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Project Resistance Gameplay Overview TGS Trailer [Closed Beta Signups Now Open]


Oct 26, 2017
It looks like shit. Like honestly, total crap. Looks worse then 6. There's so many reused assets, like I said before, i'm getting huge MGS Survive flashbacks with the game.

It's like they ripped the skin off Resident Evil 2 Remake, a beloved and universally loved game, and are parading it on a horrible monster whose wearing it's skin like a coat.

If it has to be an action focused title, give me something Dead Spacey like Resident Evil 4 (Which was a fine balance between horror and action). Or fuck, a HUNK spin off (I would play the shit out of something like the Fourth Survivor, but a full game, balance HUNK's insane combat skills with the fact it's hard as balls) I wouldn't even mind a first person tactical first person Resident Evil like Not a Hero, or a condemned criminal origins style Joe Baker full game. Anything but this.
Cool, I loved MGSurvive!