When will the first 'next gen' console arrive?

  1. H2 2019

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  2. H1 2020

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  3. H2 2020

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  4. H1 2021

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  5. H2 2021

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  1. Gemüsepizza


    Might have found a new (?) code name in UE4, but no clue what it could be:


    (The god of darkness in Greek mythology)

    There is also the abbreviation "TST2" used for this platform:


    Path: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine\Plugins\Online\OnlineSubsystem\Source\Public\OnlineSubsystemNames.h

    And here the name is used side by side with PS4 and Xbox:


    Path: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine\Plugins\Online\OnlineSubsystemUtils\Source\OnlineSubsystemUtils\Private\PartyBeaconState.cpp

    Unfortunately, those are the only references I have found. Has someone heard this name before? Maybe it's just something boring, but who knows, lol.

    EDIT: In the second pic, it also says "bPS4SeenOtherConsole", maybe that hints at it being a console?
  2. Ōkami Haundo

    Ōkami Haundo

    Haven't heard that before, but wasn't Morpheus the codename for PSVR? That's the Greek god of dreams.


    The PS5 is being made solely in Dreams by Media Molecule?!
  3. Curufinwe


    There will be new consoles next year

    Is a statement that will make sense in four months and three days time.
  4. VX1


    Interesting! PS4 had code name Orbis.

    After Orbis Erebus...?

    Great detective work Gemusepizza :)
  5. Eylos

    User requested ban Member

    maybe thats psvr 2?
  6. 2Blackcats


    Interesting that crossplay is baked into U4 . Or am I misunderstanding it's use here?
  7. OrdinaryPrime



    Check the bolded!
  8. VX1



    Wow! :)
  9. Sir,you may have found the codename of the PS5!
  10. Heckler456


    There's signs in the numbers!
  11. Dant21


    Full PS1-4 BC confirmed? lol

    But, seriously, this is the first potential code name we've seen for PS5. Good work!
  12. VX1


    Fantastic news,this made my day :)
  13. Dant21


    Well, I mean, its already in Epic's internal use with Fortnite. Nothing unexpected.
  14. Bowl0l


    Great job finding the code name.
  15. 2Blackcats


    True, guess I just thought they would add the crossplay lines of code to just that game.
  16. Heckler456


    New thread worthy? Might spotlight it a little, see if there's anything to this or not.
  17. BitsandBytes


    I'm surprised the codename isn't already something we've heard or had confirmed. We have had Scarlet for a while already. It is a small thing in the grand scheme of things but just this nugget being confirmed would be something.
  18. Yaqza


    Do you know something that we don't?
  19. BitsandBytes


    I assumed he was just saying that the consoles are both 2020 and not a second sooner?
  20. Heckler456


    Four months and three days from now is January 2019.

    Meaning, it's a roundabout way of saying he thinks the consoles will release in 2020, not 2019
  21. Fisty


    It begins
  22. Gemüsepizza



    I also checked the previous version of Unreal Engine (4.19.2), and there are no mentions of Erebus, so this seems to be new in 4.20.2.

    But don't get too excited guys, nothing confirmed yet! Could still be a Chinese nvidia shield clone or something like that, lol.
  23. VX1



    You are great! :)

    And yes,we are getting excited lol
  24. RoboPlato


    OK this one is cool
  25. VX1


    If this is what we think it is,that means i guess that Epic has final specs/dev kit for Erebus by now...?
  26. Vertpin


    This feels like it should be new thread worthy. This is big!
  27. Manfred

    Banned Member

    PS5 or not, it's a nice find Gemüse.
  28. Carn


    A devkit: most likey, since they need to get UE running on next gen stuff
    final specs: most likely not, but they probably do know and can aim at certain performance profile.
  29. BitsandBytes


    I don't think we should get too excited unless/until someone in the know validates it or at least hints there might be something to it.

    ETA: I have experience in jumping the gun...
  30. I really hope its PS Erebus. Good lord it would be amazing if you discovered the code name here. If true, the fact that it is being reference in unity today in august 2018 makes me think holiday 2019 is more likely. Would be weird to have it put into unity, even in a limited form, 2+ years out.
  31. I hope it has all five BC

    I expect ps4 BC in full but would love ps3 BC. But i’d Be super shocked if it had ps1 and ps2 BC, outside of ps4 digital re releases.

    A man can dream tho
  32. Fisty


    I think with the jump in CPU, the progress of RPCS3, and MS doing great work with 360 BC, I think it's very possible. They would be more straightforward to update than PS2 games for the BC team at Sony, since they wouldnt need to add trophies.
  33. dobahking91


    Ok this is getting interesting lol
  34. I’m sorry guys but hear me out, if PS5 code name really is Erebus then maybe:

    It is more than one device? From a quick (and super basic) search of Erebus in Greek mythology, it seems it fathered other deities with nyx. We assume this means ps1, 2, 3, and 4.

    But it also can mean, as Erebos, a “deep darkness” or “shadow”. It is born “of chaos” whatever that means

    Here’s my crazy out of this world explanaations for something that may end up being nothing lol:

    1. The “shadow” part means this has more than one part to it. To have a shadow you have to a main entity. So maybe a ps5 and some sort of other ps5 device, like a hybrid a la switch model that’s portable? Idk. I know its a stretch

    2. Erebus has been written about as the father of Geras, who is the god of old age. He is one of the first of five beings born into existence and is born of chaos. Maybe its a PS1 classic mini a la nes mini? The PS1 was “born of chaos” in the 90s market with 3DO, Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X/Saturn, N64 all competing with it in some way. Also, Erebus is the FIRST or one of the first of five, not the fifth.

    3. The first recorded instance of Erebus is “darkness” as in it was “a place of darkness between earth and hades.” The between two realms part is interesting. So maybe its some sort of middle step? A PS4 Pro Pro? A hybrid PS4 model on 7nm? In Greek literature Erebus is used as a region in the underworld where the dead pass through immediately after dying on their way to hades i believe.

    So if it means to “pass through” something, perhaps its some sort of middle step like a new PS4 model (hybrid or a Pro +?)

    Of course this all depends on it being related to anything substantial at all. I just wanted to throw those out there as potential meanings.
  35. Carn


    I'm not counting on it. I think one of the reasons to "remaster" a bunch of PS3-era games was to "future proof" them.
  36. Carn


    Nah, why would UE4 target that kind of hardware? Judging from Gemüsepizza's pics, Erebus is modern hardware.
  37. Heckler456


    Now THIS is the kind of crazy bullshit I can get on board with!
  38. Idk.

    Maybe its a switch type version of ps4 and not a ps1 classic console. Let’s say if its a PS4 Hybrid model, like say a 7nm on a 10 inch tablet with a huge battery idk how it work but lets just say it is somehow: maybe its another “mode” for ps4 game development a la switch portable mode + docked mode.

    Here’s yet another crazy fucking idea: its a portable device that plays some ps4 content. The “passing through” and “shadow” parts really stand out to me. Sounds like a companion device imo.

    Maybe a dedicated ps4 remote play type device? Idk.
  39. VX1


    Exactly.Anyway,era of full remasters is over since we switched to x86 machines.I bet bunch of PS4 titles will get PS5 patch for 4K resolution,maybe 60 fps,few other improvements and thats it.But definitely no more remasters.
  40. Lol. Watch i spent that whole time typing it and it ends up being nothing.

    EDIT: Gave birth to Nyx,... wait N, X. NX! Holy shit this is NX guys! JK
  41. dobahking91


    But there's still some PS3 gems though :/

    Demon's Soul
    Motorstorm Trilogy
    Resistance Trilogy
    Ratchet and Clank Future quadrilogy
    Infamous trilogy
    Ni No Kuni
    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    Killzone 2 and 3
    God of War: Ascension
  42. kc44135


    Erebus? Hmm, if have found the codename for PS5, does that a 2019 release more likely?
  43. Maybe they are calling it erebus because its waiting stealthily in the darkness and ready to emerge when no one is expecting in 2019 lol.

    I cant think of any other reason they would codename it something that means darkness.
  44. Sony had a console called Vita. Don't expect them to make sense.
  45. Previously i would have said 2020 is more likely. Maybe it still is.

    But Bethesda talking about star field and ES6 this year at e3, Xbox mentioning Scarlett, variou ps5 rumors starting to pop up AND if this is truly PS5’s codename i don’t see why epic would add it to ue4 if it wasn’t roughly a year out.

    I imagine they are getting dev kits fairly early because of fortnite
  46. BitsandBytes


    Of course. Like with devkits nobody needs anything 2.5 years out.

    Until this gets confirmed though...
  47. Maybe it has something to do with HDR or the graphical leap they think it will be capable of?

    I always imagined the cube’s GPU being named flipper and the codename for the GameCube being dolphin had something to do with developers thinking they could finally do water justice with 3d graphics, hence why Nintendo has a huge presence of water in sunshine, wind waker, etc.
  48. Astrochelys


    Oh wow, that would be very cool if a console's code name was found this way.
    And to my understanding, Erebus is the fifth of the "first gods". First there was Chaos, Gaia, Tartarus, Eros (4), and then from Chaos came Erebus (5th). Chaos also had Nyx hmm...


    Edit: Hmm, I may have misunderstood this. Those first four are referenced as beings and not gods.
  49. VX1


    Gemusepizza said that only newest version of UE4 has Erebus mentioned...that could mean Epic got dev kits sometime this summer...and that would also mean other big 3rd parties are now getting/got recently dev kits as well...that means we could get some leak in september,i guess :)
  50. Andromeda


    The bPS4SeenOtherConsole bool declaration actually logically puts EREBUS with Xbox (like if it was a similar entity) 'against' PS4. It's more likely the codename of Scarlet in Unity UE4 than PS5 based on this.