Q&ERA: Lizardcube and DotEMU discuss Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

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  1. ShiftyHermit

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    This was so much better than I was expecting. Holy crap, amazing job and thanks to Lizardcube and DotEMU for agreeing to do this. I really enjoyed the read.
  2. ilfait

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    Beautifully done remake. Congratulations, Lizardcube; your skill, respect for the source material, and hard work paid off.
  3. JetSetRadio

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    Should have asked how you can fuck up something like windjammers online.
  4. StrawberryJam

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    Thanks for picking my question and thanks for the great answer Lizardcube!
  5. Shanaynay

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    Thanks to LizardCube and DotEMU for taking the time to answer all the questions and of course, thanks to the staff for putting together this amazing feature, excellent work it was wonderful to read.
    I've never played the original serie but i'm tempted to give the remake a shot to support the devs.
  6. Antony

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    Amazing job, thank you to everybody involved.
  7. €pcott

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    Great new forum feature! This place gets better and better.

    Love the developer’s dedication and work. I still need to pick the game up at some point for the Switch. Makes me wish they could remaster Monster World 4, but I can understand the desire to create original work.
  8. TheGhost

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    That was kind of awesome, game looks really pretty, I never played the original but I be purchasing this odf the strength of this post.
  9. sandkiller

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    Nice, well done everyone!
  10. CavZee

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    This is fantastic to read, thanks. I'm looking forward to digging into the game next month when the physical switch version releases.
  11. fiendcode

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    Great interview. I hope we see more SMS remakes from these guys, specifically Golvellius.
  12. NeoZeedeater

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    Awesome Q&A.

    I'm extremely happy with the way the game turned out. The only thing I can think of to have improved it would be to have the game be more obvious with the Sega Master System origin of the game for newcomers. Fans of the original know where it came from but new people might just see it as an "8-bit remake". If they associate the game specifically with the SMS, then maybe they will pursue learning about other underrated games on the system.
  13. PtM

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    The crass red font clashes with dark theme. Maybe tone down red or add more blue&green.
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    Honestly turned out much better than I thought. It was really a fantastic read and I hope there's many more to come! Thanks to everyone involved in getting this to happen.
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    That was a really fun read, thanks for this Q&A, I really hope we see more with increased frequency
  16. Filipus

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    Thanks for the time that was spend for this to happen, it was pretty great!
  17. Kadab

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    Great reading. Really hope we get more of these Q&A's
  18. Eon

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    Really nice format.

    I just absolutely adore this game. The art direction and OST are just phenomenal. I can’t wait to see if they will remake any more 8, or 16-but classics.
  19. denpanosekai

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    Great questions and amazing answers! Just beat the game a few weeks ago. Those extra levels were devilish!
  20. Cool read, game looks fantastic.
  21. FallenGrace

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    That was excellent. I didn't participate in the questions but want to thank all involved in making it happen and for an interesting read about a great project.
  22. epaturun

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    fantastic. Look forward to more of these.
  23. kitsuneyo

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    This was great! Game is on my Switch radar now.
  24. Joqu

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    That was a good read. I was going to send in a question myself but uh.... I kind of forgot. I'll have to make sure I remember to next time.
  25. Window

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    Nice in depth QnA. Always fascinating hearing development thought processes and anecdotes. Hope we continue to get more of these. Great work!
  26. Brazil

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    Such a fun and interesting read. Thank you interviewees and Q&ERA team!

    Finding out about the hardships the LizardCube guys went through made me appreciate the game even more, haha.
  27. Pikma

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    This just sold me on the game. Thank you guys
  28. Tailzo

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    Thanks. Interesting questions and answers :)
  29. CO_Andy

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    didn't get to submit my question as to why the superior PC Engine soundtrack isn't in the game :(
  30. Jack Scofield

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    This was incredibly well-done, and this is coming from someone who hadn't heard of the game prior to this interview. Very informative and extremely interesting! Thanks to all those involved and I hope to see more of these interviews in the future.
  31. Sirpopopop

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    Great answers from some great questions.

    Never knew there was a Brazilian specific version of Wonder Boy.
  32. Radarscope1

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    This is an amazing community feature. Thanks for putting it together.
  33. Wow, this is so in depth and put-together. I love this!

    Awesome insights, excellent enthusiasm, and really cool in general. Thank you Era, DotEmu, and Lizardcube for this. I can't wait for more of these.
  34. Brazil

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    An insanely popular one. It was the second videogame I ever played, after Alex Kidd in Miracle World, haha :P

    The company that dealt with bringing SEGA products to the Brazilian market since that time really knew what they were doing. They made multiple official romhacks that changed some games into products that were more palatable to the local audience.
  35. Felensis

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    Finally made it to read the first Q&ERA. One of the best, most insightful and honest interviews I've read in a long time. No non-sensical PR blah blah here. Awesome! Love the game when I played it initially on my Switch even though I've never played the original. Thanks to the ResetERA staff, Lizardcube and DotEMU for the awesome game and this great interview <3