1. Noroi_Kisaragi

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    In a strange decision, given the prior game featured things openly discussed like organ harvesting, demons, kidnapping, and whatever the hell this is, Namco Bandai has drawn the line at nuns.


    Japanese versions of the game include a pre-order DLC character called "Sistermon Noir" and "Sistermon Blanc". The US release will also contain Sistermon Blanc, but a seperate digimon, Sistermon Ciel, will be provided. The only difference between Ciel and Noir is one looks like a christain nun, the other doesn't.

    Why did they do this? Well, it's possibly a result of the Hitman controversy, where gun-wielding nuns caused an uproar and anger in the american press, causing accusations of sexism. Perhaps trying to avoid Hacker's Memory being called sexist, a new seperate digimon from Noir will be provided.

    But with less than 2 weeks left until release, here's a PSA on how you can dodge this change and get the uncensored version of the Digimon:

    EU Copies of Hacker's Memory are offered in the English language, and contain the uncensored version of the digimon, Noir.
    More information here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwUEyHWIXNY
    Twitter announcement: https://www.twitter.com/BandaiNamcoDE/status/923807750647373824

    So if you can get access to a VPN and the EU copy of the game (the japanese version isn't region locked, so I don't expect the european version will be), you should be able to enjoy Nier in english.

    Also, you can still encounter Sistermon Nier online from other regions, so if a gun-wielding nun is too much for you to handle, you might want to make sure never to touch the game's online mode, where players will no doubt be showing off their exclusive monster.


    For people who already own the US version of Cyber Sleuth 1 and hope to import your prior game's savedata, unfortunately saves are region locked, and doing this method will mean you will have to do that stuff all over again. So if you are able to import your US savedata into hacker's memory, you may be stuck with Ciel.
  2. Zubz


    Wait, this comes out next week? Damn. My game budget is going to DBZF for this month... and the next... and possibly the one after that if I get a fightstick.

    Guess I'll never get the pre-order DLC because they'll never release it normally again.

    That said, this DLC looks weird. Like, are those more-human-than-usual Digimon? I'm fine sitting those out.
  3. Rezsolution


    Goddamn SJWs censoring my video games again!

    /s incase that wasn't obvious
  4. It's out soon, yeah, but... Maybe wait for a price drop if you're not the world's biggest Digimon fan. It's basically Cyber Sleuth 1.5 at best, with a LOT of reused content. From what I've heard, it's basically a retelling of the first game for $60
  5. Drayco21


    Oh shit, this is out next week? Gotta pre order. Don't have strong feelings about this change- but I do have strong feelings about supporting US Digimon releases.
  6. Ultimadrago


    Damn, I really liked Cyber Sleuth, but when you put it that way I almost want to wait it out.
  7. maximumzero


    The blue looks better anyway. *shrug*
  8. Takahashi


    I'm amazed how they see more viable spending money to alter an outfit and messing with the fans than just having the game as it is and having some slight backlash because of religion. When you think of it, it makes not much sense.
  9. SliceSabre


    Wow this is that old 90s style of editing Christian things out of games. I thought we were beyond that kinda stuff.
  10. Rob2K19


    Knew about this months ago. I wasn't getting it day 1 after that. More like during the holiday season.
  11. Filament Star

    Filament Star
    Banned Member

    Not a big enough change for me to get another region's version but damn, NA is a trainwreck with stuff like this.
  12. Delusibeta


    That's a baffling change, especially considering it's US only.
  13. rhandino


  14. Here's a link from last year

    - 2 less main story chapters
    - about the same amount of side quests
    - 73 new Digimon
    - 60 reused maps, 30 new maps

    From what I can see, the consensus seems to be that this game existed to have a console game for the series anniversary last year.
  15. BassForever


    The bigger weird part for me is their is a sexy nun digimon in the first place. Not gonna stop me from getting the new game.
  16. whiteninja


    Is there some kind of taboo when it comes to gun toting nuns? The other one had a spear and was unchanged. Neither really look sexist to me either. Pretty strange decision.
  17. Zubz


    I loved Cyber Sleuth, but yeah. I'd need more from a sequel than what Hacker's Memory is apparently offering, then.
  18. rhandino


    Those are Digimon?

  19. Kewlmyc


    Namco Bandai does seems to be censor happy as of late. There was the whole thing with Laphi's death in Berseria and the removal of swords from Dragonball Fusion.
  20. MaximumSpider

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    Small change. Not too worried about it and still very excited to play!
  21. The Dragon Ball swords shit didn't even make sense given the fact that Xenoverse 2 had them despite having the same rating
  22. PaperSparrow

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    The change is weird, and I don't really understand it. Either they misunderstand the crazy US evangelicals (nuns are more of a Catholic thing) or they misunderstood the Hitman controversy (killing sexualized women).

    I'm still happy Ciel exists though, because Digimon is full of weird one-offs and I get a kick out of that.
  23. Alent


    Wait... those are Digimon? I thought the human-styled Digimon always had their faces covered in some way. Weird.
  24. Buying a EU copy sounds like a lot of work just to get one ugly costume instead of another.
    I also thought we were over calling ganes with slight alterations done by the publisher “censorship”.
  25. Directly and intentionally replacing religious imagery is a form of censorship, unlike changing the cut of a girl's shirt.
  26. rar


    This doesn't really affect my interest in buying this game.

    This almost made me concerned, but I knew from the beginning that this was add-on content to the original story. It still sounds like it's a new story enough for me to be interested. It's not quite like going from Pokemon Ruby to Emerald in that sense.

    Furthermore, I'm happy to support another US release of a good Digimon game, and I've been wanting to jump into this world again anyway. What I'm really looking forward to is the follow-up game that'll be based on PS4 hardware instead of PSV hardware. That's the only real limitation I saw with the last game.

    My other question here is - cross-buy?
  27. rar


    My thoughts exactly. This doesn't really change anything about the game, and honestly those Digimon look more like humans and I'm not interested anyway.

    This is true.
  28. I don't very much, only that in the context of Digimon, nuns can now hatch from eggs.
  29. ohlawd



    that's pretty funny
  30. shan780


    i think the blue one looks better

    seems like a strange decision considering far cry 5 isnt too far off and we had SMTIV apocalypse around a year ago wherein
    you kill the actual god YHVH aided by the actual satan
  31. Iva Demilcol

    Iva Demilcol

    Buying the EU version.
  32. devSin


    So is she supposed to be a nun?

    Because if not, it's not "censorship". It's just localization.
  33. Jawmuncher

    Crisis Dino - Snake is in Smash Moderator

    Digimon sure has changed a lot from what I remember
  34. Lindsay


    Weird. With the Project X Zone games they had no issue keeping the gun-toting nun unaltered in the US. What happened between early 2016 and now to push such a change? Nuns with guns are a big anime thing and Bamco is perhaps the largest publisher and localizer of "anime" games. This seems like something they should own up to rather than back down.
  35. Yes, she's supposed to be a nun. I mean, for God's sake, she's called "Sistermon" and is weird black and white garb
  36. Bishop89


    Is this really enough reason to buy it from a different region?
  37. Castile


    Thinking about it you are right that many female humanoid digimon have their eyes covered up. Still common with Ultimate and above digimon from what l see with their digivolutions also having it.

  38. Aselith


    PSA: That doesn't seem like a huge deal but more power to the people who are going to go through some extra hassle to get the "real" version
  39. Holly


    A company choosing to alter something isn't censorship

    Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or "inconvenient" as determined by government authorities or by community consensus"
  40. Bigg


    I don't really see this as a huge deal at all? I mean if you really want a nun costume then go for it but there's no way I'd go out of my way to pay extra for the EU version for this. The way the title was worded I thought they actually cut content or something.
  41. Chrono


    I love how they changed the color/design of her outfit, but kept the gun. Yeah, a black-and-white traditional nun outfit? CAN'T HAVE THAT! She can keep the weapon, though.

    Such a strange change.
  42. Noroi_Kisaragi

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    The game has more than 73 new digimon actually. I'm counting about 86. (Cyber sleuth 1 (Cyber Sleuth 1 spoilers)) (Hacker's memory (no spoilers but a pre-order digimon is visible)) . You can add an additional 4 digimon that will be patched in soon, and if it's anything like cyber sleuth 1, expect DLC down the line. The actual amount of digimon seen by the user will be greater, because Cyber Sleuth 1 had a lot of exclusive digimon that many people never even seen, and luckily hacker's memory includes them all.

    It's about 50 hours long if you skip all sidequests. Hard mode extends it about 10 hours due to necessary farming, and sidequests push it 10~15 hours longer, and there's an even longer postgame sidequest. That's a lot more content than most JRPGs these days. The online mode is actually relevant in this game and has a load of content, so it's difficult to judge how that mode will affect the longevity and replayability of the game at this time.
  43. Alent


    Males too, like the Angemon line and Myostismon etc. These Sistermon just look like generic anime girls. I mean, they're cute, they just don't feel like real Digimon. Those digievolutions look a bit better.
  44. Apath


    Why is a gun-wielding nun sexist? Or is the uproar sexist?
  45. PaperSparrow

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    It's a more "modern" Digimon design choice (see: Lucemon and Lilithmon compared to older designs like LadyDevimon, Myotismon etc.). I don't really like them personally, because it comes off more as human cosplayer than monster to me, but they have their fans.
  46. Aselith


    Because they are fetishized bondage nuns?

  47. Noroi_Kisaragi

    Banned Member OP

    You bolded the wrong thing Holly. The press/media is a form of community consensus, and the consensus against gun-wielding nuns was damning with Hitman. The results bleeded over to this game, and therefore, it's still a case of censorship, even if the context has changed slightly.
  48. Aselith


    It being the result of Hitman like 10 damn years ago or whatever is pure speculation.
  49. NiteJohn


    Those aren't Digimon. Those are Cosplayers. I don't care WHAT BN says, those aren't Digimon.

    Any interest I have in modern Digimon is gone.
  50. Alent


    Ah, i see. I saw Lucemon in Next Order and thought it was super special because it had no mask. Didn't know it was a more modern thing. Can't say i like them much either. Feels kinda creepy, like you're ordering a real human around. Somehow a mask prevents that feeling lol