Reddit user gets internal EA emails, gets details about Fe and A Way Out

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TheBrokenMan, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. TheBrokenMan

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    I searched and couldn't find anything.

    A reddi user by the name of OldSoul 2 said that he was part of an email chain of some EA employees and posted a very convincing image on the PS4 subreddit.


    According to this, A Way Out and Fe will make an appearance at PSX on December 7th and Fe has a release date of Feb 2018, while A Way Out is now slated for 2019, supposedly.

    Considering the data and how intricate the image is, I don't think this can be fake.
  2. Venom

    Venom Member

    No way. I was looking forward to A way out next year.
  3. Danzflor

    Danzflor Member

    Yup, looks really convincing, similar to the Mario + Rabbids leak. If true, nice to see Fe released soon, bummer about A Way Out tho, still looking forward to it.
  4. Mindwipe

    Mindwipe Member

    Certainly look plausible enough for these sorts of internal decks.
  5. BY2K

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  6. Bandage

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    Almost as bad as when Microsoft accidently sent someone am Xbox One before it was revealed.
  7. ThatGuyJangle

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    If it is true - Nintendo Direct confirmed for January. Yay.
  8. Milennia

    Milennia Community Resetter Member

    2019 for a way out saddens me greatly
    wow and this leaked a nintendo direct date, nice little catch there
  9. blue_phazon

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    Looks like confirmation of a January Nintendo Direct as well!
  10. Jawmuncher

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    Guess I gotta wait for a way out. Damn.
  11. D65

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    The guy in The Way Out poster looks like the guy from Quantum Break.

    I wonder what controversy they are expecting with this Josef guy.
  12. TheBrokenMan

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    I was too, it was on my games for 2018 list :( But considering how well made the image is, I highly doubt its photoshopped. More importantly the statistics at the right side of each picture looks like stuff that would be shared internally? He just posted these pics and no proof of EA employees email addresses. I guess they didn't want to get anyone in trouble.
  13. HockeyBird

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    The most exciting part of this for me is the January Nintendo Direct.
  14. Risev

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    Need to watch out for controversy surrounding Josef..... Why......?
  15. OrbitalBeard

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    January Nintendo Direct confirmed! lol
  16. RailWays

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    Dat January Nintendo direct.
  17. Raijinto

    Raijinto Member

    lol amazing way for a Direct to be leaked.
  18. Zalman

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    January Direct bois
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    FE was revealed in 2016 and won’t come out till next year so the way out timing sounds about right.
    I don’t think these smaller indie games benefit from being announced so early. Lose a ton of hype
  20. Caiops

    Caiops Member

    Isn't TGA in Dec.7?
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    Oh yes a Jan direct again, might want both of these games as well.
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    I don't know why, but reading this makes me dislike EA even more.
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    Never heard of either but look at that juicy ad lingo. Almost too corporate to be real.

    But hey, if it is real, January Direct sounds sweet.
  24. _Karooo

    _Karooo Member

    I don't get the IGN quote... Has the A Way Out been revealed?
  25. supershort

    supershort Permanently banned for having an alt account Member

    Aha! Another Nintendo game! They think they're slick but we already know it's coming!
  26. tolkir

    tolkir Member

    Nintendo Direct confirmed in January. Awesome.
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    This is the most exciting news to come out of this "leak." Bring on the Direct!
  28. Yukinari

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    Nintendo always does a january direct no? Not shocked.

    AAMARMO Member

    So urm we got a direct date.....
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    At E3 this year.
  31. Nothing Loud

    Nothing Loud Member

    Man this guy is going to get sued so hard.
  32. TheBrokenMan

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    Yep. at E3. A big show stealer!
  33. Lord Brady

    Lord Brady Member

    Good to see Nathan Drake keeps getting work.
  34. OrbitalBeard

    OrbitalBeard Member

    No, but this one was expected regardless.
  35. Nabbit

    Nabbit Member

    Hopefully the January Direct can live up to the amazing January 2013 Direct.
  36. Toni Codrea

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    Biggest takeaway from this is a Nintendo Direct in January. Thanks EA.
  37. _Karooo

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    Lol I had no idea. WTH.
  38. Paquete_PT

    Paquete_PT Member

    "Sustain Indie Love" is one amazing phrase.
  39. Haziq

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    Nintendo Direct in January then? I see that in the photo.
  40. Zedark

    Zedark Member

    January Direct confirmed, thanks EA!
  41. Altered

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    Reggie said we wouldn't get 2018 news until the holidays are over, so not really surprised here.
  42. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Glad to see we still get those January Directs
  43. Magicpork

    Magicpork Member

    Not expecting January Direct to match this year's show but hey..who would have thought the Switch now has a shot at matching sales of 3DS family

    Having looked comments of this thread... I guess very few people care about EA now..
  44. Jonneh

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  45. TreIII

    TreIII Member

    Thanks for the casual reveal of the Nintendo Direct~
  46. RoboPlato

    RoboPlato Member

    A Way Out for 2019? Damn. Wasn't it supposed to be early 2018? That's a big delay.
  47. Yukinari

    Yukinari Member

    This part in the No Way Out summary makes me laugh.

    "Josef is great as a personality but we need to watch out for controversy"

    Has Josef said or done anything the past to indicate him being controversial?
  48. Asbsand

    Asbsand Member

    And just like that, I know a little bit more about how Nintendo arranges their directs with industry associates. Very insightful leak.
    Back when Mass Effect Andromeda's controversy blew out I remember Liam Robertson's sources in his report on the face-animation controversy said that EA has a "corporate culture of political correctness". I would assume this basically means that in order to protect the company's interests which is profit they have to keep a good reputation, thereby not doing anything intentionally that's at risk of being controversial. Unfortunately this also seems to apply to narrative aspects if I'm guessing right on what this statement is implying.

    I really liked the trailer we saw at E3 so I hope they're not somehow sterilizing the tone of the game or that character more and make it too safe.
  49. AHA-Lambda

    AHA-Lambda Member

    yeah they don't look fake
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    Me neither, tough to keep up with things these days.