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  1. MylesDevin


    Um... GTX 1080s do 1440p/60. I'm sure 1070Ti's could do it too. I used a 1070 at 1440p for a while and there were only a few occasions where I dropped below 60 on some demanding titles.
  2. Jim2point0



    Which is fine... but it's not like we can just ignore it until the performance is up to par since we're paying a premium on the new cards regardless. So... it's frustrating.

    Wait 2 years for a very small jump in overall performance (going by TFLOPS midn you, not "RTX-OPS"), but paying a fuckton more.
  3. Tagyhag


    Sounds about right. People can play ray traced at 30fps but that's not most people's ideal framerate on PC.

    Ray tracing is the future, but not this early. :P
  4. inner-G


    Will '7nm' be the new 'Scorpio'?
  5. tuxfool


    That ray-tracing stuff will be added in post release.

    But this is also giving me echoes of VXAO in Rotter. Clear improvement over the original occlusion system. Utterly impractical to use on account of the performance cost.

    And given the seemingly slight improvement over 10 series, VXAO will remain that way.
  6. Tahnit


    Yeah ok that cements it I will be waiting this gen out.
  7. CoLD FiRE

    CoLD FiRE
    Banned Member

    Of course it's going to be a big deal if consoles pull off ray tracing because they're not going to cost $1200 for the GPU alone but rather ~$500 for the whole system.

    edit: also, if next gen consoles are capable of doing ray tracing it just means higher potential for developers to actually implement it in their games\engines.
  8. Keikaku


    I meant while raytracing. I have a 1080 already.
  9. Expy


    Do we really know of the TFlop performance is minimal though ? We should wait for benchmarks.
  10. KingSnake


    Let's stop pretending that you know stuff when you don't. The ray tracing will come as a post release patch.
  11. I'm just excited we're finally here.
  12. Well yeah. Pretty much a vanity product at this stage
  13. Dr. Dre's Dr.

    Dr. Dre's Dr.
    Banned Member

    Yeah, Thats what I see and I get ya, that is progress and things take time and I am happy for all of that. It is a great start and I suppose it will be really really awesome in iteration 3 or 4.
  14. Heisenburger

    Banned Member

    Honest question. Do nvidia finally use a sync computer properly for dx12?
  15. buzzjive


  16. GameAddict411


    This reminds of the 6800 GT. It came out fully supporting DX9 with all it's fancy features, but when the real DX9 came out, it couldn't run any of them with good settings at a decent resolution while maintaining good performance. The same is true for DX11 cards where tessellation will tank performance but if you look at current cards it barely impacts performance. This is the same case here where these cards are the start of a new graphics technology that's not capable of actually doing these features. New card several years from now will be significantly more capable.
  17. Jim2point0


    Based on that. Actual performance remains to be seen I suppose.
  18. Exactly, you ain't gonna get ray tracing games built from the ground up cos the consoles don't have it so his argument is bizarre. All you're get is it bolted on after the fact, tanking performance.

    So it'll be like hairworks, everyone will just turn it off when gaming, reviewers will turn it off when benching.
  19. shanafan


    Plenty of games can already do that with a GPU under $500.

    With my 1070, I can play Overwatch at 4K, locked 60 FPS on high graphical settings.
  20. Manfred

    Banned Member

  21. Hogendaz85


    BF5: Are you a god?

    RTX: ‘No..’


    I’ve Lost my mind folks!
  22. potatohead


    Lol @ all the people that were trying to pre-order

    The good news is that this tech will see it's way into the next gen consoles, even if a limited form.

    It will definitely help with lighting and shading to the nth degree.

    5th gen: move to 3d, dx7 and dx8 maturity
    6th gen: vast improvement in polygon drawing capability, full screen framebuffer effects and shaders, dx9 advent
    7th gen: programmable shaders, dx10 and 11
    8th gen: material based shading, screen space reflections, gpgpu functions, vulkan launched
    9th gen: raytraced shadows, reflections, and ambient lighting solutions

    PS5 and eventually PS5 Pro is gonna look sick

    Good time for graphics whores as always

    Bad time to buy a GPU, in fact I'd say anyone who spends 1200 on a gpu that can't do 1080p60 on a game like BFV "kinda dumb" and I don't care if it has extra effects

    Might as well buy a Voodoo card right now to run BFV

    This is just further legitimizing my 1080 ti purchase, thank you graphics card gods
  23. plagiarize

    Mighty Jagrafess Moderator

    I played ROTTR with VXAO on my 980s (in SLI I think). I think I took about a 20 fps hit, but it still kept me north of 40 fps as a minimum FPS which on a gsync monitor is plenty good imo. Again, it'll vary game to game whether I want to take the hit, but in a single player game like this where shooting is just one element, I'm going to be very tempted.
  24. Bluelote


    now consider that the 2070 is much slower and still costs more than a 1080 and... the effect starts to look pretty useless...
    more people will have to settle for old cards or even slower future 2060 or whatever which is likely even slower at RT and...
    it starts to look like it's too soon and we need another 1-2 gens for it to be viable...

    you compare the user base of older cards + consoles against the RTX for the next year and a dev would need to be crazy to allocate too many resources to this tech for now anyway.

    it feels kind of like...

    DX9 on the FX 5800, compatible but useless at it (slow)
    DX9c on the 6800 sort of similar but less so,
    Tessellation on the HD 5870, compatible but VERY slow at it..

    2080 is bringing compatibility but in a couple of years it might look ridiculously slow at the task, maybe even 1 years given the 7nm process is not far... which makes the whole pricing thing very disappointing, going by the lack of benchmarks without RT being a factor and the specs, it's fair to expect the RTX series to be disappointing in regular games
  25. Pmichael

    Banned Member

    What did people expect that lighting and shadow and mirror calculation and rendering are for free now?
  26. pestul


    1080p is an ambysmal resolution these days.. and terrible on 1440p and 4k displays. I still like pushing new tech but it's quite a premium pricing increase for something nearly unusable (2080 and under I'm sure it will be).
  27. Grimminski


    And that's supposed to be meaningful because...

    Tuxfool already beat me to it


    Because Nvidia spends a lot of money on marketing
  28. Bluelote


    they added a lot of additional dedicated hardware on the chip, stuff that wasn't there and it's there now just for this task, so maybe people expected decent performance, not going sub 60 on a game that is going to run at 60 on consoles.
  29. Bjones


    Why lol? Maybe people just want the best card out there? It’s not like you have to use the Raytrace settings.

    But it it will still destroy consoles with the setting off.

    I need the “ feel like I’m taking crazy pills “ gif.
  30. AdvancedWind


    Yeah, I'm sure it's a giant leap technologically but I can't realistically justify spending that much for a feature that can't reach 60fps yet, when it's not that big of a leap outside of this one use case.

    Theearly adopter tax is way too high here. I'll wait a couple generations to get in.

    I do wonder how well it's going to sell at that price.
  31. Premium


    The comments in this thread must make a developer blush right?

    I’m excited to see the implementation.
  32. famikon


  33. Tain


    I'm glad this tech is coming out but being asked to trade resolution for just about anything else is something I don't see many PC gamers accepting. To this degree, I mean.
  34. Dark1x

    Digital Foundry Verafied

    Anyone saying BF5 doesn’t hit 60fps at 1080p is flat out wrong. That’s a lie or an incorrect understanding of what was being seen. It’s much higher.

    Also, expect huge gains. This was less than two weeks of work by DICE. They barely had access to these cards prior to this event.
  35. shanafan


    So it seems like ray tracing still has a ways to go to get better optimized.

    Just play with it off, and I know these new cards will perform beautifully in 4K and 1440p. We will see what happens post-release of games like Tomb Raider and BF:V for ray tracing.
  36. Techno


    say kwhaat?

    Hopefully it does just work, I'm so tempted to buy one of these in September.
  37. rashbeep


    me too man
  38. BBQ_of_DOOM


    I cannot wait until y'all get your hands on this.
  39. Smokey


    video coming?
  40. Bjones


    Everyone’s in full lynch mob mode in here. It’s expensive so it must be bad.
  41. Savitar


    Does this mean a video is incoming with the facts?
  42. Bluelote


    but... how much faster than Pascal to justify the big price increase?
  43. omaroni


    Environment interactivity and realistic animation are 1000 times more important than all of these examples of ray tracing.
  44. Fularu


    I'm going to keep my 1080Ti till the 4080Ti comes out :p
  45. Dark1x

    Digital Foundry Verafied

    Yes but not yet. Alex will handle it and we have the proper facts on this.
  46. Dictator

    Digital Foundry Verafied

    Thread title is wholly untrue and needs correcting. BFV was above 60 at 1080p with ray tracing on.

    The hyperbole as well here is just not great. Wait for the demos, wait for the games, wait for more info - not unsabstantiated information.
  47. John Wick

    John Wick

    No Way? Really? Thats amazing!
    It would help if you actually read what he was refferring to which is [email protected] with Raytracing
  48. Transistor


    Keeping my 1070 for a long time it seems. Really hope AMD can come out with a good CPU soon
  49. mikehaggar

    Developer at Pixel Arc Studios Verafied

    What exactly is ray traced in this? The shadows? The entire scene? I'm just curious... and yes, real-time ray tracing (even if only the shadows) is a huge step forward. Clearly, this is running at a playable frame rate on a $1200 graphics card. I wrote a ray tracer in a Computer Graphics class in College... it took several minutes to spit out a single image of a very simple scene. Seeing ray tracing coming into games at playable frame rates is very exciting stuff!
  50. Savitar


    Thumbs up man, we really need to know what's what.......especially for those prices.
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