PUBG Xbox, second patch is live.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by statham, Dec 22, 2017.

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    The second patch for the console version of PUBG goes live today at 9 am GMT for Xbox One Owners. Focusing on performance optimizations and a few in-game issues and bugs, this is the second patch the developer has pushed in a matter of days.

    The full patch notes below:


    • Continued performance optimizations

    • The tuning range for the general sensitivity option has been expanded
    • Weapon recoil reduced across the board (Xbox Only)
    • Team UI will now correctly display voice chat status
    • Additional Localization updates

    • A variety of crash fixes
    • Fixed an issue where casting bar UI remains onscreen when spectating a target who died while using an item from their inventory
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    Hope it continues to get solid support. Now to boot up the game on PC oh shieeee
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    FYI for those that dont know the last patch made the framerate better but wasnt 30fps yet. It also introduced Oceanic servers.

    Curious to see if this patch makes it better and fixes the textures.
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    I suppose MS decided to give PUBG a way fast track patches.
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    Now it can be a 11/10 on Polygon.
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    thats the whole point of early access.
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    Any info on how big the patch is?
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    I bet every patch is basically the full download every time.
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    Wonder when IGN is going to update their review? If they want to review a game preview game which will be constantly patched they need to update their review to reflect all the changes game preview games go through in a short time.

    Glad to see PUBG and MS taking the state of this game seriously.
  14. M52B28

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    Hope it fixes rubber banding.

    Also, I don't understand why they reduced recoil across the board.
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    Ok, so we got 2 updates and a stealth server update in 1 week? That’s pretty impressive.

    But they still need to fix aiming issues. The no aim assist is really killing it.

    EDIT: Dos this mean I have to delete the game again and redownload it?
  16. Dr. Caroll

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    I suspect it's probably because a lot of console gamers are struggling to aim.
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    Another DF video incoming lol
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    Yeah not happy about the Recoil news...
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    Aim assist really has no place in a game like this. The more they optimize the game, the better the aiming will get. If they add aim assist, I'm likely never going to touch the game again because I like it for its challenging and realistic controls that it borrows from the ARMA series.

    Reducing the recoil is stupid of them. Why would they do that if they haven't fixed the net code and stabilized the frame rate? Now the weapons aren't going to perform as they should.
  20. Daffy Duck

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    Odd choice to reduce recoil to be honest.

    Hopefully it's only minor.
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    Happy with the support. I hope it continues and have the same amount of attention as the PC version.
  22. steviejd1

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    The guy that did the xbox one review seems to be very passionate about PUBG.

    "Xbox fans are confused as to why a laggy, low fps, non-optimized game got a review in progress. It's to inform people about what they're getting for their money. Expect an update as it improves (and I think it will.)"

    "Amazingly fast patched. Excited to see Xbox getting optimized so quickly."

    "For Xbox, I'm going to keep an eye on it and advise as to when it should be updated. For now it still needs work, but I forsee an update soon. For PC we will update in January when Chloi is back from vacation."

    Quotes from his twitter.
  23. Zappy

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    It's called the early access program. Anyone in this program on Xbox can fast track patches and updates.
  24. Klobrille

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    First impressions from Reddit are coming in.

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    Glad to see support be pretty swift here, hopefully this is a bit more substantial that the previous patch, but every little bit can help clean up this messy launch.
    If Microsoft want to publish and sell a product, consumers have a right to read reviews on it to be informed on their purchase regardless of the status of said product. The review in question even states that it will be updated as needed. Now, we already have a thread dedicated to this subject, lets not drag it into here.
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    Pretty much, see above.
  28. Prine

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    Sounds promising, any Reseter's test drive the new patch?
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    This is why iGN early review was a joke
  30. Edge

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    I'm so scared that they dump it down in comparison to the PC version now. D:
  31. Klobrille

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    More impressions.

  32. nekkid

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    But people need a score to understand what their experience will be like for all of 5 minutes.
  33. Swanlee

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    Its relevant and needs to be talked about. Gaming media needs to treat game preview/early access game fairly. If they are going to "review" games that openly state they are unfinished and sell at a discounted rate where you will get the finished game as development progresses then these media outlets need to be on the ball and keep up with the current state of the game. IGN never updated the review for the first patch.

    And that still doesnt really undo the damage the initial drop of a review does to a game that just launched in game preview.
  34. 5pectre

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    I don't think aim assist is needed. Better fine tuning of the sensitivity and a slight reduction of recoil, which we both got in this update, should be enough.
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    Consumers deserve to know the state of the product at the time they are looking to purchase regardless of whether it will be fixed later. Review in progress is the right move if publishers want to make this sort of release, even more so if them or platform owners want to push it as a major release, just as we had with No Man's Sky.
  36. ItsBobbyDarin

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    Thanks for calling me a console peasant. (-.-)
    Maybe its not auto aim, but something with the sensitivity as the quote beneath here states. There are some problems with the aiming, you gotta give me that at least.

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    Im inpress. But I still prefer Fortnite crazyness to Pubg realistic...ness?
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    Likewise, Fortnite is more action oriented and past paced.
  39. steviejd1

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    Luckily they didn't, it would have probably got an even lower score. I'm sure every time there is major improvement the reviewer will go back and update the review just like he says on his twitter.

    PUBG was in no way damaged by the 5/10 review by IGN. Selling 1 mil in 2 days is obviously a disaster...
  40. RoboitoAM

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    Don't trust reddit opinions. They also thought that the original release was a smooth 30fps and perfect gameplay.
  41. Swanlee

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    Media outlets that "review" game preview games should be held accountable to reflect the current state of the game and update their reviews.

    Its been a week since the IGN review and the game plays and runs very differently now. IGN also never updated the review for the first patch which landed only a day after their review.

    Lets be honest it was silly click bait for them to attach a score to a game preview game.
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    Ok so what do I do now? Do I first uninstall and then reinstall? Because I never had that new HUD in the first place from the other thread.
  43. WesleyShark

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    Aim assist is not needed in this game- you have to get used to the controls. I think the reduced recoil may help some folks who have been struggling, especially with shooting cars (which blow up quickly btw).
  44. Bricktop

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    I wasn't insulting you. I was just pointing out that no aim assist on top of pc level recoil might be an issue for controllers and you happened to be the person who pointed it out. :)

    The fact that the end of games on consolee devolves into deathrace 2000 more often than not isn't how they intended the game to play out so they're probably going to keep tweaking until that style of play is no longer preferable.
  45. nekkid

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    And that IGN review is terrible for that reason. It became unrepresentative of the user experience very quickly and hadn’t been updated to reflect that.
  46. Abu

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    How's the OG Xbox One performance?
  47. Swanlee

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    Yep the user experience literally changed a day after that review was posted and now a week later it has changed again.

    2 patches in a week and IGN can't even bother to update the score. The impact of the initial review is still being felt and now is based on a fleeting state the game was in for only a short time after launch
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    Thread is about the new patch and people are talking about a review.... man
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    These patches are so big. Couldnt they have waited one more week to release this to save tons of people with datacaps a huge pain in the ass
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    I am uninstalling the game just to be sure. So what is the latest patch? Mine says