1. Crushed

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    What’s New:
    - Desert map ("Miramar") is now available for selection. See if you can find the new vehicles and weapons!
    - New Progress Mission: collect progress rewards when you reach new levels, then take on new missions.
    - Added weekly Activity missions: earn rewards based on your Activity.
    - Added local quick team feature: enter a 6-digit code to team up with friends that are next to you.
    - Added Synergy and Connections: interact with your friends in-game to raise Synergy, then build Connections when your Synergy is high enough.
    - Added Regions: now you can choose your region and flag.
    - Added language-specific chat channels: there is now an additional channel based on the language of your choice.
    - Added more avatars.
    - Now you can collect rewards for every new tier reached in Season 2.
    - Added a Shop, where you can preview and purchase new outfits and items.
    - Added a Secret Stash, where you can purchase special discounted items.

    - Spectator mode smoothness improved.
    - Striking sounds and effects added to melee combat.
    - Parachute camera smoothness improved.
    - Initial parachute speed increased to match the PC version.
    - Improved climbing check during running.
    - Picture styles now available on all devices.
    - Added sound effects for breaking doors.
    - Improved display of personal information and results.
    - Improved team invitation flow.

    First Person Mode isn't in yet; it's in the Chinese release, which is usually ahead of the international one.

    "Picture styles" are color saturation options:


    It also looks like a higher end graphics option is now available.
  2. Edge


    I said it a hundred times and I will say it a hundred times more, PUBG mobile is by far the best PUBG version on the market. It never not impresses me, the PC version feels like a demo version in comparison.
  3. Redneckerz

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    I have to get back into this, but i await 0.60 for the FPP mode. I so want that mode.
  4. Its crazy how much faster the mobile devs have been then the xbox amd pc ones.