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Regina & Dino Crisis's inclusion into Puzzle Fighter detailed (References, Move-sets, & Trivia)


Remember the Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Ibis Island
Wanted to make a thread covering all of the aspects of Dino Crisis in Puzzle Fighters latest update for those who aren't interested in trying the game. If you are interesting in trying the game before it's shut off. Both Regina and Dr. Wily are free to everyone now.

Alternate Costume

  • Based on her Army costume from Dino Crisis 1
  • Unsure if the colors could refer to anything. So help here would be appreciated.
Main Move Set
  • Med Pak (Original Design, Resembles the Resuscitation pack most)
  • Missle Pod (Dino Crisis 2)
  • Flame Launcher (Dino Crisis 2)

Regular Attack Move Set

  • Shotgun
  • Hand Gun
  • Large Stungun (It looks more like a machete, but leaves a blue streak when swung)
  • Time Gate - Summons a time portal which summons the Giganotosaurus from Dino Crisis 2

Voice Actress

  • Uncertain ATM, but currently investigating

This should be everything covered for Regina's and Dino Crisis's appearance in Puzzle Fighter. I looked to see if perhaps there was any text detailing the series or character. But seems Puzzle Fighter doesn't have such a feature. This inclusion marks her 2nd playable appearance in character in a crossover (With the first being Namco X Capcom in 2015), and the 3rd major appearance of Dino Crisis as a series in a crossover (With that being the Regina Cosplay in Dead Rising Super Ultra in 2014).

The team at Capcom Vancouver did a great job transitioning her character from DC1 & 2. They really didn't take many liberties when bringing her over and the other elements of Dino Crisis. It makes sense that DC2 was the major focus. Since being an action game, the ideas and mechanics from that are easy to work with in this puzzle fighter format. So while her inclusion has a timer attached (The game will be shut down by the end of July). It's still nice that she was able to make it in, most likely do to the voice of the fan-base asking for her. Hopefully this isn't the last we see of Dino Crisis for another 4 years.
Oct 25, 2017
That Giganotosaurus summon. It's like what I'd hope a playable version in a proper Capcom fighter would be, except way, way worse.