(Reddit Rumour, take with a huge grain of salt) Konami and Kojima are in talk about Silent Hill, as we speak.

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Apr 27, 2018
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Was browsing the Silent Hill subreddit, and stumbled upon this. The moderators were shown proof and decided to let the post stay, which is strange to say the least.


Yes, you heard it right and I'm not cruel enough to play with your heart. I'm leaking it here, despite being a small subreddit, because I respect the community.

Here's what I know for sure :

- I've known since Death Stranding went gold. I've waited to speak because no one would have believed me until some events happened (Kojima speaking about wanting to make an horror game and Imaizumi departure)

- Everything isn't settled yet, but Konami and Kojima are speaking about pre-production stuff, right now. The deal seems to be settled. Konami will land the Silent Hill IP to Kojima production and Kojima production will fund the game on themselves (third-party is helping, Microsoft, Sony or even Steam, but I'm not sure which one). Konami will have a say on the main actor, but that's it, Kojima should get a white card, like originally planned.

- That's the reason behind Kenichiro Imaizumi departure from Kojima Production. He couldn't take working "for" Konami, even if it's from afar. Kojima really want to finish Silent Hill "PT" and think his fans deserve it, even if he has to shallow some of his pride (and he did). Imaizumi went against it as hard as it could, to no avail (fortunately).

- The initial vision of Silent Hill "PT" will be the same, with a different main character (no Norman Reedus). They'll try to get as many famous names as they can in the project.

- Third person. Not an FPS like the teaser was.

- Silent Hill wasn't the reason Kojima had problems with Konami, it was entirely on MGSV.

- It seems Kojima being able to pull out Death Stranding from scratch redeemed him in Konami's eyes. I'm not sure if it was said elsewhere, but Death Stranding is a huge hit worldwide, sales-wise. That might have helped a little too.

It's internet, I wouldn't blame you to not believe what I wrote, but unless something big happen (again), Silent Hill should be announced soon (2020 at the latest, 2019 during TGA if we're lucky)


Oct 25, 2017
I don't believe it. But I want to.

Maybe by pretending to believe it and talking about it constantly we can will it into existence.

I'm not entirely kidding.


Oct 27, 2017
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I like how the reddit mods are like "yeah we saw proof but it could be inspect element so I guess we'll leave it up"

Nice verification XD


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Oct 25, 2017
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Given the unlikelihood of this rumor, mixed with its source, we're going to lock this. Feel free to create a new thread if actual news pops up.
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