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Oct 25, 2017

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Useful Tips

Regarding controls:
I understand that many people have not been too keen on the way this game controls, whether it be the movement, the aiming/combat, or just the general weightiness of Arthur.

I believe I have a solution to many of these problems, and they are easily fixed in the games settings.

I’m certain that once these settings are adjusted to what I have provided below, you will find yourself having a much better experience with this game, as it essentially makes it control more in line with what you’d expect out of a traditional console TPS/FPS.

So, let’s begin shall we.

This first image is accessed by pressing Pause>Settings>Controls>scroll down to the the Third Person / First Person section

The most important thing to note here, is the change to “Standard FPS” for Third Person (and First).

This is a revelation, because it completely gets rid of “tap X/A to sprint”, while ALSO fully allowing you to move your camera and look around while running and gunning.

It remaps running to clicking the left stick L3; click once to run, click again to sprint. This is a vastly superior alternative to having to tap X/A, because when doing that, you’re taking your right thumb off the camera stick, removing the ability to look around while navigating on foot. Tapping X/A is also a tedious headache, so this will be great for those who hate doing that. Naturally, this remaps crouch/stealth to the X/A button.

Also, be sure to adjust all of the other values to the ones provides in the screenshot; they are just as important, and will make your aiming/combat experience feel much smoother and more responsive as a result, guaranteed.

Using these settings, if anything feels a little too fast for you, only adjust the Look/Aim SENSITIVITY settings to what feels comfortable, DO NOT touch the acceleration/dead zone. Acceleration must be all the way up, and dead zone must be all the way down, no matter what.


This next screenshot is very important for those who also like to enjoy the game in First Person.

These settings are accessed by pressing Pause>Settings>Camera

The important things to note here are:

First Person Auto Level Camera = Off
First Person Field of View = Max
First Person Head Bobbing = Reduced
First Person Cover = Off

The Auto Level Camera setting is a big one. For some idiotic reason, this is set to On by default. The problem with this, is that whenever you are playing in First Person, and move forward with the left stick, the camera will begin to Auto-Center back to eye-level.

This is very bad, as it completely disregards where you have your camera pointed or what you’re trying to focus on, as soon as you start moving Arthur forward. No other FPS game controls like this, and it’s just weird and unfortunate that Rockstar even decided this should be in their games (it’s also on by default in GTAV)

Field of View is self-explanatory. The default value is extremely low, and makes it feel like you’re looking at the world through a tiny window. Please set this to Max. This will greatly improve your enjoyment in First Person.

Head Bobbing is also self explanatory. I appreciate the attempt at immersion here, but Rockstar should know that this doesn’t add anything of value to the game, and only looks bad, might even cause motion sickness.

First Person cover is another big one. Trying to have a shoot-out while behind cover in First Person is no-bueno, especially when you have the option to actually see what you’re trying to shoot.


You may be skeptical of what I’m showing you here, and it might be hard to believe that adjusting them will dramatically improve your experience with the game - I totally understand that, but PLEASE give this a try and see how it feels. I wouldn’t have gone through the effort of making such a long and detailed post if I didn’t think this will be anything short of an absolute game-changer for you.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy this game better as a result.

GIFs courtesy of SunhiLegend and Much118

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Oct 25, 2017
Every night when I sit down to play, I say, “Just one more mission.”

As someone who is usually in bed by 9:00 PM, I’ve been slinking into bed around 1:00 AM.


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Oct 29, 2017
I played for 15 hours yesterday and seeing those gifs make me want to do at least 15 more today. My favorite game I have ever played.

Kitschy Kitty

Oct 25, 2017
So are there places to gamble with a higher than $5 buy-in? I was looking to do some high-stakes poker or blackjack. There was one place someone mentioned in the game, but it just seemed like a place to rob.


Oct 25, 2017
Playing chapter 4 now, and it just keeps getting better. Easily my GOTG.
I just started chapter 4. Kinda have the feeling of being reticent to progress the game though. It's a weird feeling to not want to be done with a game yet, to the point where you avoid progressing it. Haven't felt that since, I don't know... Childhood? Crazy stuff.


Oct 25, 2017
Ambling through the grass! I’ve been completely enraptured, haven’t even posted much. What a game.

Blade Wolf

Oct 27, 2017
The fact that I am willing to replay Chapter 1 and 2 (30 hours of progress) for the sake of having John, Abigail, Jack and Sadie back in the camp shows just how fucking amazing this game is.

I am having a blast replaying as well.


Oct 25, 2017
I don’t know what the endgame looks like, but already considering an immediate second play through when I finish up the story. So much stuff I’m sure I’ve missed during this first time through.


Oct 27, 2017
Just finished the game on the Xbox One X. As much as I love it, I'm equally frustrated with it.

- Incredible art design, world design, and attention to detail
- Top notch visuals
- Excellent Voice acting and Direction by the cast
- Awesome mission variety
- Stunning animations

- The Controls are atrocious and straight out of a bygone PS2 Era. The game prides itself and uses inconvenience as a gameplay mechanic. Having to re-equip my weapons constantly is a huge annoyance and one that would consistently come to bother me. They need a massive overhaul.
- Forcing players to walk in camp contributes to the overall clunky nature of the game. I understand force walking during pivotal moments in the game, but you spend quite a bit of time in camp, and it's stupid to force players into these long stretches.
- It was borderline hilarious how often my character would just accidentally destroy something by merely walking or randomly riding my horse. Flying 20 feet into the air by bumping into a rock? Sounds like realism to me.
- Horrendous input sensitivity whenever a player is required to stand in a certain spot for a button prompt. Trying to sleep at the Camp is and always has been a chore because the game can't decide if I want to fall asleep, fast travel, or look at something on the damn wall.
- Story wise, the game reaches a peak in Chapter 6 and loses quite a bit of steam in the epilogue.
- There is no real consequence or motivation to get nicer gear in the game since you can take out enemies and deal with most stages without leveling up one bit.
- The gunplay is uninspired and becomes rather boring towards the end of the game. Every single character / enemy / npc in the game has no real challenge or strategy. This is by far the weakest aspect of the game.
- The "RPG" elements of raising your stamina, health, and Dead Eye are rather unnecessary because the game is generous and quite easy to begin with especially with such a strong auto-aim.

Overall it sounds like I had a lot of cons, and I did, but the benchmark it represents in terms of game design, cutting edge fidelity, and a believable breathable world cannot be overstated. We live in a world where every other day an open world game is hitting the market, and this one still manages to stand out. Still though, it has it's warts and while it's not my GOTY, it's one of my favorite games of this generation. GOTY still goes to God of War, this game comes right on it's heels.

Side note:

Played the game on both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The Xbox version is by far the one to get. Graphically it looks almost as good as Final Fantasy XV on PC on Ultra Settings with Nvidia Turf Effects enabled. As dumb as it may sound, this is the reason to the buy an Xbox One X if your already invested into the Xbox ecosystem or you are curious about what 6 TF can do for you.


Oct 27, 2017
Have been playing since launch and I'm still on Ch2, spent most of last night just tracking rabbits and I love it, I don't want it to end.


Oct 30, 2017
Folks seem to appreciate these in the last OT, so reposting these. Hope they help!

Camp Guide, Beginners Basics

Understanding Pearson Guide, Made Simple:

A few more...

Bathing Guide Made Simple:

Hunting Legendary Animals Made Simple:

Unlocking Fishing and Finding The Legendary Fishing Map Made Simple:

Robbing the Valentine's Doctor Made Easy:

Train Robbing Made Simple:

Robbing Rhodes Gunsmith Made Simple (Unlock Secret Mission!):


Oct 29, 2017
Honestly not only my gotg, but I feel like this is the best game I've ever played!

Wether it's story, strangers, random encounters or just free-roaming I'm just love with it all.
Jul 5, 2018
Just got to chapter 4. This game has been quite the experience so far. The immersion of the world is unreal. Can't wait to get back to playing it!


Oct 27, 2017
I want to reiterate this one more time - the game hits a strange pacing issue in it's tail half that I just can't seem to shake off. I know a lot of you haven't finished it, but I honestly felt like they dropped the ball with the ending. The original Red Dead Redemption left a far bigger impression on me. And with games like God of War, Spider-Man, and Witcher 3 this generation - I was expecting more out of this game in terms of narrative.


Nov 7, 2017
I want to reiterate this one more time - the game hits a strange pacing issue in it's tail half that I just can't seem to shake off. I know a lot of you haven't finished it, but I honestly felt like they dropped the ball with the ending. The original Red Dead Redemption left a far bigger impression on me. And with games like God of War, Spider-Man, and Witcher 3 this generation - I was expecting more out of this game in terms of narrative.
Would you say gow was a better overall game? Would you pick gow for goty over red dead?


Nov 7, 2017
My dead eye used to put red crosses on ennemies now it’s just a slow mo... can you revert back to the old behaviour?


Oct 25, 2017
I've played probably 40+ hours and I'm still in Chapter 3 haha. I'm going to be playing this game forever at this rate.
Oct 27, 2017
Portland, OR
I have just done it at night with $51 and I got a bounty of $180, I know the bandana is not invisabilty, it just cuts you off from a huge area of the map so early on.

Blessed Are The Meek mission.
Quoting for the new thread. You can't do that mission without incurring a large bounty. It's the game's way of teaching you about the bounty system. You can avoid paying it off by giving all your money to the camp, getting arrested in town for some minor offense like disturbing the peace, and when the sheriff comes, choose "Surrender." You'll spend the night in jail, and they'll take your money to pay off your bounty, but even if you don't have enough to cover it, you still get the entire bounty removed. But it's honestly not that much of a problem to have a bounty on you. It's not like GTA where walking around with stars has cops materializing all around you constantly. It's at best a minor inconvenience. Still, I'm with you on wanting to have it cleared. The getting arrested method worked for me.