Rainbow Six: Siege |OT| And so it is, that Ash seeketh Ember Rise

Oct 25, 2017
I never argued they can't be played in ranked/unranked and I have been able to so far. Especially Goyo. I find it easier to get them in ranked since they are no vote kick options and teammates are relatively easy going compared to casual. I did have one game with the other team banning the new ops but so far it hasn't been much of an issue. Not many going Amaru compared to Goyo. In the past I have issues with picking new ops in casual as a season drops that turns into a tk fest or vote kick. Unranked is a life saver in that I can avoid casual completely.
Oct 27, 2017
i think i'll start trying out unranked. i've never played ranked in siege solely because i find it lame that it plasters your w/l and k/d on your profile permanently while ranks are wiped seasonally. i just don't like things that exist to give ammunition to shitty people in a match.

i'm enjoying them more than last season's. no brand new map, but there is a remake of kanal.
It doesn’t show any stats in a ranked match though, until the end when it shows your rank. Except your level but that doesn’t mean anything.


Oct 28, 2017

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