Project Phoenix scammed us? Creative Intelegent Art Fraud?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Aurizen, Nov 19, 2017.

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    I've backed 93 successful kickstarters to date and nothing like this has happened to me, there have been delays sure but that's to be expected, I'm willing to take the risk for projects I believe in.
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    Has its problems, but it's a good game.
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    Yura posted this on the steam community for Tiny Metal.

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    I'll be watching this, don't think this will go to court and I don't think we will ever know the truth.
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    And i was hyped about tiny metal.
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    I wonder which other press people have seen the evidence other than gamespot, should be interesting to find out the truth.
    If it really was a case of one disgruntled employee trying to cause trouble then he has caused major damage to the sales of tiny metal.
    I can't imagine that the developers would want this to go to court in any case but if it means the people that funded the original game get answers then that's great for them.
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    My big question is if Tiny Metal didn't use any of the Project Phoenix funds, where is Project Phoenix and why did the team decide to focus entirely on a separate game for years while development on the kickstarter that was funded languished without so much as a message related to them just flat axing the game? The main comments here are the dev lying but nothing in relation to what actually happened to the kickstarter or when they will finally deliver on something from that kickstarter.

    I still think anyone that backed the game has been scammed and will never see hide nor hair of anything because that money is gone and is attached to something entirely different or worse they just pocketed most of the money for themselves. I also hope that Tiny Metal fails miserably and Yura never has a chance to produce a game ever again in his life.
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    Going nuclear on that guy doesn't exactly paint a good image of Yura and his projects IMO.
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    But if this is true why even create the Kickstarter for that game if they intended to make another?
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    My sentiment. If you really want to dispel rumors of misappropriated funds, how about you deliver Project Phoenix? Moving on to and completing a new project when you received money for a different project and accepted it paints a pretty clear picture. If the money wasn't used on Tiny Metal, where is it?
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    Kotaku picked up on these claims late last month and did an article on it
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    Maybe not funds, but the entire fucking development studio got shifted to TM? "The money isn't lost yet" is really the primary takeaway from his statement. It's been almost 5 fucking years, so I don't fucking have any goodwill and rather belief the employer who has nothing to gain from making these claims.
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    I still want my money back. I feel they given up or just don't care for the game anymore. How did they just make a game years after they set out to do this one? Either they give everyone who backed it their money back or devote their entire time to make the game and bump the rewards up one tier or two. I contributed a decent amount to this game. Its saddening to see this.
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    To be absolutely, brutally honest, I feel like the whole thing probably gained Tiny Metal a lot more exposure/buzz than if nothing had happened.
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    I am going to do some severe mental gymnastics about this, so bear with me:

    The only way Mr. Yura is telling the truth, is that he burned through all the money from the KS, as he probably didn't do a good estimate about the game's cost. So, he found external investors, but they weren't willing to approve the money he requested, so he settled for less, and he, or his team or whatever came up with Tiny Metal, as proof they can actually deliver the game.

    As for Mr. Lacy, well, probably he is telling the truth about Yura asking him to mask some of the losses. But dunno, Mr. Yura saying that the other guy harassed people on the workplay its a very delicate subject.
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    The developer claimed all it would take is "a bit more programming", but that they were unhappy with art they outsourced:

    His claim is basically that they spent money on outsourced art, didn't like it.. and so therefore the project died because they didn't have the funds to make up for the money wasted on bad art.

    He has a rather long winded version of that in the interview, but that about sums it up.

    He never addressed the fact they let the KS languish and never provided updates, and just moved on and started Tiny Metal without letting backers know. He's pretty dismissive in general in the above interview.
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    From that post:

    However, reading the Gamespot article that link refers to, it mentions absolutely nothing about evidence of any kind, or any other reason to believe TM didn't use PP funding beyond quoting Yura's claims to that effect verbatim. Could anyone with a Gamespot account contact the writer and point them towards Yura's claims? I can't imagine them being happy about being misrepresented this way.
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    "We could actually deliver with a bit more programming"

    I heard that sentence so often when I was a programmer, coming from people who generally have no idea what they were talking about, this "bit more" always ended up being a time consuming mess.
    I have honestly no idea about how he managed the project but these words just add to the pile of arguments that Yura clearly don't seem to know much about what programming involve and how hard it is.
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    Into the toilet probably? It was what, a million dollars? That's not a lot of money. In the hands of an inexperienced team which has never actually produced a game before, led by someone who has never led a development team before, it can be easily squandered.
  23. I don't know why I even bother to check thus thread when if gets bumped, I only get mad afterwards
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    I think this has to be the most comprehensive* and relatively unbiased read on the situation, complete with quotes and linkbacks to relevant articles and Kickstarter updates.

    *at least, as it pertains strictly to Tiny Metal and Project Phoenix; no mention of the other stuff CIA has been working on in the interim such as Under the Dog (Kinema Citrus subsequently had a falling out with Yura over that Kickstarter) and the various music projects CIA has worked on. This makes the statement from the article "and the man behind Project Phoenix has since moved on to another project altogether, a strategy game called Tiny Metal" a little bit reductionist.