and instead funnel it to a different "tiny project" (Tiny Metal, I assume). It looks like they have collaborated in the past on music projects like Blizzard's Echoes of War, which I assume is one of their sources of income.
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    I was about to pay over 300$ back then, thank god i didn't, only paid 20$.
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    Haven't gleaned the whole thread yet, but so far it's looking pretty he-said-she-said? Tiny Metal's response doesn't seem any less aggressive than the original accusation.
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    The lesson here is to never Kickstart anything and never pre-order anything.

    Only buy good games, after they're released, and review well.

    Everything else is setting yourself up for lies.
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    Maybe if Yura had the business aptitude to hire someone like you to do PR for his projects instead, he wouldn't have the reputation he does in the industry today!
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    Except you have amazing games like Thimbleweed Park that have come out of Kickstarter.

    So, like with all of life, shit's not black and white.
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    Yeah, I've had nothing but good experiences with Kickstarter thus far. I've just also been very judicious with what project I've backed.
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    You can buy the game after it releases. You don't have to buy a game before it even exists, by unproven startups.
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    Of course you can. But your "lesson" is nonsense.
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    It's still not that simple.

    Two of the video games I've kickstarted were to experienced teams who proved they were capable of completing projects and were only unable to get traditional funding because they were wanting to make games in genres that were, at the time, on a downswing and were not promising to publishers/investors. Both of those kickstarted projects were successes and I do not feel like I should feel any shame for giving them an investment ahead of time rather than waiting for the games to come out on their own. Another project I kickstarted was by an expert who already had the game itself completed and only needed backing to do localization work for the game.
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    I'm not sure I understand the logic here. The game doesn't get made without people willing to kickstart it.
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    I have never and will never back anything through crowd funding. It's always been completely fucking obvious to me that stuff like this WILL happen.