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PUBG PS4 gameplay

Oct 27, 2017
In what way? Honestly curious, I've only ever played like 3 matches of Blackout and through it was a lot of fun, curious about PUBG.
It has a higher skill ceiling in my opinion. You really need to be a good player to win.

So much more to the gameplay. Try it out and see. It's not for everyone because of its difficulty, but it's more rewarding.

It's the Dark Souls of battle royale.
Oct 31, 2017
Still plenty of texture and item pop-in. Everything looks a little fuzzy but its hard to tell from the stream. Performance looks ok. A few issues here and there but looks acceptable.
Nov 1, 2017
Glad they didn't half-ass this. Early Xbox One performance was absolutely dreadful and it's crucial the game is in good shape off the bat for the PS4 if they want to capitalize on its user base.

PUBG, in all its janky glory, is my personal shooter of the gen. It's ugly, certainly, but I love the gunplay and the pace. I'm happy just about everyone can at least give it a shot.